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Download Affair of the Mutilated Mink Coat fb2, epub

by James Anderson

Download Affair of the Mutilated Mink Coat fb2, epub

ISBN: 0380789647
Author: James Anderson
Language: English
Publisher: Avon Books; First Edition edition (January 25, 1983)
Pages: 281
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Subcategory: Unfathomable
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 926
Size Fb2: 1189 kb
Size ePub: 1911 kb
Size Djvu: 1445 kb
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No fear! Couldn't if I wanted to just now, anyway. The manager of the Bijou's booked the new Rex Ransom for next week - especially for me.

The Affair of the Mutilated Mink, . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30. CONTENTS. No fear! Couldn't if I wanted to just now, anyway. Uncommon civil of hi. 'He's just trying to keep you away from the Odeon.

As well as his general thrillers, he wrote three books featuring Inspector Wilkins beginning with 'The Affair of the Blood-Stained Egg Cosy' in 1975

As well as his general thrillers, he wrote three books featuring Inspector Wilkins beginning with 'The Affair of the Blood-Stained Egg Cosy' in 1975. He also wrote three novels based on the television series 'Murder, She Wrote', which were 'the Murder of Sherlock Holmes (1985), Hooray for Homicide' (1985) and 'Lovers and Other Killers' (1986).

The Affair of the Mutilated Mink. By morning, Inspector Wilkins is cast in the unlikely role of hero, as he tiptoes through the evidence and endeavours to unravel the thoroughly baffling myster. nd work out just what a mutilated mink coat has to do with anything. Thriller & Crime Historical Detectives Fiction. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate. Give a Bookmate subscription →. About Bookmate.

The only furniture was a wooden table and three upright chairs. On one of these Paul was slumped. His hair was awry and his face haggard. A rough blanket was round his shoulders. mug that had contained tea was on the table, and Paul was warming himself at an oil stove which was giving off a rather sickly smell. Paul glanced up as Wilkins and the constable entered. There was a momentary flicker of hope in his eyes, which faded when he saw who they were and took in the expressions on their faces

Mysteries (Paperback). James Anderson (author). This, the 2nd of 3, is not as good as The affair of the blood stained egg cosy. A brillant book, just as good as the first one. The writing is fairly similar to the first book but with some slight differences

Mysteries (Paperback). Once again there is a country house murder & the who this is an affectionate pastiche of the golden age of detection. The writing is fairly similar to the first book but with some slight differences. I bought the book over Christmas and could not put it down More.

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Action! The Earl of Burford can’t believe his luck; the famous actor. Books related to The Affair of the Mutilated Mink. Oh yes, roles from James L. Anderson's first zany whodunit, The Affair of the Bloodstained Egg Cosy, are reprised by Merryweather, ther imperturbable family butler, and the perspicacious Ins. Wilkins of the Westshire constabulary. George Henry Alwyn Saunders, 12th in his line, has taken a fancy to films. He's nearly killed with delight when a movie mogul wants Alderly, the Burfords' 17th century country estate, for the set of a new Rex Ransom epic.

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The Case of the Mutilated Mink is a marvelous mystery that perfectly evokes the ambiance of the classic English country house mystery and at the same time spoofs it (with affectionate Wimsey, I mean wimsy). My only regret is that Mr. Anderson's corpus is not larger. I hope he's just getting warmed up! Marvelous mystery mixed with mayhem -. Published by Thriftbooks.



This book is one of James Anderson’s English Country Manor Trilogy, which includes: (1) The Affair of the Bloodstained Egg Cosy, (2) The Affair of the Mutilated Mink, and (3) The Affair of the Thirty-Nine Cufflinks. All of these books are wonderful tributes to the classic weekend manor house murder mysteries of the “Golden Age” of “Who-Dun-Its” from the 1930s. They are reminiscent of the best of Agatha Christie. They are populated with bizarre (and often funny) characters, fiendish plots, red herrings, and surprising plot turns and finally a brilliant denouncement to all of the remaining (living) characters by Mr. Wilkins, the lead detective. These are wonderful classic detective stories and will be enjoyed immensely by an devotee of the genre.
This is a charming and amusing mystery evoking the era of the old black and white British movies. It takes place in England during the 1930's and the Earl of Burford is hosting another zany, house party. The Earl of Burford is very house proud, or in this case country estate proud, so he is thrilled when he finds out someone wants to film a talking picture at his country estate starring one of his favorite movie heros. His wife, the Countess, isn't thrilled at all and on top of the film stars and film crew, she now has a long-lost cousin who arrives at the same time as the film people. Before long the country estate is overflowing with invited and uninvited guests. Then, inevitably, the house party leads to a murder, and Scotland Yard comes to solve the crime. This is the second Inspector Willkins case, and there are also some additional characters from James L. Anderson's first hilarious "The Affair of the Bloodstained Egg Cosy". Merryweather, the imperturbable family butler, Ins. Wilkins of the Westshire constabulary, Geraldine, the beautiful daughter of the Earl are all there to delight the reader.

My advice: unplug the phone, lock the door, and delve into this wonderful British caper.
Enjoyable, easy read but not as clever as the first book of the series the affair of the bloodstained eggcosy
Thoroughly entertaining country house party of strangers with a few good twists along the way and a murder thrown in for good measure.
melody of you
Second in Anderson's series of affectionate parodies of the classic 1930s country house murder mystery. I thought this one was better constructed than the first, with enough there to make it possible to deduce who the killer was if you were paying attention. I did work out who the killer probably was fairly early on, but not his motive, which is very cleverly hidden. I missed some of the clues and was distracted by some of the red herrings, so wasn't certain until close to the end.

The Earl of Burford has discovered the joys of the talkies, and is having a wonderful time being a starstruck fan. So wonderful that he can't believe his luck when a Hollywood film producer wants to hire Alderley as a setting for his latest film, starring the Earl's favourite actor. Naturally, the producer wishes to assess the building and grounds for practicality first, and to encourage the Earl to agree asks if he can bring his star along as well. Thus starts a weekend house party which snowballs, continually acquiring invited and uninvited guests until the house is full of people -- many of whom are not quite what they seem on the surface. And when one of them ends up shot dead in the middle of the night, Inspector Wilkins has a job on his hands untangling the many motives which have brought the characters to Alderley.

Great fun to read, with some appealing characters. I'm being more ruthless about getting rid of books now, and this one isn't a keeper for me, but it was well worth the time spent reading it.
Dear Mr. Anderson,
Please, sir, if we all ask very nicely, might you be persuaded to write more of these books? As with the Bloodstained Egg Cosy, this was pure delight, and I am sure I am not alone in wishing for more, more -- more!!
Once again, Lord Burford and his stately home, Alderly play a major role, this time because of the Earl's love for movies. He is especially fond of Rex Ransom, one of the talkies' first cowboy/action stars, and blithely offers Alderly as the setting for a proposed new movie about the English Civil War. The Countess is not quite so certain about all this, but would never bespeak her husband. Further, it provides their daughter, Lady Geraldine, the opportunity to invite her two most amorous, and possibly serious suitors, the Olympian track star, Paul Carter, and the rather Bohemian painter, Hugh Quartus, to come stay for a week or so.
The producer of the film company, Cyrus Haggermeir, is delighted at the prospect of such a visit, even if he does have to put up with the writer of the original screenplay, Arlington Gilbert. And here, he'd thought he could re-write at will. Then, of course, there are secretaries (the sly Maude Fry) involved, as well. And finally, a long-lost cousin of the Countess, Cecily Bradsaw (as was), now Everard, and her current husband, Sebastian, recently from Australia.
Well now, isn't this an interesting mix? And it is, too, but it gets far more interesting with the advent of the famous Italian actress, Laura Lorenzo, who has come to Alderly from London, because of a telegram she received from Cyrus-who doesn't recall having sent it. And finally, we have Miss Dove, Jemima, that is, who has been engaged to catalog the library, but gets her dates mixed up and arrives a week earlier than expected.
A blizzard, an auto that runs out of petrol, a stolen motorcycle (carefully separated from the side-car first, however), and a local talent show all combine to produce a murder. Thus we have not only the delightful Inspector Wilkins and his trusty Sergeant Leather to investigate, but -- (fanfare, please!) St. John Allgood of the Yard. One of the Three Great A's, the other two being John Appleby and Roderick Alleyn, no less!
Allgood is rather full of himself, and needs to be taken down a peg or so, and in spite of himself, Wilkins is just the man for the job. One after the other, Allgood makes a case for each of the inhabitants as first murderer, only to have the case crumble around him. Surprises tumble all over each other, presenting laughs galore before the final, final dénouement. Hardly anyone is quite who or what they seem, and my best advice is to not only read the book, but be sure to pay special attention to the prologue. Marvelous. More! More!

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