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by Ian Bone

Download Fat Boy Saves World fb2, epub

ISBN: 0743422457
Author: Ian Bone
Language: English
Publisher: Simon Pulse (October 1, 2001)
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Young Adults
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 216
Size Fb2: 1536 kb
Size ePub: 1930 kb
Size Djvu: 1939 kb
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Fat Boy Saves World book.

by. Bone, Ian. Publication date. He's a medical oddity, and the subject of his father's internationally award-winning book, "The Silent Boy". Susan and Neat meet Todd, whose street theatre troupe seems to have a strange impact on Neat. Neat is talking and he wants to save the world.

Book Format: Paperback.

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Ian Bone (born 1956) is an Australian writer, author and novelist. Fat Boy Saves World (Young Adult, Lothian Books 1998). Scarlets Bat' (Puffin Books, 2004). 4 Multimedia producer. Born in Geelong, Victoria in 1956, Ian Bone has authored over twenty-five books, which have been commended and shortlisted in numerous awards, including the NSW Premier's Award, the Ned Kelly Awards for crime fiction (twice) and the Family Awards for Children's Literature. A Dangerous Secret (Book No. 1 of 'Vidz' – Random House Australia & Delacorte Press USA, 2003).

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Sixteen-year-old Susan Bennett faces a world of confusion between her difficult parents and overweight, non-speaking brother, but when her sibling finally speaks in order to confess that his plan is to save the world, Susan realizes that the time has come to confront her parents. Original.


15/11 - Originally, I read this for English in Year 10. I can't remember whether I liked this or not. As I'm reading it some of the plot's coming back to me, but the overriding feeling I'm getting is that I didn't understand it very well when I read it 13 years ago (goodness, has it been that long?). I'm still not really getting it now, probably because I still don't get imagery or themes or subtext or most of that other stuff I was supposed to learn in high-school English. I would read the book (usually before the rest of the class had started it), enjoy it, or not (as the case may be), but I was never able to discuss the subtext or themes etc of any of the books as I didn't see them, I couldn't read between the lines (and I still can't). To be continued...

23/11 - Whether I understood the themes, imagery, WHATEVER, is of no concern because I'm sure that I could not possibly have liked the characters. ANY of the characters. I don't get any of their motivations for most (in some cases all) of their actions. I don't understand why Neat (also known as Brian, but for inexplicable reasons his younger sister, Susan, gave him that nickname, as a young child, and it stuck) stopped talking or what the hell he's doing now - eating, swallowing people's unhappiness; speaking in the third person through a stuffed duck called Mr D and other general craziness.

I don't understand Susan's treatment of poor, pathetic Todd - going crazy slapping him for some crazy reason that had to do with a 'disgusting' old man that Neat was 'saving' by cuddling and rocking in his arms, shaving her head to make herself appear even more disturbed than everyone already thought she was, and her constant paranoia and self-persecution that everything everyone (especially Todd) was doing was to make her appear stupid (an attitude to which I have to paraphrase a speech Buffy made to Jonathan in Earshot - she tells him that no one cares about him and his problems, that everyone has too many of their own problems to worry about what's going on with him and I would say the same thing to Susan - everyone is too busy with their own lives to be going out of their way to make you look stupid, so stop looking at your feet for the trap you're about to fall into, you're more likely to trip and fall looking at your feet anyway, you've got to look ahead to where you're going).

I don't understand Todd's behaviour with Susan, letting her get away with treating him like s*** (including physical violence) and continuing to chase after her expecting to be treated differently. Isn't that the definition of insane, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? I don't think Todd's insane, just a bit pathetic. Everytime I imagine him I see him drenched through from standing in the rain outside her window, his hair's long enough to be drippy and is hanging in his eyes and if she ever happened to let him in his dripping clothes would create a large puddle in her entrance foyer - all images of patheticness that might stretch to stalkerish behaviour if he got desperate enough (although she could probably beat him up and he would probably let her, the way their going). At the moment I probably wouldn't finish this if it wasn't going to the Big Library in the Sky, but I don't want to be regretting not finishing it a month after I've given it away to a more deserving home, so I will perservere with the last 50 pages. To be continued...

I forgot to mention that I don't like Bone's use of language. Some of the sentences I feel like he's going for intelligent and 'hip with the kids nowadays' (except nowadays was 15 years ago and it all sounds a little flat to me), but misses and lands on pretentious and stuffy instead.

"He saw again that she was a girl that could take him beyond the boundaries of safety, where joy and terror danced hand in hand. To a place where he could act on instinct alone, because there were no scripts to guide him, no tried and true lines to follow."

"He felt safer meeting here, out in public. There was less chance of being blown away by her stormy eyes."

" and terror danced..." "...act on instinct scripts to guide him..." The first sentence gives me the image of a little white 'angel' with wings and a halo hand in hand with a little red 'devil' with horns and a pitchfork skipping along merrily, swinging their joint hands. The second sentence annoys me because it seems to be saying that with Susan he's suddenly on his own, without a script to tell him what to do. Is that not how you've lived your whole life? Except for the short period of time you've been on stage, you've never had a script to life. Why is it suddenly so difficult? And "...blown away by her stormy eyes.", is that akin to being blown away by garlic breath?

Plus, he has one incidental character call cigarettes 'suicide sticks'. Obviously he's trying to get a point across, but does he have to lay it on so thick? I feel like I've been coated in message goo and I can't wipe it off. I was the same age as Todd and Susan are supposed to be, in 1998, and no one would call cigarettes suicide sticks, everyone would howl with laughter and never let you live it down. To be continued...

28/11 - Finished it and it's definitely going into the 'donate to the library' pile. I'm glad I re-read it but I didn't enjoy reading it. I got quite annoyed with the constant reminders that Neat is fat. Susan used so many different euphemisms for the word fat, as well as the word fat, that it became depressing and offensive. Who wants to read a book about a sister who, generally, loves her older brother but constantly puts him down in her thoughts. She calls him bloated, whale, blimp, fat, huge, blubbery and the list goes on. It wasn't nice to read, it didn't sit well with me - it's like an ingrained form of some kind of -ism (is there an -ism for overweight/super skinny people?) and Susan doesn't even know she's doing it, it's just how she's always seen him, not as her brother, but as her fat brother. I'm not sure that's such a good message to be putting across to impressionable teenagers. I wouldn't recommend this to, well, anyone as I can't think anyone who would enjoy it. The target market, the teenager, would see it as being horribly dated and adults wouldn't enjoy some of the themes (as I didn't), intended or not.
Gold as Heart
Australian author Ian Bone's YA morality tale treats us to family melodrama at its best as the Bennett clan (dysfunctional with a capital "D") tries to find happiness after many years of internal strife. The title refers to Brian, the obese son who goes years without talking before finally saying (of all things), "I want to save the world." Susan (the sister) is the Angry Young Woman who has sat on the sidelines while her father, author Peter, made a name for himself by writing a book about this son who doesn't talk. Least important in the story is the mother, Bel, who is a patroness of the arts with little time for her children and a small role in the plot.

Susan and Brian meet Todd, a street improvisational actor, and Todd turns out to be the key in unlocking Brian's silence. When Brian does talk, he mentions the importance of a "Mr. D" to saving the world. Who is the mysterious "Mr. D"? Brian's childhood stuffed animal ducky, of course.

Readers who enjoy emotions and family interactions will take to this book. While the Susan vs. Dad narrative starts off as a sub-plot to the fat boy talking one, it soon emerges as the book's most important theme. Susan is angry due to neglect while, paradoxically, the family oddball has soaked up all the attention. Bone's handling of the Brian narrative arc is less satisfying. Brian and an ex-TV game show host that he "saves" get their own Community TV show, and this interesting development gets only passing treatment as Bone turns more to Susan trying to build a new relationship with Todd and rebuild a destroyed one with her dad.

With shifting points of view, FAT BOY SAVES WORLD might challenge some YA reluctant readers, but will probably appeal to more advanced readers and to adults. A teenaged soap opera with a twist, this book is appropriate for all ages who are up for its demands.
To put a label on this book seems a crime, but I will try anyways. It reminded me of "Catcher in the Rye" as seen through the eyes of Tim Burton.
It started out as being a very odd title, that turned into an even odder story. The charicters were very well developed, and the author expressed his views on life and the world without coming off as preaching.
The really puzziling thing about "Fat Boy Saves World," is that I stole it from my library's teen section, and not the general fiction shelves. Trust me there is a lot more to get out of this book than most other teen novels. I would suggest it for any age.
Well, this book wasn't BAD, per se...
But it really wasn't that good either. Not badly written, badly plotted or badly imagined. But, not good either. A little bit cool, but a little bit boring. Almost exciting, sometimes.
A mediocre read.
The reason I bought this book was because it was different. It was sorta confusing in the beginning and everything, but then I got used to it. I enjoyed the middle but toward the end I got knida bored. The way Ian Bone writes is good, and the characters are really funny in this book. I would recommened this book to someone who wants to read something much different.

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