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by Dale Brown

Download Wings of Fire fb2, epub

ISBN: 141780162X
Author: Dale Brown
Language: English
Publisher: San Val (June 2003)
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Subcategory: Unfathomable
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 240
Size Fb2: 1331 kb
Size ePub: 1448 kb
Size Djvu: 1872 kb
Other formats: lit doc lrf docx

Although I'm still reading and enjoying Dale Brown's books, he's getting a bit outside what could feel realistic.

Dale Brown wings of fire. Although I'm still reading and enjoying Dale Brown's books, he's getting a bit outside what could feel realistic. It's fun, with amazing new weapons, but just doesn't feel "real". It is a good read though.

But his plans are foiled by the American-born widow of the slain president, with the timely assistance of McClanahan, the Night Stalkers, and their laser ray guns, plasma bombs, exoskeleton battle armor, and other weapons that Brown, an acknowledged master of the techno-thriller, describes in painstaking detail.

Both of the first two arcs took place on Pyrrhia

Title: Wings of Fire : Item Condition: used item in a good condition. Former US Air Force captain Dale Brown was born in Buffalo, New York.

Title: Wings of Fire : Item Condition: used item in a good condition. All used books sold by Book Fountain All new books sold by Book Fountain Books will be free of page markings. See all 4 pre-owned listings. He was still serving in the US Air Force, where he was a, when he wrote his first thriller, Flight of the Old Dog. His most recent novels are The Tin Man, Battle Born and Warrior Class.

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Publisher: Berkley, 2002. North Africa is in turmoil. The new Libyan president has had the new Egyptian president assassinated, and the latter’s widow, Susan Salaam, vows revenge. She enlists the high-tech help of Air Force general Patrick McClanahan and his Night Stalkers. But the Libyans, and their scheming secret allies, hold a trump card-one with a deeply personal meaning for McClanahan-and it may be one that will leave even the Night Stalkers powerless.

Better than Da Vinci and more appropriate for the times. com User, August 3, 2006. Mr. Brown's writing is superb and his knowledge of military hardware and political history is endless.

Dale Brown is a famous American Author with a specialty in aviation thrillers. This book has been very successful so far. Some critics are going so far as to call him one of the best military adventure writers in America. For his books, he indicates that he has many influences. He was born on November 2nd 1956 and has written many books. He is very successful and has thirteen books listed on the bestsellers list.


Item as described, quickly shipped, well packaged. A+
Totally enjoyed the book.
Fine SF writer who knows his business. The reader kind of gets all wrapped up in traveling at speeds near c. It's obvious that the writer has/had a strong connection to the U.S.M.C.
Book for school, came in time and worked just fine.
Hawk Flying
Dale Brown is excellent author. Information is very accurate in aircraft and weapons development. I would recommend all is books dealing with aerospace.
energy breath
Dale Brown is the bomb. I really like his characters and story-line. If you like'll like Dale Brown. Go for it!!!
In "Wings", Dale Brown's perrenial hero Pat Mclanahan returns to action in Libya. "Wings" follows a virtual series of books starring Mclanahan and his crew of go-anywhere, do-anything-it-takes air warriors. In his last book "Warrior Class", Mclanahan had been involuntarily retired from the air force due to his efforts to nab a power-mad international criminal named Pavel Kazakov. In league with the Russians, Kazakov tried to engineer a war in the Balkans to enhance the profitability of his petroleum, money-laundering and narcotics enterprises. In protective custody in "Wings" Kazakov is nevertheless on a new venture - this one involving a power-mad Libyan who traces his lineage to the pre-Quaddafi regime that ruled Libya. Nobody really believes that Jadalla Zuwayy is really the true king of Libya, but he is treated as if they did - especially the pilots, soldiers and generals who stand poised to invade oil-rich Egypt on his orders. Susan Harris, a beautiful American married to the soon-assassinated Egyptian president, tries every trick she can hold off crazed Zuwayy (Egypt's forces greatly out-strip those of Libya, but the latter possesses a huge supply of neutron bombs that can make everybody losers). The only hope is McLanahan and his crew. Armed with futuristic weapons designed and built by the Skymasters corporation, and assigned clandestinely by a covert organization known as "Nightcrawlers" (and headed by former president Kevin Martindale), Mclanahan goes into battle with next-generation stealth bombers and combat suits likely inspired by Sigourney Weaver's power-loaded from "Aliens". Unfortunately, bad luck strikes - and some of the Nightcrawlers fall prisoner during an ill-fated hunt in Libya for WMD. Trouble is compounded when the survivors find themselves in Egypt, where loyalties are divided. Back in the USA, the Thorn administration struggles with how to respond to the growing unrest in North Africa and with how it will deal with the McLanahan. (The Nightcrawlers may take Uncle Sam's best interest to heart, but they don't take his orders - and they face criminal prosecution for their unauthorized activities; Thorn himself typiefies the opposite of previous administrations - he pulls out all but a shell of US forces from overseas stations, and refuses to commit them anywhere unless foreign leaders can get their own populations to accept their presence). Meanwhile, the Skymasters company struggles to perfect a powerful laser-weapon that can be carried in a refitted B-52 bomber. Their latest secret weapon however proves to be a nine year old girl who knows a thing or two about plasma lasers and parallel universes.
A Dale Brown novel is a lot like one of those family get-togethers: you go to these things about once a year, and with some subtle variations, each one is pretty much like the one you survived the year before. We've still got power-mad dogs, craven US politicians, tons of high-tech and some big battles. Although the storyline spills directly from "Warrior Class", "Wings" has fewer than its share of references to older Brown novels. The villains are as unconvincing as ever (idiots who believe their own lies) and speak in the least plausible dialog. The technology seems compelling, but if you really wanted to learn about plasma lasers, would you really make a bee-line for the nearest Dale Brown tome? For the rest of us, Brown's technobabble may remind us that we studied so hard in high-school because we never wanted to hear that kind of droning again. Despite its title, "Wings" may have the least emphasis on what actually happens inside a fighting warplane than any other Brown novel. Instead, Brown concentrates his emphasis on the "Tin Man" battle armor - motorized exo-skeletons that turn individual soldiers into walking tanks. It's an idea that comes at the expense of his interest in military aviation that probably attracted Brown fans to novels like "Flight of the Old Dog" and "Day of the Cheetah", but the new technology is far too exotic to substantiate his story. Instead, "Wings" is thin and unsatisfying.

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