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by Sandra Marton

Download The Sicilian Marriage (Modern Romance) fb2, epub

ISBN: 0263841774
Author: Sandra Marton
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (2005)
Pages: 187
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 314
Size Fb2: 1141 kb
Size ePub: 1765 kb
Size Djvu: 1958 kb
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The Sicilian marriage: Formal and forever-Gianni has news for Briana: the tragedy that had brought them together in grief-fulled passion had also resulted in their both . Books related to The Sicilian Marriage.

The Sicilian marriage: Formal and forever-Gianni has news for Briana: the tragedy that had brought them together in grief-fulled passion had also resulted in their both being named as joint guardians of a baby girl-for whose sake, Gianni insisted, they must marry! In this series.

Now she needs Stefano's help, even if that means surrender. Book 3 in The O'Connells miniseries Originally published in 2003.

Sandra Marton (born June 30, 19? in the United States) is a best-selling American author of over 86 romance novels in Harlequin Enterprises Ltd since 1985. In 2012, she began writing self-published novels.

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Sicilian tycoon Dante Russo has become rich and successful the hard way. So there's no mercy in his heart when he hears that Taylor Sommer's business is struggling. She's the woman who ended their affair three years ago, and her present plight is perfect-for Dante to blackmail her back into his bed and get his desire for her right out of his system. The free online library containing 450000+ books.

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Sandra Marton, a best-selling American author, wrote her first novel when she was seven. It was a romance, which probably says a lot about fate and the mysterious paths that sometimes lead us through life. By the time she was ten, she’d read Gone With The Wind even though that famous scene where Rhett carries Scarlett up the stairs puzzled the heck out of he. Sandra loved school, hated gym, and graduated high school at 15 1⁄2. More important, she fell head over heels in love that same year and finally figured out what that scene in Gone With The Wind was all about


I really liked all the other books in the O'Connell series, but I'm having a hard time warming up to Briana in this one. She seems a bit petty in my opinion. She just seems to be contrary for contrariness sake. She had a chip on her shoulder from the get go about Gianni. I'll finish the book, but it's hard going sometimes. I like a little conflict, but my goodness, must she argue about every teeny, tiny little thing.
grand star
I hesitated getting this book after I read some of the less than happy reveiws, but I found it to be one of the best in the series. I especially loved it because I got to catch up with all the siblings and especially Fallon.
Briana was no slouch either. Loved their stories and I am sorry to see the series end. But I can always re-read them all as I wait for the next Sandra Marton.
This is the last in the O'Connells series and is Briana's story. She meets Gianni at her niece's christening and before he even gets a chance to flirt, she cuts him down rudely. Gianni is stunned that he is this attracted to such a snooty woman. Briana vows she will marry someone low key and sweet, not a wealthy, jet setting hunk. Gianni is not really that much of a playboy but he knows what he wants and goes after it. When Briana and Gianni find out their best friends were killed in an accident, they make love out of grief. Briana immediately tries to throw Gianni out and makes like he is an animal. Gianni tells Brianna that they are named joint guardian's to their friends daughter and they must travel to Sicily to claim her. They find the baby Lucia in her great aunts care and the aunt who is a mean old dragon refuses to release the baby into an immoral relationship. She threatens to hold them up in court for years and Gianni and Brianni must marry in order to get custody of Lucia.

Gianni is the traditional take control Sicilian male. He is extremely sexy, but is totally smitten by Briana. He is sweet and loving and I find myself getting aggravated by how cruel, immature and bitchy Briana is and that is why this story doesn't get five stars but only four. If it wasn't for their shared love for the baby and their passion in the bedroom, their appeal as a couple would have diminished.
I have read all the books in the O'Connell's series and I have to say this was my least favorite. The Hero, Gianni, is pompous and full of himself but actually likeable, he has the best interests of a baby girl at heart and even if his ego is extremely battered he still come out looking good. Briana, our heroine, on the other hand was immature, rude to the point of being disgraceful, and completely unable to see that someone else might know best.

If this had been the first in the series, I doubt I would have read the rest. However, the others ARE worth reading and highly enjoyable.

I do not wish to give too much of the story away but from start to finish Briana is selfish and immature. I found it very hard to find her likable. The passion is great and the love for the little girl is Briana's redeeming quality.

3 stars for a series that I liked was disappointed in its end.

The books in the series are

Keir O'Connell's Mistress (Keir O'Connell's Story)

The Sicilian Surrender (Fallon O'Connell's Story)

Claiming His Love-Child (Cullen o'Connell's Story)

The Sheikh's Convenient Bride (Megan O'Connell's Story)

The One -Night Wife (Sean O'Connell's Story)

The Sicilian Marriage (Briana O'Connell's Story)
This is the final in the O'Connell series. I procrastinated in reading this book as I did not want the series to end. I also believed that the final book might fall short...WRONG!

This is Gianni and Bree's story. A passionate, sizzling and hot romance. Poor handsome Gianni gets as good as he dishes out. From the moment they meet, sparks begin to fly and they don't let up until they finally realize they are meant to be together. Their journey is truly one you'll want to take with them. I promise, you won't be let down by this marvelous book written by the incredible Sandra Marton.

Back Cover Summary:

Fast and furious - the sex was fantastic. But Briana O'Connell's explosive encounter with wealthy Sicilian Gianni Firelli was just for the moment, not a lifetime - wasn't it?

Formal and forever - Gianni has news for Briana: the tragedy that had brought them together in grief-fulled passion had also resulted in their both being named as joint guardians of a baby girl - for whose sake, Gianni insisted, they must marry!
So much good, and so much paint-by-the-numbers, been there done that, phoned it in, blithering idiots… you get the gist.

The heroine and hero are thrown together as guardians of their best friend’s baby. When they first met, the heroine gave the H the cold shoulder. I was surprised and reassured when the hero takes her rebuttal with some humor and NO HUSSY SHAMING or INNER MONOLOGUING!!! He doesn’t say stupid stuff like, 'She’s only trying to lure me with her cold indifference, the hussy.'

It starts to go downhill when the insta-attraction strikes hard.

The H is Mr. Bossy Boots Squared, and strong-arms the h over to Sicily to meet the ice-cold grandma of the dead daddy. She’s no Nonna, but plans to raise the sweet lil’ plot moppet with loving care nurses and nannies and non-Mary Poppins like people. Propriety is everything because this is S-I-C-I-L-Y. Dropped a star when after the grandmother sneers at their supposed immoral liaison they don’t demand separate rooms. Come on! This is Sicily in HP-Land, folks! Get two rooms! So instead they go into their arranged MOC to fake her out, and it’s a happy little threesome where the h and H can’t get it together to confess their luv.

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