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by Bernhard Dohrmann

Download Super Achiever Mindsets fb2, epub

ISBN: 1890465011
Author: Bernhard Dohrmann
Language: English
Publisher: Life Success Academy (December 10, 2003)
Pages: 247
Category: Success
Subcategory: Self-Help
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 718
Size Fb2: 1844 kb
Size ePub: 1149 kb
Size Djvu: 1684 kb
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Super Achiever Mindsets is a mental software upgrade that loads immediately.

CEO Space was founded by Bernhard Dohrmann, a fifth-generation San Franciscan and expert in income .

CEO Space was founded by Bernhard Dohrmann, a fifth-generation San Franciscan and expert in income acceleration training n the acclaimed movie, Tapping the Source, and is the subject of a movie that is being made about his life. The author of Diamond Heart, Money Magic, and Super Achievers Mindset, he is also the inventor of Super Teaching™, an accelerator learning hardware that enhances whole brain activity and supercharges a person’s ability to learn and to retain information

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Super Acheiver Mindsets by Bernhard Dohrmann You must MAKE the service or product. Super Acheiver Mindsets by Bernhard Dohrmann The Blessing is given in a circle meeting with team members holding hands. This exercise provides a HIGHLY ORGANIZED meeting flow. You must ADMINISTRATE the idea.

Super Achiever Mindsets is a mental software upgrade that loads immediately. It is a new virus removal tool for improved decision making, a book of Velocity Acceleration and Momentum for the mind - the latest publication from best selling author of Money Magic, Living Life as a Super Achiever, and Perfection "CAN" Be Had!


I'm not sure whether to recommend Dohrmann's Super Achiever Mindsets, or not. Dohrmann is the founder of a group called IBI ([...] and I have heard him speak on a couple of occasions. I was impressed with his speaking ability and enthusiasm, which is what lead me to get this book.

It was a major disappointment.

BJ Dorhmann is a much better speaker than he is a writer. I think part of the problem is that he attempts to write in exactly the same style as he speaks, which just doesn't come out very good. Another thing I noticed after I read the book, and went back and listened carefully to him speak again, is that he tends to speak in platitudes that are lacking in any real meaning, and he is prone to non sequitur. The faithful, of course, will insist that every word is deathless prose (and no doubt they will take issue with this review!)

This book, UNFORTUNATELY, is a HARD READ because of the pointless EMPHASIS (using CAPITAL letters just like that) that he SCATTERS at RANDOM throughout the FIRST 2/3rds of THE book. He doesn't even consistently write in complete grammatically-correct sentences until near the end, where he goes off on a political tangent that resembles some of the ramblings I've seen on "Trilateralist" conspiracy theories.
Anyone who likes Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino, and the Super Stars of philosophy will love BJ Dohrmann's books. The family helped found the city of San Francisco, CA; with the most interesting people coming by the house as BJ Dohrmann grew up. I envy the childhood, but have the next best thing in his books. I highly recommend anything written/said by BJ Dohrmann be paid close attention.
Zeus Wooden
This is easily the most badly written book I've read in years. Here is an example of one of the better parts -- a paragraph that begins at the bottom of page 174:

"Super Achievers believe that a free will demands eddies in the stream of creative conscious behavior; as all forms of creative endeavor struggle to flow back to an increasingly closer relationship to the creative source (in awareness). Awareness is a personal Gameboy that never runs low on batteries as you play your own game. Awareness is a one operator Gameboy. Each plays his own game and records his own score. It's more fun to play by those with similar scores. We call angels Super Achievers. The natural order is the most exciting of all games; we call this game Life."

If you want 236+ pages of that and worse, go ahead and read it.
I first met Mr. Dohrmann in 1996 and was inspired by his knowledge and his integrity in wanting to truly make a difference in the world. I purchased this book as soon as I heard it was available and was able to get Mr. Dohrmann to autograph my copy.

BJ is a man with a quest and his legacy will live on many years after he is gone. I will strongly suggest that those who have the opportunity to purchase this book do so. It will guide those who follow the principals offered to new heights of achievement.

Of course, this book is a threat to those who want to continue to have Americans living in need of government to take care of them and be their safety net in life. I am not sure if those who believe in safety nets have really thought about this, but nets have holes between every strand. With BJ's book people will be able to take charge of their own lives and have a future filled with abundance.

This is a book that certain political groups do not want you to read. Once you acquire this book and start to use the principals within and learn to become a part of an ever growing circle of entrepreneurs, investors, and thousands of other people whose goal is to help dreams become a reality you will be able to break free of want and live in the law of abundance.
All I can say is about 30 minutes into the book i have no idea what I'm reading other than his experiences he's had... big deal.. book is now in the garbage..
BJ Dohrmann has captured what it takes to be a Super Achiever. He has taught us the secrets to super achieve and to be our best.

BJ Dohrmann knows his stuff.

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