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Download Hard Frost (Jack Frost) fb2, epub

ISBN: 0552144096
Author: R.D. Wingfield
Language: English
Publisher: Corgi; New Ed edition (September 2, 2008)
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Unfathomable
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 884
Size Fb2: 1821 kb
Size ePub: 1258 kb
Size Djvu: 1657 kb
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Detective Inspector Jack Frost, Denton Division, is not beloved by his superiors. Wingfield was not a very prolific writer. He wrote only six marvelous books in this extraordinary series.

Detective Inspector Jack Frost, Denton Division, is not beloved by his superiors. That is probably the reason for their quality.

Rodney David Wingfield (6 June 1928 – 31 July 2007) was an English author and radio dramatist. He is best remembered for creating the character of Detective Inspector Jack Frost, who was later played by Sir David Jason in A Touch of Frost. Rodney David Wingfield was born in Hackney, east London in 1928. He was educated at the Coopers' Company School and during the Second World War was evacuated to Frome, Somerset.

Hard Frost By R D Wingfield Back Cover: CRIME PICK OF THE YEAR. Enter Detective Inspector Jack Frost, scruffy and insubordinate, foul-mouthed, intuitive and fearless. DARKER, FUNNIER AND MORE VIOLENT THAN THE TELEVISION ADAPTATION, BUT JUST AS HIGH QUALITY' Mike Ripley, Daily. The next problem for the understaffed Denton force is the abduction of Carol Stanfield, a fifteen-year-old who's found naked by the roadside, her father having paid a ransom.

Hard Frost djf-4 (DI Jack Frost R D Wingfield. Year Published: 1992. Welcome to Gray City. The free online library containing 450000+ books. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Year Published: 2005. Year Published: 1991. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

Hard Frost ( DI Jack Frost - 4 ) R. D. Wingfield R. Wingfield Hard Frost One Hallowe'en, 31 October A lone sky rocket clawed its way up to the night sky, scrabbled. One. Hallowe'en, 31 October. A lone sky rocket clawed its way up to the night sky, scrabbled feebly as it started to lose height, then burst into a cluster of green puff-balls. PC Mike Packer, twenty years old, barely gave it a glance as he turned the corner into Markham Street. This was his first night out on the beat on his own and he had other things on his mind. He patted the radio in his top pocket, reassured he could call for help if he needed it.

Jack Frost, scruffy and insubordinate, foul-mouthed and fearless, staggers from crisis to crisis, his bumbling modus . After a successful career writing for radio, . Wingfield turned his attention to fiction and created the character of .

Jack Frost, scruffy and insubordinate, foul-mouthed and fearless, staggers from crisis to crisis, his bumbling modus operandi disguising his extraordinary powers of detection. Jack Frost, who has featured in the titles A Touch of Frost, Frost at Christmas, Night Frost, Hard Frost, Winter Frost and A Killing Frost. The series has been adapted for television as the perennially popular A Touch of Frost starring David Jason. Wingfield died in 2007. Библиографические данные.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. Hard Frost - R. Wingfield. Wingfield R D - Jack Frost 01 - Frost at Christmas . Wingfield R D. 507 Kb. Winter Frost - R. 478 Kb. #90.

D. Wingfield errific response from people convinced they had seen Bobby. None of the leads seemed very hopeful, but all would have to be followed up. In the same TV bulletin, a photograph of the dead boy was shown with a statement that the police were anxious to identify him. No mention was made of the fact that he was dead, nor that there might be a connection with Bobby.

Wingfield R . D Wingfield A Killing Frost Prologue A blinding flash of lightning . All her clothes seem to be there – and her bank book. D Wingfield A Killing Frost Prologue A blinding flash of lightning etched the trees in sharp relief against the night sky, followed almost instantly by a rumble of thunder overhead which seemed to make the ground shake. Heavy stinging rain drummed down. The man sheltering under the oak tree, his raincoat soaked through, cursed his luck for venturing out on such a lousy night just to take the flaming dog for a walk. Detective Inspector Jack Frost, maroon scarf dangling from his neck, pushed past Simms and made his way up the passage.

Detective Inspector Jack Frost, Denton Division,  is not beloved by his superiors. In fact, he's  something of a pain in the brass: unkempt and unruly,  with a taste for crude humor and a tendency to cut  corners. They'd like nothing better than to bounce  him from the department. The only problem is,  Frost's the one D.I. who, by hook  or by crook, always seems to find a way to get the  job done. It's a high price to pay for a pak of  smokes when Frost interrupts his vacation to filch  some of Commander Mullett's cigarettes and finds  himself pressed into emergency duty. Denton Division  is shorthanded after a car crash involving several  tipsy high-ranking cops, and on Guy Fawkes night  there's more mischief abroad than just a few  children making the rounds begging for pennies and  lighting firecrackers. In the next few days, Frost will  deal with a parade of miscreants, including a  blackmailer, a shifty businessman, a not-so-greiving  widow, a sexual pervert or two, a crazed housewife,  and a cold-blooded kidnapper. The clock is  ticking, and Frost is perilously short of clues...


R.D.Wingfield was not a very prolific writer. He wrote only six marvelous books in this extraordinary series. That is probably the reason for their quality. He wrote when he felt like it, not with the pressure from the publisher. "Hard Frost", is as good if not better then the first four. Drab, depressing Denton( fortunately it doesn't exist), horribly understaffed police station, plethora of complex crimes, hard working policemen and women( except the utter and complete idiot Det. Superintendant Mullett), and scruffy, foul-mouthed Inspector Frost. Clumsy, disorganized, but somehow immensly successful, detective. Just reading about his fatigue and long hours, makes me feel exausted. Only one left in a series. What a heartbreak!!!
I became acquainted with Inspector Frost,through his contemporaries
Insp. Morse and Lewis. There is more of the dark humor of the police officer, many cases are handled .. He also comes across in the book, more harsh and abrasive,
then his character I have seen on Masterpiece Mysteries.
Wingfield presents the darker side of British Crime. and weaves a good story. I have bought several of the Frost books so far
and will continue to read them,.
DI Jack Frost is at it again. He is sloppy, outspoken, unambitious and a general pain to his boss. Unfortunately, for them, he always solves the crime. In this book, he is on vacation, but a slip back into the station call him into service. His boss and several other high ranking officers have been involved in a car crash. Yes, there had been drinking. Yes, there is a cover-up. Still Frost is left to clear up a blackmail plot and to arrest a pervert.
It's a complex plot with multiple crimes under investigation, lots of plot twists, and is hard to put down. Characterization and wit both make it engaging. Wingfield is, above all, an accomplished storyteller. It is another of the Jack Frost mysteries - a Detective Inspector in Denton, England.
I have now read all six of the Frost series. I just loved them and hated to finish. Each book is really of series of crime stories pulled together and finally resolved by the overworked, unkempt and unruly but canny detective inspector Frost in inhospitable weather, hence the titles. Christmas Frost is really the first of the series; after that, or even though that, the order really makes no difference.
Jack Frost is a little different to the one on TV - he is definitely more hygienic on TV - but it is uncanny how an unorthodox, disorganised, totally beyond help detective always seems to catch the bad guy when all the others can't.
I have always thought the TV series was good but the books are even better. I honestly couldn't put it down once I started reading it - in fact I read three Frost books one after the other and was thoroughly exhausted! It is such a pleasure to find an author who is so "un-put-downable". And such a shame to know that there won't be any more.
I've gotten hooked on Wingfield and his Jack Frost books. Once I start one of the Frost books I am unable to put it down, and then anxiously waiting for the next in the series.

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