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by May McGoldrick

Download Angel Of Skye fb2, epub

ISBN: 1442108789
Author: May McGoldrick
Language: English
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 1, 1996)
Pages: 342
Category: Historical
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 586
Size Fb2: 1216 kb
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Size Djvu: 1174 kb
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Angel of Skye is another beautiful romance by May McGoldrick, set in late medieval Scotland, on the Isle of Skye

Her mother hiding proof of who was behind everything in the castle. Everyone thinks they both perished. Angel of Skye is another beautiful romance by May McGoldrick, set in late medieval Scotland, on the Isle of Skye. The book starts in mid-action, and pulls you right into the story to never let you go again. The plots are amazing, the romance is sizzling and very emotional, the sword-clinging action keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Angel of Skye by May McGoldrick For Cyrus and Samuel, our own Highland rogues Prologue Drummond Castle, October 1502 His ice-blue eyes locked on the castle looming in the.

Angel of Skye by May McGoldrick For Cyrus and Samuel, our own Highland rogues Prologue Drummond Castle, October 1502 His ice-blue eyes locked on the castle looming in th. For Cyrus and Samuel, our own Highland rogues.

William Dunbar To the King It had been a full week since the incident at the bluffs. A difficult week during which so many questions had not found answers. A difficult week during which so many questions had not found answers in, the slain MacLeod warrior, had been seen with the outlaws. It appeared he had supplied the attackers with horses and swords. But with all of them now dead, the motives behind Iain’s actions were baffling. There was still the matter of the gold found in each man’s possession. More gold than Iain could ever have paid them. And Neil was gone, as well.

From USA Today Bestselling Author May McGoldrick, the start of an exciting Highland series. Fiona does not remember the years before she came to the priory on the Isle of Skye. Only the gentle Prioress knows the truth about the spirited, red-haired lass's true birth. So it is in a simple cowl and peasant's dress that she emerges from the island's mists and faces the famed warrior chief of the Highlands, Alec Macpherson. Alec has served King James with his sword

Angel of Skye - May McGoldrick. Your papa’s eyes are the color of a March morning. Yours change with your mood and with the color of the sky.

Angel of Skye - May McGoldrick. But I do look like him, don’t I, Nanna? she asked hopefully. Her mother had always said that Fiona resembled her father.

From USA Today Bestselling Author May McGoldrick. Books related to Angel of Skye.

Similar books to Angel of Skye (MacPherson Clan series Book 1. Under the name of May McGoldrick, they produce historical romance novels for Penguin Putnam, and Young Adult historicals for HarperCollins/Avon.

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May McGoldrick, Dearest Millie. Thanks for reading the books on GrayCity. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. May mcgoldrick series: Pennington Family. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

Famed Scottish warrior Alec Macpherson is drawn to lovely Fiona Drummond Stewart after he rescues her from bandits in the forest, not realizing that she is the secret illegitimate daughter of King James IV and the target of the evil schemes of the ambitious Lord Gray. The first book in Macpheron Trilogy More.

National Best Selling Author


I would like to be able to give a review of this book but when I pull it up to read the pages are all blank . So I can't give one based on the book.
I really loved this book. It's well written, with a dynamic plot, and an amazing cast of characters! Alongside the romance, there is a pervading sub-plot that dominates the story; namely, the unsolved mystery of Fiona's mother's murder, and the identify of the infidel who is plotting Fiona's demise. We first meet Fiona when she's five years old, happily anticipating her father's long awaited arrival. Unfortunately, before he arrives, other men invade her home, kill her mother, and take Fiona away.

Fourteen years later, Fiona is living in a Priory on the Isle of Skye. She has no memory of her past. Alec Macpherson is the newly appointed Laird of the Isle of Skye. He and Fiona first meet under less than auspicious circumstances...her masquerading as a leper of all things. There is an immediate attraction between Alec and Fiona. Alec is drawn to the mysterious beauty, who is neither leper nor were his first and second beliefs. LOL As the two spend more time together, their attraction develops and strengthens.

The romance between Alec and Fiona is oh so sweet; he's so caring, and tender with her, it was a delight to read. When Fiona is attacked, the trauma from the attack induces her memories to begin to resurface. Shortly after, the identity of Fiona's father is revealed. It then becomes clear that there are those who will go to any lengths to dispense with Fiona. Alec is determined to protect Fiona at any cost, even as he fights against his feelings for her. Fiona feels just as strongly for Alec; however, and refuses to allow him to retreat from her and their budding relationship.

This is a thoroughly engaging story and makes for a compelling read. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who likes a healthy dose of intrigue with their romance. BTW, this is not a clean romance. Happy reading!
I love historical romances! I read the prequel of this series and liked it. This book had a mildly intriguing premise - young woman of questionable background falls in love with a laird only to find out she's the illegitimate daughter of the king. The heroine, Lady Fiona Drummond Stewart, was mildly compelling - beautiful, kind, and loyal, but a little unrealistic. The hero, Lord Alec Macpherson, was very compelling - handsome, aristocratic, and strong. They had good chemistry but very little sizzle. Their storyline was predictable. Overall, a good book.
It seems everyone really liked this book but it just DRRRREEEEEWWWW OUT 4-EVER. She argued with him about EVERYTHING. He argued with her about EVERYTHING.0, ad nauseum. And if explicit sex scenes is your thing, they went on for endless graphic pages. I'm not against sex scenes but WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION....even that went on so long it became too boring. I kept thinking, " let's get on with this story, for pity sake!" Usually live this author but was gravely disappointed and deleted it about half way through.
I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys tales of Highland romance mixed with adventure, suspense, and HEA. The majority of the characters were admirable, which was logical simply because Fiona (the angel) inspires it. Not that Fiona was perfect. When pushed, she had a temper; what I liked best about her was her determination and strength. Just when I thought she would give up and go all helpless, she "got up and fought." There are evil characters and the reader can pin them down quickly. However, the bad guys are really bad guys.

Wrapped around the Highland history of wars with England, Scottish succession, and the common folk just plain tired of war and unrest, this is a tale of recovery for everyone due it. Alec is a first born who has been sent to the Highlands to run the land of a vanquished enemy. He's tired of war, tired of the waste of life, and tired of court life, so being sent away is a blessing. Betrayed by his betrothed, he is also over any idea of marriage. With two younger brothers, he figures they can provide heirs. Then he meets Fiona and to his shock and dismay, he is so strongly attracted to her that his behavior is confusing to him. The interaction between Fiona and Alec is tender, argumentative, sweet, and funny. Poor Alec doesn't know how this woman could so turn his well ordered life upside down. Well done, gentlemen.
Great medieval Scots read. Full of innocence and intrigue. The main characters Alex MacPherson and Fiona Drummond Stuart start on a journey that is so rich in the telling and unraveling of this story.

At 5 years old Fiona is ripped away from her noble mother, Margaret Drummond, by and band of ruthless men that include Torquil McCloud the laird of the Isle of Sky. Alec is a true supporter of King James not even knowing that while they fought on the battlefield of Flodden, and the King dies, that his daughter, Fiona will become Alec's greatest and only love.

The plots and manipulative people in the story continue to unfold throughout the story. It is a time when Scotland fights for her independence from the heavy hand of England. It is well written and captivating. Can't wait to read the other books in this series!
Fonia, known as the Angel of Skye has been raised in a convent and given a full education making her an exceptional young woman in the 1500's on the Isle of Skye in the Highlands. Laird Alec MacPherson is on the Isle of Skye to oversee the MacLeod clan due to the death of the clan leader and his acts against the King.

Alec rides out one morning with his falcon, Swift and sees Fonia; he follows her and rescues her from three men that attack her. This sets the story for a great love story, an adventure for Fonia and political intrigue of the day. I love historical fiction for this period and found Angel of Skye of my favorites this year.

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