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Download L.A. Outlaws: A Novel (Charlie Hood Series) fb2, epub

by David Colacci,Susan Ericksen,T. Jefferson Parker

Download L.A. Outlaws: A Novel (Charlie Hood Series) fb2, epub

ISBN: 1423305973
Author: David Colacci,Susan Ericksen,T. Jefferson Parker
Language: English
Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (February 5, 2008)
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Subcategory: Unfathomable
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 322
Size Fb2: 1289 kb
Size ePub: 1396 kb
Size Djvu: 1906 kb
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by T. Jefferson Parker (Author), David Colacci (Reader), Susan Ericksen (Reader) & 0 more. T. Jefferson Parker is the bestselling author of fourteen previous novels, including Storm Runners and The Fallen.

by T. Alongside Dick Francis and James Lee Burke, Parker is one of only three writers to be awarded the Edgar Award for Best Novel more than once. Parker lives with his family in Southern California. Series: Charlie Hood Series.

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Written by T. Narrated by Susan Ericksen and David Colacci. Rookie Deputy Charlie Hood discovers the bodies, and he prevents an eyewitness-a schoolteacher named Suzanne Jones-from leaving the scene in her Corvette. Drawn to a mysterious charisma that has him off-balance from the beginning, Hood begins an intense affair with Suzanne. More Audiobooks By T. carousel previous carousel next. The Room of White Fire: A Novel. Swift Vengeance: A Novel. Hook, Line & Sinister: Mysteries to Reel You in.

David Colacci (Reading). Susan Ericksen (Reading). In this excellent introduction to his Charlie Hood series, T. Jefferson Parker creates two very memorable and intriguing characters. The first is the protagonist, Charlie Hood, a veteran of the war in Iraq who is now an . County Sheriff's deputy. The second is Allison Murrieta, who claims to directly descended from the famous California outlaw, Joaquin Murrieta, who was shot and beheaded in 1853.

Outlaws by T Jefferson Parker. This story is a lot like Robin Hood, Steal from the rich and give to the poor. New York Times" bestselling author Parker delivers the most indisputably accomplished novel of his career, the kind of well-oiled thriller for which Parker is famous. You have to read the book to enjoy the mystery. His books are a race to the finish.

His writing is a wonder to behold. Providence Sunday Journal. A spectacular close a crime series that obliterated the boundaries of the genre. If you're interested in the best of today's crime fiction, someone you should read.

Written by T. Jefferson Parker, Audiobook narrated by David Colacci, Susan Ericksen. A Charlie Hood Novel By: T. Series: Charlie Hood, Book 1. Narrated by: David Colacci, Susan Ericksen. Length: 11 hrs and 17 mins. Categories: Mysteries & Thrillers, Noir.

Jefferson Parker evokes the spirit of outlaw heroes like Jesse James with his latest thriller, . A charlie hood novel. Parker’s protagonist this time is something different: a self-styled Robin Hood for the twenty-first centur. bandit for the media age, performing for the cell phone cameras of her victims. Published by New American Library, a division of.

The Charlie Hood novels are nothing less than addictive.

Jefferson Parker is the author of numerous novels and short stories, including The Room of White Fire and Swift Vengeance, the winner of three Edgar Awards, and the recipient of a Los Angeles Times Book Prize for mysteries. Before becoming a full-tim. ore about T. Jefferson Parker has carved out a niche for himself as the Hemingway of thriller writer. is writing is a wonder to behold. The Charlie Hood novels are nothing less than addictive.

Narrator Susan Ericksen, Narrator David Colacci, By (author) T.

Outlaws, the Renegades. Narrator Susan Ericksen, Narrator David Colacci, By (author) T. OUTLAWS Los Angeles is gripped by the exploding celebrity of Allison Murietta, her real identity unknown, a modern-day Jesse James with the compulsion to steal beautiful things, the vanity to invite the media along, and the conscience to donate much of her bounty to charity. Nobody ever gets hurt - until a job ends with ten gangsters lying dead and a half-million dollars worth of glittering diamonds missing.

For fans of Michael Connelly and CJ Box, here is the first thrilling adventure in the Charlie Hood series from New York Times bestseller and Edgar-award winner T. Jefferson Parker, now featuring an excerpt from his novel The Room of White Fire.

In this town, it pays to be bad…

Allison is an L.A. celebrity, a folk hero, and a modern-day Jesse James who loves a good armed robbery. She has a compulsion to steal, a knack for publicity, and the conscience to give it all to charity. In fact, one of her biggest fans is a cop. And no one’s ever been hurt—until last night. Now she and the rookie deputy are on the run for their lives.


I am not a big fan of anti-heroes so I had mixed feelings about Suzanne/Allison. I wanted to see her pay for her crimes but, because she was a bit of a Robin Hood, wanted to see her escape punishment somehow. If keeping the reader in that good/bad limbo was Parker’s aim, he succeeded in spades.

Too many times, the flow of this story is broken by flashbacks of Suzanne/Allison’s ancestor, Joaquin Murrieta. They didn’t add anything to the story, just lengthened it and slowed it down unnecessarily. The same applies to the extra storylines involving Hood’s father.

And too many of the skills and connections the characters have appear a little too conveniently when they are needed.

I suspected the one bad guy early on, right after Parker dropped a clue to his identity that was a little too obvious.

Parker’s writing is a bit dismal and cynical in tone. The story is full of greed, liars, and brutality. Even when the storyline sounds hopeful, there’s an underlying sense of desperation, sadness, and failure.

The climax of the story was realistic but disappointing. And of the five chapters that follow, only two are really needed. Like the flashbacks, those unneeded chapters lengthened the story but didn’t add anything to it.

And a caveat: The description of Suzanne/Allison and Charlie Hood being on the run for their lives is a lie.

This story had the potential to be great, but it only reached okay. So, I may try another Charlie Hood book in the future, but I won’t seek them out.

And Amazon continues its amazing ability to tell me how many pages a book has on the website but can’t number the pages in the download.
I was disappointed in this book. I had read the Renegades and looked forward to this read but it was very hard to get into and it was not as interesting as the prior read. I will try other books by this author but if this had been my first experience with Parker, I'd not have ever read any more. Sorry. Not up the same caliber as Michael Connelly.
Another of mr. Parker great novels based on historical facts. The story is about flawed characters... I.e real life characters with doubts and good and bad traits... suspenseful and quick read... I do not like recurring characters but may give the next Charlie Hood a chance....
Perhaps it's not fair to review a book you didn't finish, but since I've read from beginning to end everything else written by T. Jefferson Parker (I loved Silent Joe!), I'm giving it a shot. I couldn't finish L. A. Outlaws because A) I found nothing likeable or credible about Allison/Suzanne and couldn't get past her personal morality, her know-it-all-attitude about cars and everything else, her excuse that she robs the greedy and gives to charity--let her work for a living and give to charity like the rest of us do--and her victims: McDonald's? Burger King? lots of children go into those places and she carries a gun. Why not a Chucky Cheese, while she's at it? Can you tell I didn't like her?; B) Charlie Hood is not very credible, either; C) it's reminiscent but not as well done as No Country for Old Men (anti-hero comes across a stash of ill gotten goods, takes the loot, is identified by both the police and the bad guy, and is pursued by both), and D) I don't need to read another book about a patient with dementia, and E) it doesn't even feel like something written by T. Jefferson Parker.

I don't think Parker is very adept at creating women characters who serve as the heroine or anti-heroine of the story. He had a brief series about a woman detective (his books with a color in the title) and I found her uninteresting, too.

I'm happy for all those who liked it; personally I'll hope for better things in his next one.
I love reading T. Jefferson Parker and, while he has worked harder on previous books on topics he seems to know more about than Hispanic gangs (not that I know anything about them either), this was a kind-of-fun read.

Just after I read this book I saw a story about Joaquin Murietta on the History Channel and Parker's description of the events surrounding him and how he died were eerily close to the History Channel's. Hmmm.

That's one of the things I mean about working hard. If all the research you're going to do about gangs and the central historic figure is to watch TV, well, you're not going to come up with the best book ever.

The story itself, centering on Suzanne Jones, is okay. It won't keep you from being distracted in the airport/on the beach by probably anything at all. It won't keep you awake all night reading, probably the opposite (but there's a need for most of us to get more sleep anyway). It won't even be all that memorable. You know, as books are whose titles evoke not only the whole storyline but several word-for-word passages as well.

But how often do those books come around?

The most disappointing parts of the story are those that make police look inept, or that they don't have helicopters or warrants, and stings to uncover bad cops. I also didn't like the ease with which she defeated Lupercio and how Lupercio could be a heartless panther (WAR KITTEN?) with gang members and other well-armed and ruthless enemies but strangely inept with a schoolteacher and her young family, not once but several times. These episodes didn't exactly keep me on the edge of my seat.

Although he's one of my favorite authors, I'd recommend against buying this book in favor of his earlier ones. I did read the entire book which only meant that I must have been low on books.
By a very good writer. While ten bucks is too damned much to pay for an ebook and I am very angry at Name Publishers for doing this, T. Jefferson Parker is good enough that I might just spring for the next one.

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