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Download Icing Ivy: A Jane Stuart And Winky Mystery fb2, epub

by Evan Marshall

Download Icing Ivy: A Jane Stuart And Winky Mystery fb2, epub

ISBN: 0786253886
Author: Evan Marshall
Language: English
Publisher: Thorndike Press; 1 edition (June 2, 2003)
Pages: 348
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Unfathomable
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 714
Size Fb2: 1884 kb
Size ePub: 1134 kb
Size Djvu: 1183 kb
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Icing Ivy: A Writers' Retreat Stranger Than Fiction. My plan is to enjoy the rest of the Jane Stuart and Winky mystery series and then the Hidden Manhattan Mysteries. Yep! Mr Marshall just got a new reader!

Icing Ivy: A Writers' Retreat Stranger Than Fiction. Yep! Mr Marshall just got a new reader!

Stabbing Stephanie: A Jane Stuart and Winky Mystery. From Library Journal: Series sleuth/literary agent Jane (Icing Ivy) attends a romance authors' convention and a cat show conveniently held at the same hotel. Published on March 28, 2004.

Stabbing Stephanie: A Jane Stuart and Winky Mystery.

Icing Ivy (Jane Stuart and Winky Mysteries). Literary agent Jane Stuart runs afoul of the most hated person in the publishing industry, Tina Vale, in Marshall's sparkling fifth entry (after 2002's Icing Ivy) in this cozy series notable for its wry insights into today's book scene. Jane's professional and personal lives coincide when a local hotel hosts both a Romance Authors Together (RAT) conference, where Tina, the new vice president of Corsair Books, is due to receive an award, and a cat show, in which Jane's cat Winky is competing.

His books appeal to fans of Janet Evanovich, Lilian Jackson Braun, Agatha Christie and Alexander McCall Smith. You can reach him at evanmarshallagency. Books by Evan Marshall.

He was also a correspondent for Writer's Digest and covered commercial fiction

Icing Ivy. (Book in the Jane Stuart and Winky Series).

Icing Ivy. Hoping to use her fiction writers' retreat at the Munsee Lodge as a venue for reconciling with her best friend Ivy Benson, literary agent Jane Stuart finds her plans thwarted by the brutal murder of Ivy, forcing Jane and her feline companion Winky to sift through a wealth of clues to catch a clever killer.

ICING IVY~ A Jane Stuart and Winky Mystery~1st/1st 2002. I Can Read Level 1: Fancy Nancy : Lot 4 Books Poison Ivy Expert by Jane O'Connor.

Adam announced that the plowing of the old road had begun but would take a while. As Jane sat down, Arliss took the seat beside her. Jane, what on earth was all that noise last night?. It was coming from that floozy’s room- Don’t call my friend a floozy. It was coming from Ivy and Johnny’s room, which is right next to mine and across the hall from yours. How could you not have heard it?. I didn’t say I didn’t hear it. I just said I didn’t know what it wa. .Arliss regarded her for a moment.

JANE STUART & WINKY MYSTERY Series: Main Character: Jane Stuart, Literary Agent, Widow & Winky, Tortoiseshell Cat, New Jersey. Missing Marlene ’99. Hanging Hannah ’00. Stabbing Stephanie ’01. Icing Ivy ’02. Toasting Tina ’03. Crushing Crystal ’04.

Jane and Ivy were best friends until Ivy's daughter was murdered. Now, at a writers' retreat being held by Jane, they intend to try healing those wounds. But Ivy winds up dead -- stabbed with an ice pick -- on a lonely mountain trail.


I picked up this book from the public library just by chance. Although we know that we should not judge a book by its cover, it was indeed the cover what intrigued me and drove my attention to the book. Of course new editions have new different covers but the one I saw has a cover illustrated by Marty Harris with Louis Malcangi as the graphic designer. Well, they did a good job!

I didn’t even know that there is a genre know as Cozy mysteries.
What a great discovery for me! The moment I started reading Icing Ivy I got hooked up. Not only is the story fun and entertaining but the way it flows keeps the reader interested.

As an extra, I really enjoyed the author’s notes. Specially if you care about animals, in this case cats, like Winky and enjoy cooking as well as history!

My plan is to enjoy the rest of the Jane Stuart and Winky mystery series and then the Hidden Manhattan Mysteries.

Yep! Mr Marshall just got a new reader!
As this novel opens, it has been just a couple of weeks since the events depicted in the last novel, Stabbing Stephanie. But more important that that or that it is almost Christmas is the fact that it has been a little over two years since the events in Missing Marlene, the first Jane Stuart cozy mystery. Having not heard from her since, Ivy (Marlene's mother) is back for a short time.
As this is a series, I am going to be forced to reveal some details but as always will try to limit the damage for those who have not read the earlier books. In Missing Marlene, Ivy and Jane Stuart had a terrible falling out. Ivy and Jane had been roommates in College and still considered themselves best friends these many years later. Though separated and going through many life changes, they still kept in contact. Marlene was Ivy's daughter and soon after arriving in town to be a nanny to Nick, Jane's son, Marlene vanished and was later found dead. Despite the fact that Marlene was responsible for what happened to her by dealing with some unsavory types, Ivy blamed Jane for her death as well as a laundry list of other issues and ended the friendship.
Truth be told, Jane was somewhat relieved that the friendship ended as she had slowly come to the realization that Ivy was using their friendship as leverage against Jane for whatever she wanted at the moment. But guilt and a deep sense of wanting people in her life to be happy drives Jane and when Ivy suddenly arrives in town, Jane goes once again against her gut feelings. She allows Ivy to shoulder her way back into her life and her home. Soon she learns that Ivy now lives in New York City, a short distance away and has stared a new job and new career. She also has a new boyfriend in her life, John Baglieri. But, as expected, John is not at all what he says he is and neither is their relationship.
Soon after Ivy's arrival, Rhoda Kagan and Adam Forrest visit Jane at her literary agency. Adam is the new owner of Mt. Munsee Lodge located at the top of Mt. Munsee. Adam is trying something different in that he is trying to keep the lodge open during the winter off-season. He is doing it by offering weeklong stays on different themes. But he is in a bind as he has had a sudden cancellation and now has an idea to pitch to Jane. He wants her to organize a sort of writer's retreat for the week between Christmas and New Years using the local writers group and her publishing contacts. While Jane had planned to relax, she soon agrees and with her contacts it does not take long to get things organized.
She also agrees because it will give her a break from Ivy who has already obliviously worn out her welcome. But, Ivy insists that she be allowed to come and after Jane agrees, manages to get her boyfriend John invited along as well. Within minutes of arriving at the retreat the couple soon makes their influence felt by all participants. Almost from the start, the conference disintegrates in literary snobbishness and innuendo and before long, Ivy is dead and the conference is disbanded.
Jane begins to nose around and discovers that amidst all the authors and publishing types, the usual themes of greed and jealousy have taken their toll with more than one perched on the thin edge of madness. This forth novel in the series is another enjoyable read featuring Jane Stuart and the various expected characters, both human and feline. After four books, these characters are like old friends and with no new real ground plowed here in terms of character development, a few dangling problems and themes are cleared up.
As noted in the earlier books, with his personal experience as a novelist, writing teacher and running his own literary agency, Mr. Marshall interweaves a secondary message for those interested in writing as a career. The series is worth reading, if not for anything else, for those literary authors that Jane represents and comes into contact with and how she handles their demands. Those short segments often provide laugh out loud reader reaction and are a key component of the series. This book as the others in the series is a fun, lightweight mystery.
Jane and Ivy were roommates in college as well as best friends. When Jane needed a nanny, she employed Ivy's daughter Marlene. When Marlene died, through no fault of Jane's, the friendship was broken until two years later when Ivy visited accompanied by her boyfriend Johnny.
When Ivy lets it slip that she has no place to go for the holidays, Jane invites her former best friend to spend them with her and then go out with her to a writer's treat at Mt. Munsee Lodge. Johnny shows up at the retreat but seems more interested in another guest then he is with Ivy. The last anyone sees of Johnny is a man with a gun chasing him into the nearby woods. Shortly after that Ivy's frozen body is found in the snow, knifed to death. Knowing she won't be able to live with herself if the killer isn't found, Jane starts her own investigation not realizing that if she gets too close to the truth, the perpetrator will have no qualms about killing her too.
Fans of Winky the cat will be delighted to know that she is pregnant and gives birth to six kittens during the course of this book. The childish wonder Jane's son exhibits at this miracle of birth is a joy to behold. The mystery itself is well drawn with so many suspects that Jane, once Johnny is eliminated, doesn't have a clue who did it. She has to go to motive and none of the possible perpetrators have one. Evan Marshall has written a fiendishly clever who-done-it, one that the heroine and the audience will work hard to figure out.
Harriet Klausner
Winky has Kittens, and she is not as featured in this one as the others, but the nanny and Jane make up for it. Jane is up to her snooping again and it almost gets her killed. Her friend Ivy is back and has a motive for renewing the friendship. Believable charactors, and motives really make this series intriging and fun.

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