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by Gil Silverbird,Tony Hillerman

Download The Dark Wind fb2, epub

ISBN: 1559947748
Author: Gil Silverbird,Tony Hillerman
Language: English
Publisher: HarperAudio; Abridged edition (February 23, 1993)
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Unfathomable
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 276
Size Fb2: 1481 kb
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Size Djvu: 1991 kb
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A dark and very ill wind is blowing through the Southwestern desert, a gale driven by Navajo sorcery and white man's greed

A dark and very ill wind is blowing through the Southwestern desert, a gale driven by Navajo sorcery and white man's greed. And it will sweep away everything unless Chee can somehow change the weather. Performed by Gil Silverbird Enhanced CD: CD features an interactive program which can be viewed on your computer, including: a photo galary, an author Q&A and a 35 years of excellence timeline.

Have never read any Tony Hillerman books before. Now having visited Arizona, and some of the areas Tony writes about, had to check him out. Really good read. loved the characters, especially Jim Chee.

The Dark Wind is the fifth crime fiction novel in the Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee Navajo Tribal Police series by Tony Hillerman, published in 1982. It is the second of the novels to feature Officer Jim Chee. Now working from Tuba City, Sgt. Chee is assigned four cases by Capt. A drug-smuggling plane crashes, and Largo insists Chee stay away from that case, a tough challenge as he gathers information from Hopis, whites and Navajos to solve the original cases.

Tony hillerman leaphor. This book is dedicated to the good people of Coyote Canyon, Navajo Mountain, Littlewater, Two Gray Hills, Heart Butte, and Borrego Pass, and most of all to those who are being uprooted from their ancestral homes in the Navajo-Hopi Joint Use country. Tony Hillerman - Leaphorn & Chee 05 - The Dark Wind, . The reader should be aware that I make no claims to being an authority on Hopi theology. Like Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police, I am an outsider on the Hopi Mesas.

The Dark Wind enters the person who does bad deeds. He needs a healing ceremony, not punishment

The Dark Wind enters the person who does bad deeds. He needs a healing ceremony, not punishment. This book perfectly illustrates between the Navajo vs. the White Man’s thinking about evil. And the Navajo nicknames are always fun, like Largewiskers and Ironfingers. As Chee’s investigation unfolds, we get a great sense of the hunt Navajo-style.

Gil Silverbird's narration has a light conversational tone, more successful for dialogue than Sgt. Jim Chee's introspective narratives. Retail pak, Harper Audio, 1993.

A dark and very ill wind is blowing through the Southwestern desert, a gale driven by Navajo sorcery and white man’s greed.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. The Dark Wind (Jim Chee Novels). 447 Kb. The Blessing Way (Joe Leaphorn Novels).

A corpse in the desert-its face unidentifiable, its hands and feet flayed ... A mysterious plane crash and a missing cache of cocaine ... Sgt. Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police had no business meddling in these matters. His assignment is simple: discover who is sabotaging a windmill on land recently ceded over to the Hopis. But his extraordinary tracking skills and genius for sleuthing will lead him deep into the remote washes and isolated mesas where the Hopis hold their most secret ceremonies, trapping him in a deadly web of intrigue driven by Navajo sorcery and white man's greed.

Gil Silverbird is an American Navajo Indian who sings ill several languages and performs extensively in the theater and on television. He can be heard on Tony Hillerman's The Ghostway. ( Harper Audio CPN 2301)


The backdrop of the book starts with the Federal government giving some Navajo land to the Hopis and forcing some 9,000 Navajos off their land. The Navajos had been hauling water in this arid stretch by hand. After the government took this piece of land from the Navajos, they constructed eight windmills to pump water for its new inhabitants. Someone is none too happy about that. Someone is vandalizing one, and only one of the eight windmills repeatedly. Jim Chee, newly assigned to this district and not quite accepted by the locals and unsure of his new captain's opinion of him yet, is assigned three cases: 1) stop and catch who is vandalizing the windmill 2) Catch the burglar of the Burnt Springs Trading Post 3) Identify a John Doe murder victim that appears to have been ritually mutilated. While staking out the windmill late at night, a plane crashes and its pilot is killed, and its passenger shot to death. Apparently this is part of a drug-running operation and Jim Chee is now suspected by the FBI and DEA as being a "dirty" cop and mixed up in the drug mess. Drugs and murder are under the FBI's jurisdiction, and with Jim Chee being suspect, he is not allowed to get involved. But, the three cases Chee has been assigned to solve are all linked to the dope/murders. And we know Chee. We know Chee can't quite leave it alone. Two DEA agents break into his house, beat him up, handcuff him, and one of them sticks a pistol to his forehead and threatens to kill him if he doesn't come up with the dope. Chee files a report with CPT Largo, who orders him on vacation and tells him to leave town. Alas, Chee cannot. He has learned enough about the mysteries of these cases so that he can't let go. I won't spoil the ending but will say that Chee proves himself more Navajo than lawman at the end.

This is a very complex plot and has many layers. I did not figure out who did it and why until Chee revealed it. This book was rich in the religious culture of the Hopis, a thread woven into a very complex plot. I was very disappointed that Leaphorn was not so much as even mentioned once, which I felt was unusual, given their close association. Nothing like, what would Leaphorn do, or drop by Leaphorn's for a consult, or maybe one thing Chee learned from Leaphorn: nothing-nada. Leaphorn is present in "The People of Darkness" and then "The Ghostway", but seems missing here. Also with Chee's inner conflicts over his love interest with Mary London, there was nothing about any of this coloring his moods or interactions. Both the latter two reasons were why I only rated this 4/5 stars.
So far, The Dark Wind is the only one of Tony Hillerman's novels to make it to the big screen, and while the movie is good, the book is even better. Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police is up against drug runners and running into too many dead bodies in this murder mystery set on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. Set against the back drop of the land dispute between the Hopi and Navajo, The Dark Wind explores Indian cultures and values as the mystery unfolds. And for the first time in Hillerman's series of Navajo murder mysteries, the reader meets Hopi police officer, Deputy "Cowboy" Dashee, the perfect foil for Jim Chee. This is one of Hillerman's best!
In a world often filled with disturbing thoughts and images, I have quickly come to rely on Tony Hillerman's rich descriptions of the beauty of America's West as a way to brighten my day. Furthermore, I learned so much about Navajo and Hopi culture by reading this book. Hillerman teaches you, without your realizing it, by involving all five of the reader's senses in his story. I am sure to read this book again.
This is the fifth Leaphorn and Chee novel Tony Hillerman penned. The first three, The Blessing Way(#1), Dance Hall of the Dead(#2), and Listening Woman(#3), were Leaphorn stand alones and the forth, People of Darkness, first introduced Chee as a lead. Released in 1982 this book, The Dark Wind(#5) is the second with Chee operating solo as is the next book, The Ghostway(#6). We will not see Leaphorn and Chee act as a team until Skinwalkers(#7). The Dark Wind starts out slowly but the action quickly escalates as a low level investigation accidentally places Jim Chee between some aggressive Drug Enforcement Agency cowboys and a band of smugglers. The bodies pile up and Chee has to hustle to make sure he is not the next to go boots up as both sides seem to be targeting him. World building as usual is excellent and Chee gains depth and breadth with some of Hillerman's best writing to date. Possibly as gritty as Hillerman got, his treatment of bent DEA agents and prison conditions ring true where some of his later books painted a more idealistic picture of life and times on the rez. Chee also plays fast and loose with laws when he feels that a greater good is involved, he has a conscience, he's not just a robot. Hillerman wrote 19 books in this series and after a third reread I feel that this is one of the half dozen that make the cut as a true classic.
Zeks Horde
Highly recommend the Chee - Leaphorn mysteries of the desert S.W. These two and Chee's pretty wife just keep on entertaining. Would have loved to see them go on forever and ever. Others have described the workings of the book so I will just add, you can't put this one down and you will be thinking of it for a long time to come. This, by the way, is my third and fourth time of reading the Hillerman mysteries.
I'm hooked. I can't stop reading books in this series of mysteries set in the Navajo Tribal Nation. Getting good cultural insights while second guessing a good old-fashioned murder. So much more fun than dry text just giving the facts about the land and the people who live in a sun-burned landscape without any emotional impact. I'm afraid I will end up reading all of the books in the series and forget about what ever else needs to be done.
I rarely read fiction, but I've read everything that mr. Hilliman has written. He sounds like such a wonderful man loves his wife adopts a lot of children. And the stories they are filled with actual Indian lore which is interesting and fascinating so you learned a lot more than just a murder mystery it's like a whole culture you get to discover. Excellent books

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