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by Patricia Highsmith

Download Those Who Walk Away fb2, epub

ISBN: 0434335053
Author: Patricia Highsmith
Language: English
Publisher: William Heinemann Ltd; First Edition edition (February 1967)
Pages: 256
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Unfathomable
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 437
Size Fb2: 1568 kb
Size ePub: 1664 kb
Size Djvu: 1431 kb
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First published by. Atlantic Monthly Press. Illuminating-and always compelling, wrote the New York Times when Those Who Walk Away was originally published in 1967.

First published by. Yet again, as the New Yorker reported in 1988, Highsmith keeps moving, darting in and out of our field of vision, making after-images that will tremble-but stay-in our minds. The honeymoon is over, as they say, the bride dead by her own hand.

Those Who Walk Away book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. by. Patricia Highsmith.

Praise for Those Who Walk Away: For me, the name ‘Patricia Highsmith’ designates a sacred territory: she is the One whose place among writers is that which Spinoza held for Gilles Deleuze (a ‘Christ among philosophers’). illuminating-and always compelling.

Those Who Walk Away (1967) is a psychological thriller novel by Patricia Highsmith. It was the twelfth of her 22 novels. When Ray Garrett's new wife kills herself on their honeymoon, he persuades the initially suspicious Rome police that he's innocent of any wrongdoing over the death. However, his father-in-law, the brutish Ed Coleman, is convinced Ray led to her death and shoots Ray, leaving him for dead.

Those Who Walk Away - Patricia Highsmith. BOOKS BY. Scanning, uploading, and electronic distribution of this book or the facilitation of such without the permission of the publisher is prohibited.

He walked quickly, as if Coleman were pursuing him, though he realized this was the last thing Coleman would dream of doing now, Coleman in the bosom of his friends again!

Patricia Highsmith uspect Coleman, and yet they’d be in the same bed tonight. The world did not care really whether he was alive or dead, if he had been murdered or not. Perhaps it was the beginning of wisdom to realize this. He could have been murdered, and by Coleman only, but the world didn’t seem to care.

As Ray and Coleman stalk each other through the narrow streets and canals, the hotels and bars of the beguiling city, Those Who Walk Away simmers with violence and unease. Originally published in 1967, this is vintage Highsmith.

Ray Garrett, a wealthy young American living in Europe, is grieving over the death of his wife Peggy. As Ray and Coleman stalk each other through the narrow streets and canals, the hotels and bars of the beguiling city, Those Who Walk Away simmers with violence and unease. Thriller & Crime Psychological. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

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Praise for Those Who Walk Away "For me, the name 'Patricia Highsmith' designates a sacred territory: she is the One whose place among writers is that which Spinoza held for Gilles Deleuze (a 'Christ among philosophers'). are among the most memorable products of Highsmith's powerful imagination.

Those Who Walk Away: A Virago Modern Classic - Virago Modern Classics (Paperback). Patricia Highsmith (author), Joan Schenkar (author of introduction)

Those Who Walk Away: A Virago Modern Classic - Virago Modern Classics (Paperback). Patricia Highsmith (author), Joan Schenkar (author of introduction). 9 Added to basket.


This is a brilliant novel about the aftershock of a suicide. A young woman, alluringly delicate and ungrounded, has killed herself. Her husband, a decent, well-to-do young man with vague ambitions to become an art dealer, is more numbed than shattered by her death and nagged by feelings of guilt that he could have done something to prevent it. Her father, an engineer turned painter who sponges off wealthy women, is grief-stricken to the point of murderous rage directed at his son-in-law, who he is convinced is responsible for his daughter's death. With typical low-key meticulousness, Highsmith sets these two men, Ray Garrett and Ed Coleman, at each other in a lethal, cat-and-mouse clash between crazed vengefulness and crazed innocence in - where else? - that most cat-and-mouse worthy of cities, Venice. Out of this deceptively simple conflict, Highsmitth weaves a wonderfully complex tale of two approaches to grief lethally entangled, tracing how one inexplicable act of self destruction can drive the survivors toward self-destruction as well. The book is only superficially a suspense novel. On a more compelling level, it is psychologically uncanny, and surprisingly humane. I couldn't put it down and its aftertaste still lingers.
I'm a big fan of Patricia Highsmith, whose dark novels of suspense are somehow more chilling and memorable than other thrillers. Highsmith spent most of her adult life in Europe, where the French Existentialist movement made such an impact in the 1940s and '50s. This 1967 novel was clearly influenced by the works of Sartre, Genet, and particularly Camus. Many of her characters are Americans on the Continent, and that's the case here. It's a simple story, and Highsmith mainly explores the deepest inner feelings of the two men at its center.

Ray Garrett is suddenly a widower--his bride has inexplicably committed suicide in Rome. Ray blames himself. So does her father, Ed Coleman, who tries to kill his son-in-law soon after the funeral. Ray follows Ed to Venice, seeking to prove his innocence. Ed attacks him again, and again he survives. Ray continues to shadow his violent father-in-law because he feels guilty--and so does Ed. These two are locked in a strange, deadly game, which is apparently the only way they can mourn their mutual loss. Does Ray want Ed to kill him as some sort of punishment? Is Ed hoping the younger man will defend himself? Where will it all lead? That's the suspense.

THOSE WHO WALK AWAY isn't my favorite Highsmith novel, but it has a compelling, hypnotic quality. If you're not familiar with her work, you might want to start with another title like Strangers on a Train or The Talented Mr. Ripley. But her fans will definitely want to read it. Recommended.
"Those Who Walk Away" is a concise, fast reading novel of low-keyed suspense. The background is an appropriately gloomy wintertime Venice. Ray, the key character, has lost his wife to suicide. Ed is the unforgiving, not to mention self-centered, father in law who blames Ray for his daughter's death and tries to kill him. Ray pursues Ed through the canals, back streets, cafes, gondola rides and fancy hotels of Venice to clear his conscience and calm Ed down. The embittered Ed has none of this and chases Ray in the same fashion. Both find atmospheric Venetian "hiding places". To use a movie term, Highsmith makes use of an excellent supporting cast: Signor Ciardi, Inez, Luigi the gondolier and Elisabetta almost steal the show from the main characters. Highsmith also pulls the reader into the plot quickly, a talent of hers. We are involved from page one! The ending, which no reviewer should reveal, is smooth and satisfying. To fully enjoy the tale, the reader must surrender credibility on 2 points: 1) Those "meetings" between Ed and Ray are truly coincidental and 2) The Venetian police, as personified by Detective Dell'Isola, ask few questions and press few charges. I would give the author her license on those points and enjoy "TWWA" on its own merits. A closing question: Did Ray really let a nice Italian girl like Elisabetta get away? Did he ever go back to Venice to see her just once more?
At times I was quite at a loss, and frustrated at the two leading characters, especially Ray, and there were times when the story was able to engaged my attention and became interesting. In general, an interesting read if you can get into the story.
Highsmith was like no other...there have been few of her caliber...if you like rooting for the villain even tho you can't believe you're doing so, this is your author...
Those Who Walk Away is one of Patricia Highsmith's weaker efforts. It's about a rich young American named Ray Garrett, currently living in Europe. His bride has quite recently committed suicide. He's not particularly happy about this turn of events. But at the same time he displays none of the emotions usually associated with great loss. He thinks and acts no differently than one would think and act after something like a TV set were to be stolen.
Ed Coleman, Ray's late wife's father, is also a coldish American. He displays only one emotion and that's rage directed against Ray. He claims to blame Ray for his daughter's death even though there is nothing to indicate Ray had anything to do with it. Ed's rage is of such intensity that he attempts to murder Ray on more than one occasion.... giving Those Who Walk Away it's rather flimsy plot.
The book starts off in Rome but rapidly moves on to Venice where most of the third person narrative unfolds. Other than the detailed description of Venetian sights and sounds, the only thing of interest about this rather mediocre novel is the contrast between the cold, largely emotionless American characters and the warm, friendly, life-loving Italians they walk among.
A rare misfire by a talented novelist. Not recommended.

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