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Download One Good Man (Intrigue Series No. 588) fb2, epub

by Julie Miller

Download One Good Man (Intrigue Series No. 588) fb2, epub

ISBN: 0373225881
Author: Julie Miller
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin (October 1, 2000)
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Romance
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 593
Size Fb2: 1134 kb
Size ePub: 1719 kb
Size Djvu: 1830 kb
Other formats: mobi lit txt lrf

One Good Man (Intrigue Series No. 588) [Oct 01, 2000] Julie Miller


After reading the first book in Ms. Miller's Precinct series which I really enjoyed, I went through her backlist and decided to try this one. 'One Good Man' appears to be the author's first release for the Harlequin Intrigue line and is book one in her Taylor Clan series. This story started out really well and I wanted to like it, but after the first chapter I just sort of lost interest. I was able to finish it however, and I do think the authors writing is good, but neither the characters nor the plot ever pulled me in. Mitch and Casey both ran hot and cold, and ultimately I just never fell in love with either of them. The reader is constantly reminded of their fears and insecurities, so much so that it started grating on my nerves. For an intrigue it was light on suspense and the villain(s) were pretty predictable. We're only given a few brief insights into the mindset of Casey's stalker, which I think was a missed opportunity since he definitely had the potential to be truly chilling. In the end I simply thought this story was okay, though Miller has obvious potential. I already have the next book in the series which I'll give a try and hope it goes over better than this one did.
Note: Stand alone read. 1st book of The Precinct: The Taylor Clan series
My Advice, start with this book, One Good Man, and read the whole series.

GREAT READ! Well written, gripping crime thriller, great characters, good supporting cast, believable dialogue, excellent descriptive imagery, a satisfying romance, and the sprinkle of clues throughout the book lead to a plausible ending. HOWEVER, one irritating issue --At first, Mitch sarcastically calls Casey "Princess" which is demeaning and unprofessional. Later, he uses it as a term of endearment, but it is still initially offensive.

THE STORY follows reclusive former Olympian, Casey, disfigured and disabled by a vicious attack, and Mitch, a hardnosed police detective assigned to protect her after the prison escape of the psychotic killer who tortured her. Realizing the key to defeating this psycho is to piece together the events that triggered the attack 7-years earlier, Mitch, Casey, and the Kansas City PD work to discover the sinister and unsettling reasons behind the original act of violence.

OVERALL, the compelling plot and characters are exceptional. Mitch's "old-school" character is grounded in his working class roots, and while you feel Casey's fear, she is neither helpless or pathetic. As she begins to see herself through Mitch's eyes, as a women of strength and courage, the relationship deepens into tender and believable romance. Including the stalker's thoughts and actions lets the reader "feel" his sick persona and experience Casey's terror.

The TAYLOR CLAN SERIES are One Good Man, Sudden Engagement, In the Blink of an Eye, The Rookie, Kansas City's Bravest, Unsanctioned Memories, and Last Man Standing.

You may also enjoy the complex characters and storytelling of N. Bruhns, A. Stuart, or C. Ryan. For good mystery/detective writers you might try J. D. Robb, D. Stabenow, M. Ferris, S. Grafton, J. Evanovich, S. W. Albert, Gayle Wilson, Julie Miller or B.J Daniels.
I loved this story, of Mitch Taylor. It hooked me in from the first page till the last. I was glad to see Mitch's story. Casey was good to, I loved it. I love all Ms. Miller's books. Get it today.
One Good Man
Julie Miller
Book one
of the Taylor Clan

One Good Man is the first book of the Taylor Clan by Julie Miller it introduces Mitch Taylor. He is the police captain/chief of Kansas City’s Fourth Precinct. He is the nephew of Sid Taylor and grew up with his cousins after his mom and dad were murdered by a junkie.

Casey Maynard has been locked away in her “Uncle” Jimmy’s house for seven years. She’s been a prisoner, scared to go out in the world after her stalker took his anger out on her. She does not like anybody with a badge especially because of the past. When Mitch shows up it is defiantly not love at first site, or rather hit as case is.

Mitch never expected to be assigned as a bodyguard to the police commissioner’s “niece” in order to prove he was worthy of a promotion. He wanted the promotion but knew he had a slim chance of getting it if it had to do with politics. Mitch and Casey both protest him being there but the commissioner isn’t having it. He had a secret behind wanting his best man to watch Casey and it leads back to seven years before.

Casey didn’t see what Mitch saw in her. He pushed her to do better and saw her as a woman not a cripple as she thought of herself. He saw courage and when it really counted that knowledge finally gave Casey strength to act. She fought and kept fighting even when she wanted to give up, Emmett lost in thinking he could win against Mitch and her.

Mitch saved her and she saved him as well. Mitch did a lot of things for her during his time being her body guard and afterwards when she was safe from Emmett once and for all he did something else. He brought her parents home.

This book was a great read it did lack in the part of an honest goodness love scene though. It had plenty of kissing and teasing but the actual love making scene was skipped right over. That is why I have give this a four star rating the build up I had hope for never gave what I had longed for between Mitch and Casey.
This is a suspenseful love story, the kind you want to re read every so often because it's just that good.
As always - Julie Miller keeps you in suspense.
great book
I really enjoyed the suspense this book had. I would recommend this book to young and middle aged readers. I rated this story as 4 stars

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