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by Penny Jordan

Download Hard Man fb2, epub

ISBN: 0263109429
Author: Penny Jordan
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon (October 11, 1985)
Pages: 192
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 732
Size Fb2: 1650 kb
Size ePub: 1504 kb
Size Djvu: 1520 kb
Other formats: rtf doc lit mobi

She had learned the hard way that men were not to be trusted. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device.

The Crighton family has been the cause of scandal and heartache for Bobbie Miller–and she wants revenge. All she has to do is seduce the sinfully attractive Luke Crighton and the family secrets will be hers to expose. But the perfect seduction backfires when Bobbie becomes ensnared in her own dangerous trap. Follow the turbulent lives of the Crighton family in this dramatic sequel to A Perfect Family. She had learned the hard way that men were not to be trusted. And Daniel Geshard’s line of business attracted the worst of deceivers.

Penny Jordan’s The Hard Man was a hard book to read. LOL IT'S called "the hard man" by someone called jordan penny. I don’t really know how to feel about that.

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Sure, it's contrived and doesn't have much footing in reality, but if you're looking for some light reading, this is a good choice. Nicola was so sickened by her behavior that night long ago that she shunned any further attention of any man that might be interested in her. But she soon finds that she can't quite squelch the feelings that Matt seems to ignite in her and this worries her more. Matthew and Nicola were a greatly matched h/H neither one more dominant than the other. 2 people found this helpful.

Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13: 9780373108978.

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Hard Man (Mills & Boon Romance). The Reluctant Surrender Penny Jordan (Modern)

Hard Man (Mills & Boon Romance). 106 Pages·1985·926 KB·4,186 Downloads·New!. A Reason For Marriage (Harlequin Presents, No 1041). The Reluctant Surrender Penny Jordan (Modern). Saul Parenti always demands the best.

Penny Jordan is an award-winning New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of more than 200 books with sales of over 100 million . Best of Penny Jordan: Falcon's Prey, Tiger Man (1986).

Penny Jordan is an award-winning New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of more than 200 books with sales of over 100 million copies. Desire for Revenge (1985). Capable of Feeling (1986). Penny Jordan Omnibus: Shadow Marriage, Man-hater, Passionate Protection (1992).


I don't want to hate it, but . . . well it did have some good parts but the H just bugs me and so does the h for that matter.

Vicky was date raped when she was 18 and she got to walk away w/ twins. Later she married a widowed family friend in a MOC who later dies and leaves behind his 5 year old child. Vicky meets up w/ Jay about 10 years after her rape. Jay, the H, comes to stay at Vicky's place for a couple of weeks (she needed the money) while working on a job in the area. Then of course Vicky and Jay slowly fall in love. Up until she discovers the truth of their past it was a good love story. He asked her to marry him and claims that he wasn't going to stampede her into anything - however he does later when he discovers the truth.

They go to Vicky's godfather's house and someone recognizes Jay from the party where Vicky was inducted into the you were in the wrong place and the wrong time hall of fame. . . . . dum-da-dum . . .

***SPOILERS*** and Jay was the one to introduce her to this!!! So he really seemed like a nice guy through most of the book and then we get this. She was a virgin and he was seeking revenge against another. Vicky had described incident as rather brutal, leaving her with bruises and aching for the next few days afterwards. Oh but the poor H had suffered over the years - how I don't know . . . guilt? Jay was well off and he didn't spend too much time worrying about this innocent girl, while that same girl was trying to raise three children on little to no money. One would think the first words out of his mouth would be an apology. Nope he NEVER apologized! He reasoned, blamed, explained, rationalized, but no apology . . . and I checked several times. He claims that he had looked for her but I don't think he looked too hard. He didn't want to draw unwarranted attention to her in that aspect, cop-out! He actually told her that she was in the "wrong place at the wrong time"! In all fairness - well . . . she was into it for a bit she went willingly to the other room but she got the feeling that he was using her so she changed her mind. "...using her body ruthlessly and uncaringly, not sharing the overwhelming attention she had felt for him at first sight but taking her because she was willing and he was in need. She had fought him then, but he had overwhelmed her, leaving her so abruptly after he had possessed her that her humiliation had increased tenfold." Jay makes no excuses for it. He basically says he didn't pay much attention to her that "you were a willing body when I needed something to assuage my pain." But she WASN'T "a willing body" she changed her mind and tried to fight him off but he didn't stop! ***END SPOILERS***

Then of course he blackmails her into marrying him by threatening to take the twins from her. Not sure how that would have played out though and Vicky didn't really question it either. Instead she gets all scared and gives in to what he wants. She does get in a few good pokes at him though:

***SPOILERS*** When he claims to have looked for her and she said what for (you) got a taste of rape and so you wanted to repeat the exercise, and when he comes back after she told him not to and she says she should've known as he never was a man who paid any attention to another's wishes when they differed from his own. ***END SPOILERS***

I can't even remember Jay claiming that he loved Vicky. IIRC he states that he could love her, but not in love w/ her. Of course, he wants Vicky to love him though! He also wants her as his wife and is prepared to force that upon her, and once she is over her shock she will be glad that he forced that issue. (IIRC this was the H's thinking) I'm thinking Vicky liked the sub role in this precursor to BDSM novels.
Weird story that dragged out pointlessly like life in the slow lane for bad drivers. Then boom, last couple of chapters went along these lines......

'Gave you a taste for rape did it?' 'What you did to me wasn't making love. It was brutal ... hateful.' A sour taste filled her mouth as she was back in the past, remembering her own terrified cries of denial when she finally realised what was happening
'I just came to tell you that after this I never want to set eyes on you again,' Vicky told him emotionlessly. She saw his mouth thin and stepped away from him'.

'Don't touch me, Jay, if you do I think I'll be sick.' Her composure broke as she threw at him bitterly. 'Have you any idea what it did to me to know what I'd done ... given myself to a man who used me like a whore, and all because I was too naive to realise exactly what the innocuous punch I was drinking really was?'

and then boom! there was another flurry of sex and a 30 second HEA of lame confessions how much they love each other. Author might be living in la-la land but readers don't.
From the back cover:

Jay was a threat to her way of life!

Vicky had worked for ten years to support her ten-year-old twins and a stepson, to hold on to the old home - her own needs unfulfilled in the struggle.

When she thought of the past it was with regret and a feeling of guilt for the foolishly casual yet devastating mistake that had led to her present situation.

Now Jay, a virtual stranger, had brought her to life again, reminded her forcefully that she was a woman. And Vicky was frightened - of caring for him, of needing and wanting him...

****Vicky's children are the product of date rape. Care to guess the name of the rapist? Yep, that's right: Jay. The 'charming' fellow rationalizes his criminal behavior because he was angry with another woman and happened to take it out on Vicky who was unwittingly drunk and extremely naive. Don't make the mistake of reading this book.

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