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by Angela D. Shearry

Download The Prodigal Daughters fb2, epub

ISBN: 0967347734
Author: Angela D. Shearry
Language: English
Publisher: From Heaven To Earth Publications (July 2000)
Pages: 256
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Religion
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 497
Size Fb2: 1340 kb
Size ePub: 1939 kb
Size Djvu: 1894 kb
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The Prodigal Daughters book.

The Prodigal Daughters book. Cute, shy, innocent, and on fire for the Lord  . Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Prodigal Daughters. by. Angela D. Shearry.

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The Prodigal Daughter. Chalk up another smash hit for Jeffrey Arche. n exceptional storyteller. The newspaper barrier between father and daughter was abruptly removed. Don’t ever speak disloyally of the Poles, he said. History has proved us to be an honorable race who never go back on our word.

The Prodigal Daughters come to life and live on long after the novel is finished. Sasha and Zandy travel a capativating and spiritual journey that is both common and unique to all of us.

Cute, shy, innocent, and on fire for the Lord. The Prodigal Daughters come to life and live on long after the novel is finished. The author is truly gifted and inspired.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The Prodigal Daughter. October 16 ·. Friend, how you treat your Judas says a lot more about where you are in your walk with God than how you treat your faithful Peter or beloved John. I pray this page be a blessing to many all over  .

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SASHA LINDSEY. Cute, shy, innocent, and on fire for the Lord. But that was before He turned a deaf ear to her pleading cries at a very critical time in her life. Feeling betrayed by God and fed up with the strict rules of her father's church, she packs her bags and goes off to college far away from her home . . . and the church. Brimming with the expectation of a new, exciting life, Sasha meets the college man she hopes will fulfill her budding desires for love and intimacy and she befriends the around-the-way college girl who is everything she hopes to be...

ALECZANDRIA DAVIS is that girl. Better known as Zandy, she is smart, sassy, fun-loving, and gorgeously sculpted from head to toe. Guys are incessantly drawn to her beauty, but she flicks them off with no more thought than she'd give a fly. "Be careful...Guys will use you up and then kick you straight to the curb...Even my doggish father did it to my mother." Almost as much as Zandy despises her father, she pities her mother for still loving him after he so blatantly betrayed their marriage and their love. Finally, Zandy meets the man who she is convinced will be loving and faithful as a husband to her mother and perfect as a father to her little sister. So with great anticipation, Zandy makes plans to bring this remarkable man into her mother's home and banish the lurking presence of her father forever.

Funny, clean, moving, and inspirational with elements of mystery, THE PRODIGAL DAUGHTERS is a realistic story about the intertwined lives of two college friends who are chasing answers to the voids in their lives...but find themselves in the hands of a God who gets divine pleasure out of upsetting the carefully laid out plans of His chosen ones, in order that His will might be done.


The Prodigal Daughters is a wholesome, yet very exciting novel. The characters come alive and develop well throughtout the novel. The reader is not left with any doubt on any of the characters when the novel is complete. The author does an excellent job bringing each character to life so that the reader gets in tune with the characters. The plot is interesting and flows in a way that entices the reader to get to the next chapter to unfold the next sequence of events.
As the novel is written, it is appealing to a wide spectrum age group. It's not too advanced for a senior high school student; it is defitely appealing to a college student; and it was very entertaining for me as an pre-middle age adult.
Even though the plot surrounds a college campus, it is true to life and can relate to individuals on all levels. It demonstrates that your most christian, well raised individuals have the same issues as individuals that don't have or don't take the same opportunites as "the more fortunate". The plot deals with an everyday issue that many of us have dealt with at some point or another in our lives.
Probably the single most important life lesson that can be adapted from the novel is that in life, regardless of the age or the situation we have a choice and the novel demonstrates that Jesus' way is the right way and that Jesus has a way of dealing with us even in the midst of our tribulations!
I highly recommend reading The Prodigal Daughters.
The Prodigal Daughters is an excellent book. I really enjoyed this book.It reveals the tactics that the enemy sets for peoples lives. It also shows that the spirit of rebellion is a demonic force and those who are working under this spirit are driven by satan. By knowing the truth you can be set free. This anointed book helps loose the bands of wickedness over people lives, by the trails and tests that the reader experiences with characters in the book.This is truly a book that should be read by both saved and unsaved people.....For those who do not want to read the book for the spiritual enlightenment, they can read it for structural purposes. This book is very well developed. It has symbolism and foreshadowing that gives the reader a desire to continue to read the book even more. The book is neither under nor over developed but is just right and teaches a valuable lesson....Everyone who reads this book is bound to be blessed and touched by God through this anointed writing...
I loved this book. I found it very comforting. I was smart enough to read it from front to back before drawing any invalid conclusions.
I think it is a book to be read by young adults. I have found it a struggle, in my walk with God, to deal with celibacy and find a mate that loves the Lord enough to support me in my decision. I found a little of myself in both Sasha and Zandy. I am positive that others, especially those in the age groups mentioned in the book, will be able to relate.
The book held my attention because it is reality. It reveals what the Lord is truly capable of. It doesn't matter what life you have lived in the past, what hatred you have had in your heart or what satan is trying to plant in your life the Father protects His own and anyone can be used in order for Him to reccieve the glory. The book was very clean while being entertaining, full of suspense and thought provoking.
The characters show how the Lord moves on His time and time must have come for the author of this book because he is definitley moving in her.
I want to thank her for reenforcing what I already knew about God's grace.
Let me start by saying this, "I COMPLETED the book before adding my review. If you have not COMPLETED the book, please save your comments until you have."
This book was chosen by one of our book club members for our February read. I am so glad it was. It was a very refreshing read, very detailed and thought provoking. The book tells the story of two young ladies who both have issues with their fathers. Zandy has issues with her natural father and Sasha has issues with her "Heavenly Father." It shows us how easy it is to make bad decisions based on the wrong information. It also shows how much God loves us and forgives us for our sins. We also get a true example of the love of a mother and father.
The book also teaches us that we should have a relationship with God based on His principals and teachings. We should never mindlessly go through the motions for tradition sake. When you do that you find yourself serving the creature and not the creator.
All young women should read this book.
in waiting
Angela Shearry's first novel is a must read. It shows you how God will never leave or forsake you in spite of what you've done.
Sasha and Zandy were best friends who basically gave each other good advice but chose to handle the issues they had ( Sasha with God and Zandy with her father) on their own. It wasn't until they both on separate occasions met an "Angel" name Jebril that changed their attitude and ultimately the outcome of their lives.
The book was wholesome and entertaining along with being inspirational. I enjoy reading this sort of material. I would recommend this book to young and single women who enjoy inspirational reading or anyone who can relate to the characters.
The Prodigal Daughter demonstrates, in an unparalled way, the faithfulness of God to us. As parents, we plant Godly seeds hoping that our children will be eternally grounded and rooted in the ways of God; however, there becomes a time when our children's faith must evolve from our faith into trusting and knowing God for themselves. During this time, it may seem as if God has taken a vacation, only to realize in the end that He was faithfully carrying our prayers, our fasts, our tears, and our groans on the behalf of our children all the time.....and in the end He shows Himself to be our Almighty God once again. God's anointing is evident throughout this novel as Angela Shearry so uniquely, comically, and truthfully dramatizes the power of God in the lives of these two precious young women. "He who begins a good work is faithful to complete it..."

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