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by Cassie Edwards

Download Proud Eagle fb2, epub

ISBN: 045121367X
Author: Cassie Edwards
Language: English
Publisher: Signet (December 7, 2004)
Category: Historical
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 848
Size Fb2: 1341 kb
Size ePub: 1676 kb
Size Djvu: 1332 kb
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Cassie Edwards is a best-selling American author of over 100 historical romance novels. She has been published by Dorchester Publishing, Signet Books, Kensington Publishing and Harlequin.

Cassie Edwards is a best-selling American author of over 100 historical romance novels. Edwards began writing romances in 1982 and released her 100th novel, Savage Skies, on August 28, 2007. Although her earlier books were classic historical romances, the vast majority of her novels involve Native American tribes. Edwards's grandmother was Cheyenne.

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Makah Chief Proud Eagle has every reason to despise the Shaughnessys. Used availability for Cassie Edwards's Proud Eagle. Billie's late father broke treaties, stole land, and caused mudslides which killed a number of the Owl Clan, including Proud Eagle's beloved wife. Proud Eagle is determined that Billie not take the last thing he holds dear. Rivals for the land, now they must find common ground before old hurts can be buried-and a mighty passion can take root. Genre: Historical Romance.

Cassie Edwards is not trying to insult me. Get a grip all of you who are looking for accuracy in history. I enjoyed this book very much it showed conflict not only between the whites and indians but also between a father and daughter. How much truth do you suppose you will find in the real history book? (I have been reading all the critiques of Cassie's books. As I said in my title, GO CASSIE. It reminds me of the importance to not judge someone without getting to know them; no matter what your heritage is or the color of ones skin.

Known as Flame for her fiery red hair, not to mention her temperament, beautiful Reshelle Russell wants only one man, the one she can't have-or so she is told. But since childhood, Flame has known that the proud Chippewa warrior, White Fire, is meant for her. Now a grown woman, she has embarked on her quest for him, in defiance of her father, an elite army commander. Passion allowed them to follow their hearts.

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CASSIE EDWARDS, AUTHOR OF THE SAVAGE SERIES Winner of the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award . Chief Night Horse, whose son Proud Wind was now chief. Proud Wind was also Two Eagles’s best friend.

CASSIE EDWARDS, AUTHOR OF THE SAVAGE SERIES Winner of the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award for Best Indian Series! Cassie Edwards writes action-packed, sexy reads! .

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When lumber heiress Billie Shaughnessy goes to Eagle Bay to claim her fortune and bury her father, she finds an intriguing adversary in the Makah Chief Proud Eagle, whose claims against her father's company are eclipsed only by his claims on her heart. Original.


Title: Proud Eagle
Author: Cassie Edwards
Genre: Historical Native American Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Summery: Upon her fathers death, Billie Shaughnessy travels to Eagle Bay for the first time to continue her fathers life work, lumber. She quickly begins to doubt this is the life for her... Proud Eagle has had nothing but trouble with Billie's father and his partner Roy. They continually cut trees they know belong to the Makah.

As with all of Edwards novels I've read thus far, this was 'fluff'. An easy read with the same love-at-first-sight story line. There is no doubt or conflict at all which you would expect from this time period and a white woman and an Indian falling in love. And as always the villain was rather lame, there wasn't any chance at all he was going to win and you knew it. If you're looking for a light, easy read that won't take you on an emotional rollercoaster, I'd recommend this book.
Setting - Eagle Bay, Washington - 1880 --- Proud Eagle sat atop a hill watching a black draped woman kneeling at the grave of his enemy. He felt it must have been a member of the dead man's family, but he didn't know who it could have been. When a strong breeze whipped off the woman's heavy veil his heart clenched when he saw the beautiful face with long flame colored hair. Ever since a mud slide had claimed the life of his beloved wife, caused by his enemies callous disregard for cutting the forest too near his village, he felt a twinge of guilt for admiring the white woman and quickly rode away.

Lumber heiress Billie Shaughnessy had arrived in Eagle Bay to mourn her father's passing, determined to carry on his legacy and run the lumber operation as she knew he'd intended. She'd noticed the Indian on the hill, and even from a distance had admired the handsome brave, not knowing that he was the chief and her father's biggest rival. She'd had no idea who he was until fate would draw them together as she wrestled control of the lumber company from her father's unscrupulous partner. After reading her fathers journals she discovered his complicity in causing the devastating mudslides she was determined to make things right with the Makah clan and chief Proud Eagle in particular. During the process the rivalry between them would be turned into an unforgettable passion.

As one reads Ms. Edwards series based on the different tribes of native American peoples it is easy to see that she holds them in high regard, and honors them through a thorough research on their heritage, lifestyle and habits. In this episode she fills the pages not only with some truly sensual episodes, but also takes the time to explain the food, clothing, and history of the People. This was a very quick read, filled with interesting facts of what was for me a little known Washington based clan. Fans of Ms. Edwards will find this to be another pleasant book in her Native American series to cherish.

--- Marilyn, for [...] ---
In 1880 Eagle Bay, Washington, Billie "Boy" Shaughnessy visits the grave of her recently deceased father as Makak Chief Proud Eagle observes her. He detested her lumber baron father who broke treaties with the tribe by cutting down trees everywhere he chose, which caused a mudslide that killed Indians including the chief's wife.

Billie inherited her father's half of the business. Desperate to prove to her dad even though he is dead that she was like him and not her socialite mother, Billie discusses business with her partner Roy Clawson. He plans to rid himself of this "boy" even if he has to kill her if frightening her fails. Proud Eagle finds himself attracted to the daughter of his enemy; Billie reciprocates his feelings, but feels any relationship with the chief would dishonor her dad's memory.

Though well written, PROUD EAGLE is exactly like most if not all of Cassie Edwards' tales with honorable male Indians and while females, and dishonorable whites. The story line is exciting and provides insight into Indians of the Northwest during the late nineteenth century while also providing an environmental shout for protection. The lead duet is a fine pairing who know that her father is a demonic ghost in the way of a loving relationship. Fans of the author or the sub-genre will enjoy the latest tale even if one size fits all.

Harriet Klausner
Despite that fact that another 'reviewer' disliked the book because it moved too fast that is exactly why I liked it. Reading the first few pages I wasn't sure where it was heading, but very quickly, and as I said to my liking, it progressed.

I do not outline the story so others will not enjoy reading a book, and I see no reason for doing so other than the fact that some see themselves as actual reviewers. I am a professional reviewer of plays and that is when I'll pull in the story, but not here.

Also, I consider 'Proud Eagle' and books like it light reading, but assuming the authors have done the proper background checks on the information they write about that alone is worth the read.

For the Prime Shipping price it's a great deal.
Silly girl, sorry research, soppy book. I smelled something like burning feathers from the first. This girl is really eager for romance, and it appears the author was really eager to wrap a cover around this thing and get it out quickly. No work here.
I will not recommend anyone to spend money to buy it for their library. I was disappointed. The story moved too quickly for my liking. To have real hold of story on readers mind, the author should grasp him by establishing a strong profile of the characters whereas in this story ...... there was a woman and we don't know anything about her except that she came from seatle and withing few days she was ready to live with someone she didn't know anything about .... and get that ... she made up her mind to marry him when she looked at him first time .... Love at first sight . and then there was this indian cheif who knew that the woman he just saw was his destiny and she can replace his wife ..... ..... Hmmmm
Good but wasted plot of the story.

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