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by David Thorn,David Gilman

Download The Devil's Breath (Danger Zone) fb2, epub

ISBN: 073937270X
Author: David Thorn,David Gilman
Language: English
Publisher: Listening Library (Audio); Unabridged edition (September 23, 2008)
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Young Adults
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 275
Size Fb2: 1616 kb
Size ePub: 1560 kb
Size Djvu: 1481 kb
Other formats: azw docx lit mobi

THE DEVIL'S BREATH is an action-packed book that any reader will find hard to put down. Despite this fact, I think THE DEVIL'S BREATH would be a good read for all teens, and it was a good start to a potentially thrilling series.

THE DEVIL'S BREATH is an action-packed book that any reader will find hard to put down. With every page turned, you don't know what's coming next, and you're on the edge of your seat.

THE DANGER ZONE BOOKS BY DAVID GILMAN The Devil’s Breath Ice Claw For my mother, whose stories . Welcome to Gray City. The free online library containing 450000+ books. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device.

THE DANGER ZONE BOOKS BY DAVID GILMAN The Devil’s Breath Ice Claw For my mother, whose stories opened the door to her child’s imagination.

The Devil's Breath by David Gilman is an excellent book. David Gilman is a hugely successful screenwriter. The book starts off with an English school boy (Max Gordan) who is taking a relaxing stroll in the evening. Suddenly bullets are shot at him. A lot of the twists and cliffhangers David writes into his scripts can be seen in the Danger Zone series.

The Devil's Breath book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking The Devil's Breath: Danger Zone as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. He doesn't need Alex Rider's girly gadgets.

Danger Zone - 1 ). David Gilman

Danger Zone - 1 ). David Gilman. 1. The killer, like many assassins, came in the night. Max was heading straight into the military danger zone-the terrifying crackle of gunfire ahead of him was louder than he’d ever heard it before and the lethal stream of bullets scythed across the sky; he ducked instinctively from the ripped air above his head. Another quick look over his shoulder told him that the shadow had gone, but then Max lost his footing.

father is missing, Max is determined to find him, no matter what dangers may lay in his path. com - Audiobook (Downloadable format): ww. kqlhce.

The Devil's Breath by David Gilman, read by David Thorn. 4 years ago 4 years ago. Chapter Books. After learning that his explorer father is missing, Max is determined to find him, no matter what dangers may lay in his path. A secret clue his father left behind leads Max to the inhospitable wilderness of Namibia, where he soon discovers a potentially massive ecological disaster masterminded by Shaka Chang, a very powerful and completely ruthless man-a man Max fears may have put his father in mortal danger.

The Devil's breath dz-1 (Danger Zone David Gilman. Year Published: 1999. Year Published: 2003. Year Published: 2009. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

The Devil's Breath is the first incredible book, in a blockbuster new adventure series for boys and girls of 9+, with more plot twists and death defying action scenes than a Bond film.

Weight: . 6 kg. See details. The Devil's Breath is the first incredible book, in a blockbuster new adventure series for boys and girls of 9+, with more plot twists and death defying action scenes than a Bond film Product Identifiers. Penguin Books Ltd. ISBN-10.

“The start of an awesome adventure . . . fantastic.”–National Geographic KidsHis father is missing. He’s an assassin’s target.He has one clue. And no time.   He’s Max Gordon. And someone wants him dead.


Max Gordon somehow always finds himself in some sort of trouble yet manages to just barely get out of it. Either he’s extremely lucky or extremely talented. Out of all of the three books in this series, I think the first one was actually the weakest one. I didn’t feel drawn into it as much and if it wasn’t for the fact that I didn’t realize that I had originally picked up the second book and was getting into it then realize that it wasn’t the first book, I might not have even finished Devil’s Breath. I still think the second book, Ice Claw, was the most intriguing one with the last book a close second.

While I have definitely more action-packed and “keeping my butt at the edge of my seat” kind of books, I do think Max Gordon and his adventures are quite interesting as well. The main reason is because he always finds himself in a crazy situation (i.e. finding himself at the mercy of a lion/tiger or trying to escape or enter a compound by getting through some whirling blades, etc.) yet somehow always gets out of it. Especially in the first book where he was in the safari in Africa and got poisoned by a scorpion which literally has like zero chance of survival, he somehow survives. Or the part where he was able to turn himself to a jaguar or bear to get out of situations. I mean, it was mentioned how he was able to do that but it wasn’t particularly clear. It was just crazy to see how a teenage boy was able to overcome such tough situations or outsmart a professional killer (multiples times!).

The one thing I have to say that I didn’t particularly enjoy was the writing style. For the most part, it was fine but there were multiples times when the author would purposely be like “Max was in the river and was not paying attention to what was lurking behind him. A crocodile was slowly sneaking up on him and suddenly its jaws sprang open and tear into flesh.” And that’s how he ends the chapter. So obviously when you read that, you’re like “oh s***! The crocodile totally bit into Max.” And then you turn the page and it’s like “JK, the crocodile bit into the dead body that JUST SO HAPPENED to be floating next to Max.” I mean, what are the chances of that? It was just so annoying and such a letdown half the time not because I wanted Max to get hurt but I wanted to know what would happen if he did get hurt because that would seem a lot more realistic.

The one thing I can say about Max is that he is extremely resourceful and intelligent. There were times he had to get himself out of tight places or he had to help his friend get out of tight places and he would come up with an idea that I think that most people would not have thought of. It also helped that he spent the last few years at that private school where the students were taught a lot of survival skills and basic training. Though it was never really described what exactly they were training for or why the school thought these skills were necessary. To be honest, the school that he went to sounded like one of those spy schools where they train the students to become spies or whatever.

Overall, I did find the series to be interesting. There were just a few things about the overall series that could have been better and would therefore have made the books so much better. However, if you have time and you’re into survival/adventure/thriller books, give these books a chance.

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Good reading for any child, especially boys, in middle school. My grandson really enjoyed reading it and several other books I purchased through Amazon for a much more reasonable price than at the bookstores.
I ended up reading this book to assist my child with a book review. We agreed that we would each read a chapter until the book was finished and discuss the contents each night. I could not put it down and ended up reading the whole book within a few days. I now have to recall the book chapter by chapter. I loved it. I loved the knowledge I gained about Namibia and the plight of the bushman. A Five star read.
Max, a teenaged boy at Dartmoor High, discovers that his father is missing. Max's father is an expert in studying environmental catastrophes. Max leaves school and journeys to Namibia to try to find his father. After many dangerous and life-threatening events, Max discovers why his father is so interested in the area.

The book is listed for ages 11 and up, but since it is over 400 pages, I suspect that only motivated readers would get through it all. On the plus side, there is a great deal of action. Max's physical training gets him through multiple seemingly impossible to survive dangers. If while reading the book, the young reader learns about environmental issues, then the story is worth reading.

I received the book for an honest review.
Max Gordon was out for an evening run, when he heard something in that didn't fit in with his surroundings. Instinct and knowledge made him run faster, fleeing someone with a gun.

In a few minutes, he realized that this was no game and he could die.

However, in stroke of luck, he escaped. Now, back at school, he's told that no one has heard from his father in over a week. Max sets out to find his dad, knowing that he could be walking into a trap.

His mate at school promised to keep an eye on things and send word if he notices anything suspicious. Meantime, Max makes his way to Africa and with the help of people who know his father, sets out to track him down.

A boy tags along, showing him the ways of the wilderness. Together they must escape heat, wild animals, thirst, and the relentless men trying to hunt them down. With danger at every turn, will they survive long enough to find and recover Max's father and can they uncover the secret his father buried?

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this novel: the danger, the elements of surprise, not knowing who the characters could trust. It's a great adventure tale and with a tag line of a series: the Danger Zone, I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.
I don't think this book intends to be anything more (or less) than a rock 'em, sock 'em testosterone-fueled young adult adventure. Author David Gilman updates the Mission: Impossible tape recorder (for those of you who remember "Good morning, Mr. Phelps...")to a USB memory stick MP3 player, and then stirs together a bit of Alex Rider, a bit of Carl Hobbes (Icecore), some of Charles Higson's Young James Bond, Roland Smith's new hero Q, a touch of Artemis Fowl, along with Gilman's own creative additions, to form Max Gordon-- bright, funny, ecologically-savvy and smarter than the bad guys.

The Devil's Breath is an excellent choice for those not quite ready for the 4-letter-words and mature plot themes of adult thrillers, but still wanting action-heavy, techno-laced adventure. Locations such as Wolf's Head Tor, Skeleton Rock and the Valley of Bones give an accurate flavor of this book. There are fork lift chases, car chases, lots of gun chases, terrorists, airplane thrills, a tanned, athletic 17-year-old named named Kallie, SIM cards, missing parents, near drownings, crocodiles and secret codes. And much, much more. Don't read this book with an eye tuned for every predictable peril or some of the "oh, come on now" moments of disbelief. Read it with your seat belt fastened, ready for a thrilling ride.

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