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by Charlotte Lamb

Download The Marriage War fb2, epub

ISBN: 0263152898
Author: Charlotte Lamb
Language: English
Publisher: Thorndike Pr (December 1, 1997)
Pages: 288
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 607
Size Fb2: 1166 kb
Size ePub: 1860 kb
Size Djvu: 1159 kb
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Re The Marriage War - Charlotte Lamb gets book ten of the Forbidden Series and starts her own little Sisters mini series. This book, like The Ultimate Betrayal is about a husband who almost sleeps with his secretary.

Re The Marriage War - Charlotte Lamb gets book ten of the Forbidden Series and starts her own little Sisters mini series. There is definite emotional infidelity and unlike TUB, this H isn't sorry and he blames the h for his marital disinterest and his 'oops, minor mishap' because his affair partner is truly a lovely, sweet girl in his estimation -which as we shall soon see is the only one that counts.

The Marriage War. Read.

Her books touched on then-taboo subjects such as child abuse and rape, and she created sexually confident -even dominant .

Her books touched on then-taboo subjects such as child abuse and rape, and she created sexually confident -even dominant- heroines Her last novel, a romantic thriller published posthumously with Hodder & Stoughton, was entitled The Angel of Death. by. Lamb, Charlotte. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

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The Sex War. Charlotte Lamb. is also the author of these. She' had always guessed that all the strength in that marriage came from Stephen, her brother had always been someone you could rely on, and Alice had leaned heavily on him from the start. Whenever you saw them together, Alice kept close to him, listened while he talked, had very little to say for herself, left all the decisions to hi.

Seductive Stranger Paperback. Daniel Randall was the one person who could rescue her brother, and he would - if she agreed to resume their marriage. Everything has its price," he said

Seductive Stranger Paperback. Everything has its price," he said. But Lindsay wasn't about to be bought; she would never forget that the desire Daniel stirred within her led to heartache. Lamb Charlotte. Download (pdf, 765 Kb) Donate Read. Epub FB2 mobi txt RTF. Converted file can differ from the original. If possible, download the file in its original format.


This was about a marriage that began to fall apart. It was written in the 90's. His attitude was since his wife was too busy with their children he wasn't getting enough attention he would go somewhere else. And it was all her fault that he cheated. Was that way of thinking going to end the marriage? What about the other woman? Would she leave him alone when it if he decided to work on his marriage?
This book had a promising start but as the book went on i found myself hating the H more and more and by the end of the book i still hated him.
felt boot
This book was about a husband's infidelity and his and wife's belief that he wasn't to blame and that she drove him to it by paying more attention to their three children then him. He then spent the entire book trying to sleep with the heroine rather than be a man and earn her trust back. I had no respect for either character as they clearly has no respect for each other, themselves, their family or marriage as a whole.
From back cover: Sancha's first instinct was to burn the anonymous letter. Its malicious message couldn't be true: 'Do you know where your husband will be tonight? Do you know who he'll be with?' Sancha adored Mark now as much as when they were first married, even though family life meant that they were no longer so close. She'd never dreamed that her tough, handsome husband would fall into the arms of another woman! The battle was on-though when Sancha confronted Mark, she discovered the physical attraction between them was as strong as ever. But she wouldn't let herself be seduced by him....Not yet!

Wow, what an emotional read. If you want a roller coaster story this is it. The hero is not your typical Harlequin Presents hero. He takes it to the very line of being unfaithful to his wife. There is no misunderstandings here, he intended to have an affair but stops just short of the physical act because he is still unsure if he wants his marriage to be over. This hero is probably the least likeable. He doesn't help his wife of six years with the care of their three young children. He even resents the time his wife spends with the children and he complains about how undisciplined they are. The heroine has been exhausted for the past 2 years dealing with a difficult pregnancy and active children. Although they share the same bedroom, the hero insisted on twin beds so that when the heroine had to get up at night to see to the children, his sleep wouldn't be disturbed! Yes, you could say that the heroine is at fault also. She fails to see that her husband is feeling ignored and she constantly refuses sex because she is fatigued.She starts to notice that her husband looks at her disgustingly, almost as if he cannot stomach the way she looks and dresses anymore. It's a good thing she received the anonymous letter. It woke her up enough to confront her husband and decide if she wanted to remain married to him. The other woman is a typical one. Young, beautiful, understanding, but also manipulative and sneaky.

Like I mentioned, not the typical hero, but a believable HEA.
The H was a spoilt, selfish brat. He was a terrible husband. He blamed her entirely for the breakdown in their marriage, and the fool let him. He never took responsibility for his actions, was living the good lifestyle, and she basically had to scrunt to make a good living for herself. He was a manipulative bully. He basically had her under emotional blackmail. And she kept making excuses for him. He should have helped her with the children, and communicated with her. Not cheated on her. She was totally blindsided.
Sancha gets a letter stating that her husband his having an affair with is personal assistant. She doesn't know whether to believe it or not. However there are signs: Mark has been staying after work a lot, they sleep in twin beds, Sancha is worn out from taking care of their three children so she isn't supplying him with enough for him to be content, and he feels like she doesn't love him or care. Why isn't he helping with his children? Why does he seem so cold towards the kids? Why did he agree to the separate beds? Why does Sancha say that Mark isn't a pushover yet he let things get like this instead of saying speaking up?

Mark never apologizes to Sancha. He asks for forgiveness though. He seems more concerned about the other woman a 23 year old woman at that. The OW is very manipulative and he continually defends this woman to his wife. He was a POW! Mark thinks he may love the OW yet he gives her up pretty quickly. He says that he didn't complete any act with the OW but really why are we supposed to believe him? He has already lied once about his whereabouts and he was more than willing to break his marriage vows. He would have gone all the way if Sancha hadn't found out about the affair though. Mark didn't want to discuss the OW with Sancha but his wife didn't seem to rate that same respect. Sancha believes that the OW loves Mark yet it seems that once the OW makes her threat she moves on pretty quickly. I think this was an excellent set up to show how off balance the OW really was and truly make Mark regret some of his actions, but the author didn't pursue it.

The OW told Sancha some things that Mark had said to her. He says not to believe them that she is just trying to divide them. Why should Sancha believe her husband? He has lied before. Mark blames himself for hurting the OW and blames his wife for him straying. He never blames the OW for her part in the whole fiasco. An example of Mark's idiocy: He tells Sancha to set up a lunch date for one o'clock then leaves to go and break it off with the OW. Mark returns later than one o'clock. He apologizes for being late then he has the gall to ask if she set up a lunch date. Yeah for one o'clock, moron, and the restaurant called at half past one to cancel. What was Mark's problem? He didn't seem to respect his wife, or care about his children, let alone love any of them.

Mark didn't seem to emotionally support his wife and then he got angry when she sought that emotional support from others. For instance, Mark was very upset that Sancha shared things with others about him. He seemed more concerned with people talking about what he was doing than the fact that he was actually doing it. I can deal with the cheating in books but it really is the author's job to redeem the H and if they can't well then it is as you say a wall-banger! Sure Mark asked for forgiveness but he seemed more broken up about the OW and her feelings being hurt. He didn't even know her that long! He was married to his wife for YEARS and he really didn't seem that broken up about hurting her. I think it was a definite miss on redeeming the H. It's one thing for him to hurt his wife the way he did but his own children! He didn't seem to ever spend any time with the children and it appeared that Mark would have been just fine with Flora disappearing.

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