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Download Impulse: Faces of Evil (Volume 2) fb2, epub

by Kendel Flaum,Debra Webb

Download Impulse: Faces of Evil (Volume 2) fb2, epub

ISBN: 0615599362
Author: Kendel Flaum,Debra Webb
Language: English
Publisher: Pink House Press (February 14, 2012)
Pages: 326
Category: Romantic Suspense
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 464
Size Fb2: 1565 kb
Size ePub: 1922 kb
Size Djvu: 1398 kb
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Praise for Debra Webb: ‘Webb keeps the suspense teasingly taut, dropping clues and red herrings one after another on her way to a chilling conclusion’ Publishers Weekly. Fast-paced, action-packed suspense, the way romantic suspense is supposed to be. Webb crafts a tight plot, a kick-butt heroine, a sexy hero with a past and a mystery as dark as the black water at night’ Romantic Times. Romantic suspense at its best’ New York Times bestselling author Erica Spindler.

Praise for Debra Webb: ‘Webb keeps the suspense teasingly taut, dropping clues and red herrings one after another on her way to a chilling conclusion’ Publishers Weekly.

The Faces of Evil Series: Book 2 Her nightmare isn't over yet. The Player is a master in the art of torture and murder. No one had ever gotten close to capturing him until Special Agent Jess Harris targeted him with her relentless determination. Jess's actions may have cost her a job with the bureau.

The second novel in Debra Webb's internationally bestselling FACES OF EVIL series, for fans of Karen Rose, Katia Lief and Mary Burton. Shades of Death Series Volume 1. Debra Webb. Special Agent Jess Harris is the only person to have come close to The Player, a terrifying serial killer. Books related to Impulse (The Faces of Evil 2). Skip this list. The Dying Room: A Faces of Evil Novel.

Debra Webb, born in Alabama, wrote her first story at age nine and her first romance at thirteen. It wasn't until she spent three years working for the military behind the Iron Curtain-and did a five-year stint with NASA-that she realized her true calling. She set a collision course between suspense and romance.

Impulse, book two in Debra Webb’s Faces of Evil series, picks up immediately where Obsession leaves off. Detective Lori Wells has been kidnapped by someone whose methods resemble that of The Player, only much less precise

Impulse, book two in Debra Webb’s Faces of Evil series, picks up immediately where Obsession leaves off. Detective Lori Wells has been kidnapped by someone whose methods resemble that of The Player, only much less precise. Previously the hallmark of the Player was that he left no evidence of his crimes.

Three BPD cruisers sat at the curb, sirens silent, lights dark. Jess Harris stood next to Chief Dan Burnett’s SUV as she scanned the neighborhood. Jess Harris stood next to Chief Dan Burnett’s SUV as she scanned the neighborhood iet street. The Five Points address guaranteed an eclectic mix of residents and homes. In all probability there were a few retirees who’d lived here since the first houses were built in the 50’s, along with the recent influx of young professionals just launching their careers. Hopefully some of the retirees had been home and perhaps saw something useful.

Faces of Evil" is a January, 2009 event involving specific issues highlighting the Villains of the DC Universe, the only connecting theme being the cover art. Faces of Evil issues showcase villains who will be particularly influential to . . Faces of Evil issues showcase villains who will be particularly influential to various different characters throughout the year of 2009

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The Faces of Evil series is back with another pulse-pounding story from national bestseller Debra Webb. He will stop at nothing to have what he wants… This time he’s in Birmingham…the killer who devastated Special Agent Jess Harris’ career. And he is far from finished with her. No one has been able to touch him until now… The Player has mastered the art of torture and murder. No one has ever gotten close until Jess touched him with her powerful insight and relentless determination. He will have his vengeance…but first he will make Jess pay in ways she never imagined. But is vengeance all he wants…? The first victim is Jess’s friend and he won’t stop there. With each new victim Jess grows closer and closer to the realization that the only way to stop the Player is to give him what he wants—and he wants her. Just how much will Jess be willing to risk…? Chief of Police Dan Burnett is determined to give Jess her life back and to protect her. With an offer of deputy chief of a new division on the table, can Jess risk staying in her hometown and putting those around her in more danger? But can she walk away in order to protect everyone she loves, including the man who wants her back in his arms? A single impulse will determine who survives the final game…


A good continuation of the series picking up right where book 1 ends. In a race against time, Jess works to solve the mystery of who's kidnapping, torturing, & killing people whose lives she's touched. Is it Spears or a copycat serial killer? Why is he obsessed with Jess? At the same time, evidence is mounting that Jess has gone off the deep end. Who is setting her up? An intense, gruesome read with some twists & turns - some of which I figured out before hand. I enjoyed the relationship development between Jess & Burnett and look forward to seeing what happens in the next book. A good, solid romance/suspense story!
“Did you know all that blood rushing through my veins at this very moment is teeming with the urge to watch you die?”

4.0+ RATING- Impulse is the second book in the Faces of Evil series and should be read after reading Obsession, book one. While it could work as a stand-alone, significant parts of the backstory would be missed and for overall enjoyment and understanding, Obsession and Impulse should be read together.

Impulse starts immediately where Obsession ends. The events in both books cover a very short amount a time, approximately a week. While the suspense/thriller storyline in Obsession was more creepy, I thought the story in Impulse was more violent and one part, although short, was very gruesome.

“Ah… so you’re ready to play, are you?”

His singular motive is pleasure. Jess’s voice whispered in her ears. The only way he can feel it is by torturing his victims in the most depraved ways.

“Yes.” Lori moistened her lips, wrestled back the fear. “I’m ready to play.”

Debra Webb writes a great suspenseful story and I really enjoy her characters. I love that the main characters that are women are strong and capable. I also like that Jess and Dan are older, both in their fourties, and definitely not perfect. Her use of alternating points of view works well too. The only disappointment I have is with the romance part of the story. I admit, I like my books, even my romantic suspense stories, pretty hot. I enjoy the steam, the details, all of it. While I really appreciate the chance to understand the complexities between Jess and Dan's relationship, the past hurts, and the current obstacles, I miss the heat! The suspense portion of the story has been so strong, and the author is a great writer, it's disappointment to the romance lover in me that there's just not many sexy bits. That being said, I have really enjoyed the prequel and the first two books in this series and plan to continue with it. I look forward to seeing what happens next with these characters and this villain.

“When the lungs are deprived of oxygen, do you know how long it takes for a woman of your age and physical condition to lose consciousness and subsequently expire?”

Her body tensed, but she refused to allow him to see any other reaction to the threat.

He waited a moment. When she didn’t answer , he sighed. “I suppose not.”

His hand closed over her mouth and nose.
Fear ignited.

“Let’s find out.”

Overall, another great read. I loved the suspense, missed the heat, but am looking forward to reading more. Debra Webb is definitely an author that I'm sticking with and I'm really happy I took the time to start this series. While I recommend book one and two be read together (and the prequel if possible, although not necessary), book two seems like a good place to stop since all major plot lines not related to "The Player" have been resolved
Alright, I said in `Obsession's' review that I can just imagine what awaits me if this book (#1) was anything to go by. I don't need to imagine anymore. The suspense factor in `Impulse' just went up, not one, but a few notches. For goodness' sakes, how much more of this can I take? HeHe. I am barely awake in the morning and yet I find myself weaving down the passage, Kindle in hand, ready to have my first cup of coffee and read at least 10 pages. Of course, this totally goes out the window as I end up reading way more than originally planned. Won't even refer to my nails in this review - there aren't any left! Yep, forgot the gloves. The build up in `Impulse' was so tense, I thought my neck would snap. To use two words from the author on how I felt, here goes: `holy guacamole'! This is 2nd book in the `Faces of Evil' series and it did not disappoint. In fact, it sends you on a rollercoaster ride of note.

`Impulse' continues from `Obsession' where Jess, Dan and the BPD put a pair of mentally disturbed and disgusting parents behind bars, yet the most elusive one and the one Jess is so desperately trying to get her hands on (or around his neck) is still roaming around continuing his despicable evil. You will know after reading `Obsession' that it ended with Detective Lori Wells being kidnapped by Eric Spears aka the Player. She's adamant that it is Spears. The Bureau seems to think otherwise and trouble is waiting just around the corner. It seems that her home office wall was plastered with photos of Spears and in some cases, her face cut and pasted next to his along with a personal message, `Why did you leave me Jess'? Supervisory Special Agent Ralph Gant, her boss from Quantico, whom Jess thought she knew pretty well, as they've worked together for about 10 years, is somehow convinced that there is more to Jess' involvement with Spears than she's letting on. To further enrage her, the anonymous emails she received from the perp, were found to be sent from her home. Jess is past angry and horrified that the very people she's worked so hard for, seem to be on Spears' side. The inevitable investigation into her `state of mind' is a given. Gant suggested she'd had a meltdown and threatened to take her into custody if she continued to be involved with the BPD investigation.

Dan has no choice but take Jess off the case - at least for appearances sakes, no need to jeopardise everyone's career. She will still be informed of everything and anything that concerns Spears/Player. Rumours relating to their relationship are rife with insinuations that the reason she got the job as Chief is due to the fact that there's still something going on between them and making it worse is that Dan has moved her into his house for her protection, even though she warned him against this. What else can go wrong? Because of her, Detective Wells, realtor Belinda Howard and an FBI agent have been kidnapped consecutively with horrific consequences. Spears/Player is so manically twisted that when I read these particular scenes, I felt sick. The one involving Jess, Dan and Lori Wells is so suspenseful; I clearly saw it playing out in my head.

Without saying too much, you have no choice but to be dragged along for this ride wanting Spears/Player to be caught and wishing you could be there to hand him your own punishment. I will say though that Jess starts having doubts as to whether this is really Spears/Player. What they've observed from evidence collected from his victims is that it's sloppy work with one of these victims being left alive. Nobody ever makes it out alive and Spears is anything but sloppy. Could Jess have been that wrong in her assessment of Spears? Could someone else be involved? She needs to be in top form and play his game, only better, as her family, Dan, in fact anyone around her, is in imminent danger. She can't afford to doubt herself, but, is it or isn't it him? I don't know. Well, I do actually, but I'm not telling. :D GAME ON.

Jess and Dan's relationship, as mentioned previously, continues forward but is by no means resolved. What I like about this series so far is not only the way it's so well written, gripping, suspenseful, nail biting and thrilling, it's that issues will ultimately be resolved whether they re-connect on that particular level or just remain friends is yet to be seen, but it will be (I believe) spread over time throughout the series and not within one night.

Phew, my nerves are shattered! Even so, I am so looking forward to the third book in this series, called `Power' due out in February. To follow will be `Rage' in May and `Revenge' in June. Meanwhile, I'll be sure to keep looking over my shoulder ;)


"Jessie Lee Harris was here to stay and she would stop this evil.

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