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by Kimberly Derting

Download Last Echo fb2, epub

ISBN: 085538915X
Author: Kimberly Derting
Language: English
Publisher: Headline PB (March 1, 2012)
Category: Mysteries & Thrillers
Subcategory: Young Adults
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 958
Size Fb2: 1207 kb
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Size Djvu: 1721 kb
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Just finished reading the third book in this series. They just keep getting better. As another reviewer said, I was surprised that this was a Young Adult Series. Missed that
from the beginning but figured it out from the fact that it was mostly about teenage characters Still have enjoyed them nevertheless and just bought the fourth book. Very good for a change of pace.

The author is exceptionally talented to have the thoughts, the paranormal savvy and
talent to create the characters and all the communication between them. It was a great read. Recommend it to adults as well as teens.
We are back with Violet, who can see (and feel and hear) the echoes of those that have been murdered and the matching imprints on their killers. Unlike the last books, Violet doesn't have to deal with her "gift" alone. She is now part of a top-secret group with other kids like herself who have these kinds of powers. Problem is that the more she gets closer to them-and Rafe more specifically, the farther away she gets to her boyfriend Jay. Like the last time, there is a new serial killer on the loose. This one seems crazier and more disturbing than the serial killers in the last book. He is known as "the collector", he kidnaps girls and pretends they are his girlfriends.

Once again, I LOVE the chapters we get to read from the murderers POV and I am completely blown away by how wickedly-creepy and disturbing Kimberly Derting can write these scenes. More than once, I was sure that I heard strange noises coming from outside my house and I was a little scared to go to the restroom. I have a really bad habit of biting my nails and let me tell you I have almost no nails left to bite after this book. Although this is the third time Violet is dealing using her "gift" to try to help find the killer, the story does not get boring or repetitive. Not only is Violet "the collector's" next girlfriend prospect, she is also in danger from at least two new sources that I was not expecting, and one of them leaves one heck of a cliffhanger!

I loved that we get to learn more about Rafe, Sarah and the rest of the kids in Violets top secret group. I hope we continue to learn more about them in the next book. And can I just say that it was so nice that Violet has both of her parents who are actually around. Most of the YA main characters either have only one parent or two very inattentive parents.

Once again, Kimberly Derting surpasses all my expectations! The Body Finder series is one of my all time favorites. I was instantly hooked into the first book by its awesome creep factor and Violet and Jay relationship. Desires of the Dead was such a great follow up and also introduced us to a new world of characters with "powers" and of course Rafe. Ah, Rafe... The thing about love triangles (when they are done right) is that I hate that the authors make us fall for one guy and then once were hooked she does the impossible and makes us fall for ANOTHER guy too! I feel so torn up inside because I have no idea who I want the main character to be with. Of course, most love triangles I know which guy I want the character to choose and I usually end up hating the other guy. All the other scenes with the other guy just end up feeling forced to me. (Such as Clara and Christian in Hallowed, sorry but I am a die-hard Tucker fan!) But once in a while, a love triangle comes along that is so well done that it leaves me feeling so torn and conflicted. The Last Echo is a great example of that. I completely fell for Jay in the first book, when Rafe showed up in the second book; I tried really hard not to like him. I don't know how or when, but Rafe slowly won me over and I found myself thinking that maybe, just maybe, Violet and Rafe belong together. (Don't tell Jay I said that...)

If you are a fan of The Body Finder series, you WON'T want to miss this one! Push aside some of your other books on your TBR pile and start reading this one. I completely devoured this book in one day and I was left feeling emotionally drained. There is plenty of suspense, action, mystery, and lots of angst. My only complaint is that there wasn't nearly enough Jay in this book. He is one of my top favorite book guy characters and I felt a little bit cheated out that we didn't get to read more about him. There were a couple of instances where I thought to myself, why isn't Jay with Violet in this scene? I'm so glad that this isn't the end of The Body Finder series because I'm not ready to say goodbye, but then again I don't think I'll ever be ready. I can't wait to learn more about the next book and see what creepy villain Kimberly Derting will come up with next!

5 out of 5 sparkly stars!

Some of my favorite non-spoiler quotes or scenes from The Last Echo: (unfortunately most of my favorite quotes were spoilery so there isn't many this time)
- "I got your note last night. Would've been better if I'd have found you in my bed instead." Jay groaned and grabbed her by the shoulders. There was the hint of accusation buried behind his breathy chuckle as he set her away from him.
"You're playing with fire, Vi. You shouldn't tease me at school. Besides, I think if I hid in your room, your father--check that, your mother--would skin me alive."
Violet heard the coach shouting her name, and she knew she'd be getting a demerit for slacking off. But she didn't care. She flashed him her most wolfish smile. "Next time, you should totally take that chance. It could've been fun," she promised before sauntering away.

- His breath was warm as his lips feathered over hers. Her pulse fluttered in the base of her throat. And before she knew it, they were kissing, heat uncoiling in the pit of her stomach, making her crave more. His lips and tongue moved with hers, until she felt fevered and restless. When she pulled back and looked into his dazed eyes, she felt something stir within her, something fierce and feral. She felt like a cat toying with a mouse. "I'll be at work until nine, nine thirty," he explained, his voice shaky. "Maybe you can stop by the store and visit me." And then he grinned at her, all lopsided and boyish, and Violet realized she was the mouse in this scenario. Whenever he smiled at her like that she wanted to nod stupidly, agreeing to whatever he requested of her.

-Tracking bodies was one thing-useful only after someone had already been killed. Violet would rather track killers. To find them before they could strike again.
A far more difficult task.

- "Whatever. You don't have to be such a jerk," Violet told him, her cheeks burning. "I was just thinking that maybe . . . you could," she stammered. "Maybe you might feel something?"
Rafe tipped his head closer, until it was right next to hers, and suddenly she was far too aware of him. Of his lips and the blazing blue of his eyes. He quirked an eyebrow at her, just one. "I have to actually touch something to feel something
g. Just FYI."
"Oh?" Violet said, nodding.
"Yeah. That's pretty much how it works."
"Do you want to?" she breathed. "I mean touch something?" Her heart was racing, slamming so violently it felt like a sledgehammer, and she worried it might actually crack a rib. He inched the tiniest bit closer, his breath mingling with hers.
"I do," he said softly, his voice barely a whisper as his daring blue eyes held hers . . . longer than they should have.

- His face darkened. "I wasn't really talking about what's on the outside."
"You mean, like, it's what's on the inside that counts?"
Rafe grimaced, the ghost of a smile finding his lips. "Well, when you put it that way, it sounds sort of . . ." "Sweet?"
"I was gonna say lame. But, yeah, I guess that works too."
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Mysterious Wrench
Derting has an amazing ability to make each story unique and yet tie together perfectly. The Body Finder, Desires of the Dead and The Last Echo are all individual books that bleed together to create an amazingly suspenseful story that kept me turning page after page.

Violet has discovered a group of people with unique abilities and she doesn't feel so strange when she's around them. Soon, that side of her starts to take over and her old friendships and life begin to suffer. She's struggling to find the balance between her paranormal abilities and being a regular teen. Derting doesn't gloss over this struggle, but uses Violet's friendships as a way to highlight the two halves of Violet. The one tie between everything is still Jay, the best friend turned boyfriend who keeps her centered in reality.

The Last Echo goes back to the serial killer idea, but there's something especially creepy about this novel. The glimpses into the mind of the killer are chilling and disturbing and I couldn't get enough of them. Violet doesn't mean to enter the killer's radar, but once she does, you know it can't end well. Each novel has been building on the deaths of the previous novels, with Violet learning more about herself and her ability each time. She's tired of relying on others to save her, so when she's faced with evil and she's the only one who can fight; she must step up and take control. I'm glad Derting waited until this novel to have Violet find herself. It felt real and I could tell the slow build is exactly what Violet needed to find her strength.

I'm extremely interested to see how Derting handles the relationships going into the final novel. Violet's friendships with her "normal" friends are starting to suffer and the relationships she's formed with the teens like her take a hit as well. There's a not-really-a-love triangle that Violet needs to deal with along with her relationship with Jay. She has to deal with a shift in the family dynamic as her parents start to take more control over her life, creating conflict between what Violet feels is right and what her parents feel is safe.

The Last Echo had me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading. The mind of the killer is just insane enough to be chilling and knowing that Violet will somehow end up tangled with him had me frantically reading. The build-up from the previous two novels is starting to peak and the set-up for the final novel gave me chills. Derting is proving to be an amazing paranormal series author, finding just the right balance between the normal and the paranormal. The Last Echo makes the Body Finder series a must read and I can't wait to see how this series is wrapped up. If this book is any indication, it's going to be a fantastic ride.

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