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by Joel Travis

Download Blabbermouth fb2, epub

ISBN: 1456467700
Author: Joel Travis
Language: English
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 22, 2010)
Pages: 292
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Unfathomable
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 919
Size Fb2: 1295 kb
Size ePub: 1773 kb
Size Djvu: 1361 kb
Other formats: lit mbr mobi docx

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From Publishers Weekly: After his compact car is hit by a large truck, Brit Moran believes that his final moments are imminent, and makes a lengthy deathbed confession to operating an illegal sports gambling racket in Dallas for five years. Fortunately, Moran’s injuries are not fatal; unfortunately, his compromising admissions have been heard by a motley assortment of bedside visitors, including a local police detective and the younger brother of Cesar Hernandez, Moran’s backer in his bookmaking business. The book follows, courtesy of Moran’s often hilarious first-person narration, the consequences of his ill-timed frankness, which include assault, vandalism, theft and murder. When the police identify Moran as the prime suspect in the killing, he embarks on an amateurish and offbeat quest for the truth. Readers who like to smile while reading a whodunit should hope that the author manages to enmesh his creation in further investigations.


I really enjoyed this book and hope there will be more featuring this crew in the future. I have been duped many times by cover blurbs that raved about a book being hilarious or laugh out loud funny when it turned out to be neither. I laughed multiple times while reading this one. The protagonist is maladroit throughout and his self-image far outstrips his real performance but you kind of like him anyway. The supporting characters are a bit thin but this is a one man show from the beginning. The central crime and how the main character actually falls into the solution at the last minute is interesting. I really liked it. It's a breezy, fun read.
I had never read a book that was touted as comedy. I mainly read thrillers and detective stories. This book, in several places, actually made me laugh out loud. The humor is my type; dry and sarcastic. The story was good but as I get older, the thought process doesn't stay connected all the time, and I'll sometimes lose where I am in a story. That is not to say the writing wasn't good, but more of a personal dilemma. Good book!! DerrikV
Not a "Cozy Mystery", so why judge it as one? The main Character is an obnoxious self absorbed male chauvinist. The depth of oblivion to others around him, is a great part of his Charm, and the books humor.
Other reviewers need to lighten up. If you want a Harlequin Romance Mystery, then by all means, read one. But don't compare, and give a "One Star" rating, to a great book because it's not what YOU expected.
I knew from the beginning of the book that it was going to be different. it certainly was, and entertaining as well as funny in some places. Blabbermouth is a perfect title and description of the main character. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys mysteries and suspense mixed with humor.
This was a good "Whodunit". The end justified the means. I enjoyed getting to the ending to find out the actual assailant.
If you're looking for the American answer to Inspector Clouseau, you've found him. Brit Moran is a self obsessed, clueless, loser who manages to stumble into his solutions to crimes more than he actually solves them. This is the funniest novel I've read in years and I can't wait to start the next one.
and kinda funny. A little heavy with the stupid-moves and idiotic of inclusions. Good twist to the story ending. Enjoy!
This novel is an entertaining read. Brit could not be more clueless and obtuse. HOWEVER, THAT is what makes the book work so well. Here we finally have a detective novel wherein the "dectective" does not have special ops training (or access to one who does), he does not have a team of anyone trained in anything that can assist him with anything useful (except a 30 year old car and a few coins). There are not convenient "miracles" to save the day. Ashton Kutcher could not "punk" anyone as well as Murphy does with his laws on Brit.

Brit is an ego maniac whose feelings of self worth/import lend so much humor one cannot help but laugh as if watching old "Honeymooners" and "Carol Burnett" and "I Love Lucy" with some stooges; stan & laurel tossed in. This is a refreshing debut novel from a writer who I look forward to reading again. I await his next installment (hopefully) of this "detective" series. But I will give anything else he writes a go as well.

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