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Download Lady Scandal (A Zebra Regency Romance) fb2, epub

by Shannon Donnelly

Download Lady Scandal (A Zebra Regency Romance) fb2, epub

ISBN: 0821779273
Author: Shannon Donnelly
Language: English
Publisher: Zebra Books (2004)
Category: Regency
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 693
Size Fb2: 1611 kb
Size ePub: 1961 kb
Size Djvu: 1611 kb
Other formats: azw docx docx mbr

Don’t miss LADY SCANDAL. Shannon Donnelly will heat up your summer reading with her latest book. Shannon Donnelly's work has won numerous awards including the Laurel Wreath and the Winter Rose

Don’t miss LADY SCANDAL. you will absolutely love this book. com, Barbara R. Hume. Shannon Donnelly's work has won numerous awards including the Laurel Wreath and the Winter Rose. She's a past finalist in the RITA for Best Regency, and won the Grand Prize in the "Minute Maid Sensational Romance Writer" contest, judged by Nora Roberts.

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Tangled lie. nd even more tangled hearts.

Warning: This is an edgy SF/Paranormal Romance-meaning characters who curse (a lot), and sex. On the other side of the Rift-the blackness that separates dimensional realities-a world exists, but just barely. Edge Walkers-things made of energy that feed off electrical impulses-have feed too long off this world. sure to captivate readers. - Romantic Times Bookclub, Robin Taylor Don’t miss LADY SCANDAL. Tangled lie.

Boot heels clattered on cobblestones, men shouted, and dark forms loomed in the shadowed night. Alexandria glanced at Diana. The girl shook her head, as unwilling to leave. There was no further time to hesitate-or to flee. Paxten lunged at the first soldier who reached them. Alexandria choked back a cry, but Paxten grabbed hold of the man's musket with one hand, jerked hard, and caught the man a blow with his other arm. The solider went down with a grunt, and Paxten swung the musket up and around like a club at the.

You can’t throw a stone in the historical romance category without hitting a regency romance novel. There are, at a conservative estimate, approximately 85 million regency books at any given period. More come out practically every day; it’s by far the most popular historical sub-genre. Officially it occupies only the narrow slot between 1811 and 1820, when King George IV was Prince Regent. Enterprising authors have, however, managed to make it stretch from roughly 1800 to the 1830s (until Victoria comes along in 1837). Below is a selection of 15 of the best regency romance novels, which range.

Don’t miss LADY SCANDAL. RITA Finalist, Best Regency Romance Winner Laurel Wreath Beacon Finalist Golden Quill Finalist. If you have a love fo. esourceful heroes and heroine. nd for enduring romanc. ou will absolutely love this book. It will warm your heart and make you smile.

Shannon Donnelly (b. March 15 CA) is an award-winning author of children’s books, romance novels, video games, and non-fiction books. Donnelly’s writing has won numerous awards, including finalist for Best Regency Romance in Romance Writers of America's RITA and RWA's Golden Heart

by. Shannon Donnelly.

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Shannon Hale Shannon Hale.

Little knowing how valuable her aunt's strange knowledge would prove to be when she grew older. Miri lives on a mountain where, for generations, her ancestors have quarried stone and lived a simple life. Decked out in empire-waist gowns, Jane struggles to master Regency etiquette and flirts with gardeners and gentlemen;or maybe even, she suspects, with the actors who are playing them. It's all a game, Jane knows.


I wanted to like this book. Really, I did. I've read many of Shannon Donnelly's other Regencies (Proper Conduct is one of my all times favorites), and I wanted ever so much to settle down into another of her deftly-plotted, character-driven, and lushly romantic stories. Alas, that was not to be.

First things first, I found it next to impossible to connect with the characters. Alexandria is an older heroine, especially for a Regency, and, while I'm not opposed to older heroines, I'm not used to the heroine being so much older than I am. I could have easily gotten past that though, if I had actually liked her personality, or if she had really had one. She seemed very bland and inconsistent--waffling between screechy, uptight, and laissez faire with little justification for why she was which in a given scene. Not to mention, she came across as extremely weak-willed. Throughout the story, she seems simply buffeted along by whatever forces come her way, and virtually never successfully stands up to anyone.

Paxten, the "hero" of this tale, was worse. Far worse. I don't know if I've ever disliked a Regency hero more. He is introduced to us as he escapes a married woman's bed and things just go downhill from there. Paxten carries a huge chip on his shoulder because of his past with Alexandria in which Alexandria refuses to leave her husband and run away with him to France. In his mind, this is absolutely unforgivable. Never mind that such an act would be the complete social ruination of a Regency-era lady. Never mind that Alexandria is mainly motivated by trying to protect her school-age son's social standing, not her own. Never mind that Alexandria's husband (who is neither cruel nor abusive nor anything deserving of such a cruelty but bland and sexually uninterested in her) denies her a divorce--smart, since that would have socially ruined *him* as well--and she is not likely to obtain one without his agreement. Never mind that Paxten would have had no means to support Alexandria and her son. Never mind that Paxten knew full well that she was married when he met her and should have known better. No, it's completely Alexandria's fault for not coming with him.
Paxten initially wants to punish Alexandria by making her fall in love with him and then leaving. Naturally, he falls back in love himself and his plans change. But although he comes to forgive Alexandria for not coming with him, he never once recognizes that it was wrong of him to ask her to come in the first place. His only point of compromise on the issue is to admit he was wrong not to come back after Alexandria's husband died. Other than that, it is Alexandria who has to make the rest of the concessions.

Not only is Paxten a cad and Alexandria bland, but the romance between them relied much too heavily on reminiscing about the past and sensual interludes between the two. It is not enough that the leads have history and that they be attracted to each other. Their personalities have to drawn them to each other in a special way, and I felt that component was entirely missing from this work. The question of what exactly they saw in each other was never really answered.

The plot seemed oddly meandering with little purpose, and very little sense of danger despite the ostensibly dire circumstances. The resolution, when it finally came, seemed rather sudden and jarring, as if the author realized she had to wrap up the story in a hurry. The plot also seemed to rely on all characters, especially the English ladies, making a series of poor decisions. Among these poor decisions (although of a different kind), are Alexandria's abysmal chaperoning of her young, impressionable niece. While I can understand her decision to shelter Paxten, once that duty is done, it is NOT a good idea to travel alone with such a known rogue. Nor is it in anyway appropriate to passionately kiss him in front of your charge, share with her the information that you were cheating on your husband with him, or share a bed (whether chastely or not) with him. This is just plain common sense.

The secondary narration was distracting and the secondary couple really goes nowhere, since there is nowhere for it to go beyond "she's beautiful/he's dashing" (and honorable, apparently, since he's a soldier and not totally bloodthirsty). I will say that Diana's section didn't bother me too much because she was a welcome relief from Alexandria's wishy-washy regretfulness and since her sections actually did advance the main plot and provide perspective on the main characters. Captain Taliaris, by contrast, has little more to do than fill in chunks of exposition that Donnelly couldn't find a cleverer way to work in. The occasional use of narrators other than Diana or Taliaris is just inexcusable.

Ultimately, I was severely disappointed in this purchase. The writing, characters, and plot were so sub-par for this writer that I actually began to wonder if this was her first book. After finishing it, I was surprised to learn it was her last. A product of editorial indulgence for a successful author? I can't say. What I can say is that Lady Scandal is not at all typical of Shannon Donnelly's work... and far from her best.
The good: liked the three main characters, they were well defined, liked the premise. I also liked the side story with Diana and the French soldier. That is the better part of this book. It was well edited, no glaring grammar errors.

The bad: It just wasn't carried out well. The writing style was too long winded, and the story was all over the place. I never got why they fell in love. Also, the story began by just jumping in midway through and the back tracking. The author tried to fill in their back story with fake memories for the reader, but it just didn't work. I felt no sympathy for them. She was a married woman with a son, unhappy with her elderly husband. He was single, but knew she was married when he met her. By the time this story picks up, its years later. There was an epilogue, but it told me nothing.

Overall: It was too flat for a long book. Should have been a novella. This is forgettable, not something I will keep on my kindle. I might look to see if Diana's story is available, but wouldn't read anything else by this author.
Alexandria and her nice Diana are in Paris about to leave France and go back to their native England. As war erupts between the two countries, French soldiers are ordered to arrest all english citizens, forcing the ladies to flee into the night.

Meanwhile, Paxten, an old lover of Alexandria, is caught in a general's wife bed and is also running for his life.

The plot of course brings them together and so begin a long travel, by carriage, horse, cart and foot to reach one of the french ports and the possibility of crossing to safety.

For all the action, I found the story bland. Maybe it lacked a sense of danger, with the two heros concentrating on their past, and their feelings, and what they should have done, or said, instead of the present and Diane treating the whole thing as an fun adventure.

They are some curious notions, not quite in tune with the Regency Period. For example, both Alexandria and Paxten acted as if Alexandria's past decision had been a bad one when, actually, in this era, I don't believe she had much of a choice and therefore, need not apologize or even think twice about it. And the idea of being freed by not having dresses, fine houses and parties and being shoeless, half starved and with soldiers trying to capture you was nonsensical.

I give it three and a half stars.
Take two old flames, allow them to mature, have them meet again during challenging times, and you have a plot! I'm not sure that I liked that the heroine and hero were once in love while the heroine was married, but by the time the novel takes place, she's a widow accompanying her niece on a tour of the continent. They get caught up in a resumption of the Napoleonic wars and have to flee. Coincidentally, the hero has been wounded and is trying to sneak out of Paris as well. They converge in a carriage at the city gates and must stay just a few steps ahead of French soldiers. The niece is protective of her aunt.
It's a nice setup but trying to figure out the past romance is difficult and thus deprives the reader of insight into what motivates these characters.
War has been declared and now Lady Alexandria is tasked with getting herself and her niece, Diana, out of enemy territory. It just so happens Andria's long lost love, Paxten Marsett, is also fleeing the authorities. They team up together to make a run for the coast. Since she's an older woman, Alexandria has more brains and experience than you usually get in a historical romance. I liked her, I liked Diana, and I appreciated the lovers has been separated for legitimate reasons and not the tired old Big Misunderstanding.
How does one resist a book with this title? I very much enjoyed the characters. Trying to find their
Way back to each other after so many years. Story progressed well, with a HEA.
I am looking forward to reading Diana's story. I
Would recommend this book to anyone that
loves Regency Romance.

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