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by Mickey Spillane

Download The Mike Hammer Omnibus: v. 2 fb2, epub

ISBN: 0749006307
Author: Mickey Spillane
Language: English
Publisher: Allison & Busby (February 10, 2003)
Pages: 518
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Unfathomable
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 364
Size Fb2: 1111 kb
Size ePub: 1817 kb
Size Djvu: 1842 kb
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The Mike Hammer Omnibus book. MIKE HAMMER-Spillane's ultimate creation, the original no-holds-barred private eye who became homicide's hottest anti-hero.

The Mike Hammer Omnibus book. THE MIKE HAMMER COLLECTION, VOLUME 1-the first-ever trade anthology of Sp SEX AND VIOLENCE. Mickey Spillane, the tough-as-nails, bestselling publishing phenomenon knew what readers wanted times three.

Mickey Spillane was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1918. Anyway, 'One Lonely Night' is a curious tale and is quite violent

Mickey Spillane was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1918. After World War II, Spillane converted an unsold comic-book project - "Mike Danger, Private Eye" - into a hard-hitting, sexy novel. The Mike Hammer series went on to sell in its millions and Kiss Me, Deadly became the first private eye novel to make the New York Times bestseller list. Anyway, 'One Lonely Night' is a curious tale and is quite violent. This was the first Mike Hammer book I read and I was surprised how much of a thug he was. But still, I liked it. 'The Big Kill' was better and so was 'Kiss Me, Deadly'.

This work includes three novels: "One Lonely Night"; "The Big Kill"; and, "Kiss Me, Deadly". The public liked him - enough to make him one of the bestselling novelists of all time. Not just because he was good, but because he was the best. What's more, he was the first.

Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer may refer to: Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (1958 TV series), starring Darren McGavin. Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (1984 TV series), starring Stacy Keach. Mike Hammer, the detective character created by Mickey Spillane. Michael Hammer (disambiguation).

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. The Mike Hammer Collection: Volume 3. Mickey Spillane, Max Allan Collins. The Mike Hammer Omnibus Volume 1. Spillane Mickey. 356 Kb. The Mike Hammer Omnibus Volume 2.

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Listen to books in audio format. The course of true love never did run smooth for PI Mike Hammer. Mickey Spillane's larger-than-life lawman Caleb York is back-in the latest tough-as-nails Western novel from New York Times bestselling author Max Allan Collins. This time Caleb may be outnumbered. His secretary and partner Velda has walked out on him without explanation, and Mike is just surfacing from a four-month bender.

Mickey Spillane said 'If the public likes you, you're good.' The public liked him - enough to make him one of the bestselling novelists of all time. Not just because he was good, but because he was the best. What's more, he was the first. Mickey Spillane's classic Mike Hammer detective novels may have appalled intellectuals and outraged moralists, but beneath the feverish prose, beyond the raw explosion of sex and violence, Spillane wrote honestly, simply, astonishingly about loyalty. And betrayal. Collected here for the first time are three of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer novels that really deliver the goods, one shade blacker than noir - stories that begin in the gutter and go down from there. Here is a world where the only crime is getting caught, where justice can be bought for the price of a beer, and where corruption lies around every corner. This is Mike Hammer's world. Welcome to it...and watch out.


Mickey Spillane tapped into the post-war psyche of American men with detective stories that were filled with gratuitous sex and violence. I, the Jury created the genre of the hard-boiled detective, and Spillane's books sold 250 million copies. The plots are melodramatic, the characters stereotypes and wooden, and the writing style so cynical and spare it is at times a parody of itself. Critics and English majors hated these books; Hollywood loved them because they are essentially comic books for adults (like most movies) and very filmable. This is not an accident; Spillane was in fact first employed as a writer of action comic books before launching his career as a crime writer. His books are verbal versions of same.

Today, these stories seem very dated, misogynistic, simple-minded, and politically incorrect. That is also their enduring appeal. As literature, they are far inferior to the detective stories of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler and most modern practitioners of the genre . But Spillane fans don't mind. They like the dark, dangerous, gritty, bloody, vulgar, sexually-raw world of non-stop action Spillane described and made his own. His stories capture an aspect of late 1940s and early 1950s culture, and their high-voltage action still resonates with indiscriminate readers. They are not my cup of tea, and Spillane made fun of them himself. But he laughed all the way to the bank.
I began reading Mickey Spillanes' books back in 1952. I was in the Air Force then and everybody was talking about Mike Hammer one helluva hero. The first one I read was the first listed here, "I, The Jury." I couldn't wait to read the next. Now here in 2016 I've read them again and they are brand new to me. He's a tough hard fighting SOB who loves what he's doing because he can kill criminals all nice and legal. And he does his fair number of slayings and relishes every one of them, too. If you haven't been able to figure out the ending when he does hit the final sentence of the book (and don't peek) you'll enjoy the surprise. I'm glad that I have rediscovered Mickey Spillane.
Three of Mickey Spillane's best-selling "Mike Hammer" novels in one volume: Includes: I, the Jury, My Gun is Quick, and Vengeance is Mine!

People who don't like Mickey Spillane's writing find Mike Hammer homophobic, misogynistic and cruel Those who do, concede those points but find his terse style and occasional flashes of sympathy very much in the American grain. Here's a good place to make up your mind.
It had been more than forty five years since I first read these first three Mike Hammer detective novels by Mickey Spillane. As a long time fan of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer series, I was happy they have put nine of Spillane's novels into three volume sets. Even though I had read all the Mickey Spillane's novels many years ago, I decided to again visit these great detective stories when they came out in these volume sets.

This volume (#1) has I, The Jury, My Gun is Quick and Vengeance is Mine. It has been more than forty five years since I first read these great detective stories. However, reading them a second time I enjoyed them even more. The hard-boiled and gritty Mike Hammer series is a real throw-back to the great early detective novels. With our politically correct society today, the kind of old style detectives like Mike Hammer would probably be out of place. However, this is exactly why I throughly enjoyed again reading these Mickey Spillane's novels. The first novel, "I, The Jury" opens with Mike investigating the murder of one of his best friends from the service. The second novel, "My Gun is Quick" is also an action packed tale. The third novel, "Vengeance is Mine" is probably the most fast paced and action packed book of this three-book series.

In conclusion, if you are an old timer who has read Mike Hammer books in the past, you will enjoy this three-book series. If you have never read any of the Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer books, you are in for a treat. This detective will leave an impression on you. In my opinion, the late Mickey Spillane is one of the best detective story writers in American History.

Rating: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Use of the Monadnock Straight Baton (MEB) )
I quite liked the TV-series with Stacy Keach portraying Mike Hammer. At least the first batch. When he came back for a second batch it went downhill. Anyway, I though I should read at least a few of these, now classic, books so I bought myself volume one of The Mike Hammer Collection on kindle.

It is quite a bit a change of pace from my usual reading. No high-tech, no magic, no monsters, no spaceships etc… Well, it was a fun read nonetheless. The book was originally written 1947 so the language, especially the use of slang, is of course somewhat outdated.

Today it is difficult, at least for me, to understand why this book became the first of a whole string of bestsellers. Yes, it is not my top-favorite genre and it is the first book in the Mike Hammer series and the first book in a series can often be a bit of a practice exercise for the author. Still, the book is readworthy but not fantastic. To me it is a fairly standard crime novel and a rather predictable one at that.

One thing that I have to say that I do appreciate though is that the hero, although being quite a bit of a womanizer, does not jump into bed every five minutes with every good-looking chick he meets. Having said that, I suspect that in 1947 when the book was written, the behaviour of Mike Hammer was considered just as promiscuous, as jumping into bed left, right and center might be today.

Anyway, it was a fun book to read. The old-fashioned language and the equally old-fashioned behaviour of the hard-core and hard-hitting (in 1947 at least) Mike Hammer was indeed enjoyable. There are two more books left in the collection volume I got so I will read two more books in the series for sure. After that, well it remains to be seen if I pick up another volume or not.

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