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by Frances Fyfield

Download A Question of Guilt fb2, epub

ISBN: 0749310200
Author: Frances Fyfield
Language: English
Publisher: Mandarin; New Ed edition (1991)
Pages: 288
Subcategory: Unfathomable
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 648
Size Fb2: 1164 kb
Size ePub: 1223 kb
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Also by Frances Fyfield. Jaskowski was questioned

Also by Frances Fyfield. Jaskowski was questioned. He was paid five thousand pounds for this task with a further sum of five thousand to follow six months later.

Cunning and evil, poisoned by a lifetime of love withheld, Eileen Cartwright has an unrivaled passion for revenge. When the rich, middle-aged widow falls in love with her lawyer, she goes to fatal lengths to make him hers. Prosecutor Helen West is assigned to the case, but when Eileen's extraordinary evil reaches out even from behind prison bars, the investigation reaches a climax of frightening and frenzied violence. Thriller & Crime Fiction Women Sleuths.

Frances Fyfield has spent much of her professional life practising as a criminal lawyer, work which has informed her highly acclaimed crime novels. She has been the recipient of both the Gold and Silver Crime Writers' Association Daggers. She is also a regular broadcaster on Radio 4, most recently as the presenter of the series 'Tales from the Stave'.

Elisabeth is a picture restorer. This gives her the solitude and independence she needs-living and working alone in her flat. Elisabeth is a picture restorer.

A Question Of Guilt book. What am intelligent and deeply satisfying writer is Frances Fyfield. At times the writing gives the impression of being a little ponderous, but the insights into each of her characters are exquisite.

Frances Fyfield (born 18 November 1948) is the pseudonym of Frances Hegarty, a lawyer and crime-writer . A Question of Guilt (1988) – nominated for an Edgar Award. Born and brought up in Derbyshire, Hegarty was mostly educated in convent schools before reading English at Newcastle University. After graduating, she took a course in criminal law. She worked initially for the Metropolitan Police and later the Crown Prosecution Service. Deep Sleep (1991) – Silver Dagger Award. Shadow Play (1993) - Grand Prix de Littérature Policière.

by. Fyfield, Frances. New York : Pocket Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana.

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When rich, middle-aged widow Eileen Cartwright becomes obsessed with handsome solicitor Michael Bernhard, she lays plans to murder his pretty wife.

When Eileen Cartwright becomes obsessed with her lawyer, she plots to murder his wife - hiring a hospital janitor to do the job. Bumbling and remorseful, he is quickly caught.


Our first glimpse of Helen West, the prosecuting attorney in a complex murder case, reveals her studying the case files while she eats. The defendant, Stanislaus Jaskowski, of Polish origin, was a part-time private investigator, charged with the murder of one Sylvia Bernard, the wife of a solicitor, Michael Bernard. Mrs. Eileen Cartwright is listed as someone obsessed with Michael Bernard, and Jaskowski claims that she paid him to kill Sylvia.

In her office, which is comfortable but untidy, she works, and soon is joined by Geoffrey Bailey and his colleague, Mr. Ryan, where they go over the file.

The author lays out the cozy settings, gives vivid descriptions of the characters, and offers us an opportunity to listen in on the discussions in which they are involved in such a way that completely engaged me. Over the following pages, the plot unfolds, as even more characters are introduced and we come to see the intricacies of how they fit into the big picture.

Many of the characters were unlikeable. Jaskowski's son, Edward, who had a secret liaison with Eileen Cartwright at some point; and even Ryan, the underling to Geoffrey Bailey, who makes some pathetic choices. Mrs. Cartwright's pure evil is slowly unleashed on someone else. Who will save the day? How does Peter, Edward's younger brother, fit into the rescue?

The twisted plot did keep me reading, and I liked the sections with Helen and Geoffrey the best. A budding romance between them kept things interesting. There were numerous subplots and other characters that had peripheral roles in the story, and I could have done without them. Overall, I enjoyed A Question of Guilt: A Helen West Mystery, but sections of the story bogged down for me. An overall 4.0 stars.
The style of her writing is... unlike any other authors I have read, detached, distant even, but not cold or unfeeling, like reading a story told by an observer, a third person, an older person, or looking in to a warm and well-lighted house through a closed window from outside in a cold snowy winter, you are drawn to the warmth and light, yet there were moments you were kept at a distance, frustratingly unreachable. You nevertheless are pulled into the story and found yourself following it involuntarily.
The mysteries by Fyfield were recommended to me. A Question of Guilt is the first in the series about Helen West and I found it very rambling and on several occasions I almost quit and moved on to another book.
I probably will not bother with the other books in the series.
Love it
Set in London. A woman is murdered. A man, Stanislaus Jaskowski, is quickly arrested. He implicates Eileen Cartwright as the instigator who paid him to murder the woman, her attorney's wife. Everyone knows she is guilty. Helen West (the equivalent of Assistant District Attorney in the U.S.) has the case. No one can even interrupt her as she is reading about the case. Come back later, as she simply cannot stop and start again. Helen is divorced from Hugo, who cheated or tried to cheat his clients, and she tried to stop him. He also cheated on her. For some stupid reason, she agrees to meet with Hugo and his new fiancee for dinner. She also attends their wedding - she doesn't want to - but she has to show that she's a forgiving person, a good person. Even though she hasn't forgiven him. What difference does it make? If you don't want to go to something, don't go! But she goes, and invites the head detective to go with her. He does. The suit she wore turned out to be the wrong choice, but it doesn't say why.

At the first hearing for Jaskowski, Eileen Cartwright shows up. Bailey tells Helen that Jaskowski's wife is also there. Helen encourages Eileen to leave or she won't like the consequences. This incurs Ms. Cartwright's enmity, which is not surprising. Later, it's stated that even Jaskowski's wife didn't show up. What? Or maybe that's at some other time? It's kind of all the same.

This is supposed to be some sort of mystery...I think. But it is not mysterious. It is formulaic. There is the obligatory romance between Helen and Bailey, the head detective. Oh, how tentative and unsure of themselves they are. There is also a detective, Ryan, who cheats on his wife, for no apparent reason, except that he doesn't want to go home, because he's a policeman, you know, and home life just can't compare to police excitement. Ryan falls in love with a twenty year old nanny, whose employers are fine with him coming over all the time (into her room) because they want to make sure their nanny is happy!

The head detective does not know what a psychopath is. He thinks Eileen Cartwright is not one (she clearly is). The only reason given for Eileen's psychological makeup is that she is very unattractive (although Bailey says she is in a way, like a lizard or fat snake). Her father didn't love her because of this (or maybe he couldn't love anyone?), nor did her husband (but he married her anyway). Eileen has black hair, is sallow, "broad" and smokes forty cigarettes per day. She owns shops that sell little things, like lace and tiny antique items.

Jaskowski has three sons - Ed, Peter and Stanislaus (the youngest). His brother, Peter, takes the three boys after Jaskowski goes to jail, because Jaskowski's wife falls apart or something. Strangely, the son, Peter, is named Peter, Jr. They must do things differently in England.

The son Ed is evil. You know something bad is coming up, you know for whom, and you know that that somebody is going to be rescued at the last second.

Too wordy, too boring, too predictable.
This is a great book with amazing characters. Helen is a great character and I love the chemistry between her and Bailey.

This book is more romance than mystery but a fantastic read. The villain in this book is one of the most well written villains I have ever read. Eileen is a villain you will love to hate.

Fyfield created a wonderful read that I could not put down. This is one of my favorite books on Fyfields. Its not the first of hers I've read but its her first book and one of her finest.

digytal soul
This was not so much a mystery as a novel about will the evil perpetrator get her comupence . The book is extremely overwritten with unnessescary description of places and character's interior thoughts, all of which go on and on and then on some more. The two main characters , a female barrister and a chief police dectective are so humorless and angst ridden that they truly do belong together. The entire story was so overly serious and dark and in the end wound up to be a big nothing.

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