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by Eugene E. Narrett

Download World War III: The War on the Jews fb2, epub

ISBN: 0971938865
Author: Eugene E. Narrett
Language: English
Publisher: Lightcatcher Books; 1st edition (February 16, 2007)
Category: Politics & Government
Subcategory: Politics
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World War III. The War on the Jews. by Eugene E. Published March 1, 2007 by Lightcatcher Books.

The War Against the Jews is a 1975 book by Lucy Dawidowicz.

World War III (WWIII or WW3) and the Third World War are names given to a hypothetical third worldwide large-scale military conflict subsequent to World War I and II. The term has been in use since at least as early as 1941. Some have applied it loosely to refer to limited or smaller conflicts such as the Cold War or the War on Terror, while others assumed that such a conflict would surpass prior world wars both in its scope and in its destructive impact.

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Tragic political and historical realities fuel our nation s misguided Middle East policies that, startlingly, bring America into confrontation with Israel, its best friend, invaluable ally and nourishing historical root. Professor Narrett provides a detailed overview of the existential forces and dangers with which our own nation already is struggling and has been suffering for some time. The book serves as a teaching text and a troubling revelation of what we are becoming, and how we may go a better way.


Eugene Narrett's World War III - The War on the Jews is for those who want to face facts and be encouraged without being lulled by clichés. The author has an expansive knowledge of his topics and great passion for Israel resulting in a book simultaneously disturbing and inspiring. One is compelled to read and re-read sentences, paragraphs, and pages, absorbing information both startling and empowering - a trademark of books of vital importance.

The historical perspective Dr. Narrett establishes, his acute eye for geopolitical developments and sharp ear for political double-speak makes WW III pivotal to understanding the war on terror as it whirls about Israel and the neighboring Arab "client-regimes," states he deftly defines as "made-in-London" entities without indigenous language, culture or history. In analyzing this subject, the author strips away the gauze of British and American diplomatic posturing to reveal a dubious alliance with dangerous goals: a global security state in which the Jewish emphases on memory, freedom and a transcendent but loving Creator are buried. The author paints a riveting canvas of western nations whose leaders pursue an imperial internationalism that contains a thinly veiled anti-Semitism in spite of their claims of solidarity with the frontline nation of Israel whose government they cripple and constrain. Dr. Narrett traces this process through the past century with the summer 2006 conflict with Hezbollah serving as the prime example.

The author is very attentive to media propaganda and very skilled at dissecting it. He shows how post-War governments have honed the bloody art of using crises and attrition to confuse and dishearten their own populations while touting the UN global- security village. He exposes how this process corrupts the culture of the dominant powers and Israel's political system. Israel's efforts to defend itself are condemned (contrast the State Department's attitude toward the recent actions of the Lebanese army) while its mission is re-defined as expelling Jews from Israel's heartland and from Judaism's holiest sites. This, Narrett explains, is a key point because it effaces the Scriptural underpinning of history. It is the geopolitics of uprooting and forgetting which meshes with imperial Romanism and global jihad. In pursuing these strands in the story the author's discussions soar from the deception and intrigue of contemporary statecraft to popular culture, to history as illuminated by Kabbala, -- passages from the Zohar bring new meaning to current events and ideologies.

No one else is doing this kind of cultural synthesis and analysis.

The book opens forcefully by showing how myths and attitudes from pagan Greece and Rome pervade social culture in the West: "Sexual seduction and self-destructive goddess worship is central to understanding the origins of European civilization, including the English-speaking nations..." Discussing 19th century deification of nature and modern mass media he writes, "How remarkable that the pagan goddess should come to Puritan America, though the nation to which it came in the 1800's was Puritan only at its wounded roots." Narrett correlates this development with 19th century philosophy and its deifications of the human will rooted in the Renaissance, ancient Athens and Egypt. "The dream of ruling the world, of being as gods, is about the lust for power and its deep kinship with erotic possession and loss of humane consciousness. It pervades the ancient `mystery' religions that have re-sprouted in our culture's deformed garden."

In elaborating this cultural mosaic, Dr. Narrett chooses an unusual opening to his book and it startles: what does "goddess rapture" have to do with the War on Terror and World Security State? But as suggested by the above quotations, the author explains that our media not only disgorge deeply embedded cultural material but also market goddess rapture to distract the public eye as Western society is taken down in the push towards a global society filled with peons not people, where family relationships wither and lonely individuals turn for secular salvation to the State, its `care-givers' and pharmaceutical fixes.

Narrett shifts focus in Chapter 2 by laying out a detailed summary of British geopolitics from the late 19th century through World War II, showing how the popular arts that make a culture of terror complement the grand and troubling movements that increasingly mark our days. From the two cornerstones of goddess rapture and British meddling in "Palestine" and its "New Middle East," Narrett defines the War on Terror: "The War between the West and Islam, marked by myriad forms of collaboration in material, methods and goals is in fact a synergy and its main force is directed against a nation whose creed has no imperial ambitions and whose unified way of life rebukes the power lust of other states." "...the arc of Anglo-American dependencies and `allies,' from Persia/Iran to Egypt has crumbled. ...American troops die for a mission impossible..." "Yes, the peace process is not only a war on Israel and the Jews, but a religious war against Judaism. It has brought the world back to [the] Peel [Commission] in 1937, to the Crusades, to Hadrian's edicts..."

In researching World War III - The War on the Jews, Eugene Narrett came to Israel during the early summer of 2006. He visited the refugees of Gush Katif and traversed the hilly terrain and homesteads of the heartland. The testimonies he heard and saw are deeply etched in this book as he gives eloquent "voice to the voiceless" of the former residents of Gush Katif. He transports the reader to the verdant hill country of the Shomron (called by its Latinized name, Samaria, in the mass media), to carpets of fragrant rosemary and thyme dotted with wildflowers, to melodious bird song and the courageous families that have transformed bare hills to orchard and community, bringing hospitality and prosperity to all: "When we came here ... there was nothing. I didn't throw anyone off their land. I used to spend my money in the market in Shechem and even now they [the Arabs] get their water and electricity from us. I used to walk into Shechem with my wife and kids. ... The media spin makes us feel like we're not human." A camera could not convey a clearer or truer picture of the hotly contested lands at the center of Islamic rage and the intervention of nations.

From the picturesque highlands of Samaria and an unforgettable portrait of the Jerusalem Day parade, Narrett moves with cutting precision into an in-depth and lengthy analysis of the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah, beginning with Israel's incursion into Gaza after the abduction of Cpl. Gilad Shalit. Again his words are worth quoting at length: "[Operation] `Summer Rains' was PR genius: soft, gentle, it sounds like a fabric softener which was its relation to the harsh reality of jihad and the iron-willed manipulators of the `war on terror.' The IDF activities, a kind of cosmetic surgery, were named to please Western spinners and consumers of news and to placate politicians and high-ranking cabinet officials..." "...the main reason for the incursion into Gaza was to save the Road Map toward the expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria." Here again he links the situation in the region, and the endless scape-goating of Jews to geopolitics and the drive toward a World State. "The `peace process is a War process that works by justifying the murder of Jews. The resulting instability justifies the World Security State and its proliferating control of everyone but terrorists." "The battles in Lebanon between Iran-Hizbollah and the armed forces of Israel in July-August 2006 revealed distinctive historical, geopolitical, and ideological features of the drive toward a global state."

Drawing from a plethora of sources, the author reveals the complicity of not only Iran and Syria, but also Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and the UN in the orchestrated land, air and media battles of the 2006 Lebanon-Israel War. Then he lays bare the complementary agenda of Britain, Europe and America's Executive Branch. Eugene Narrett exposes crisis generation and maintenance as the fuel that drives nations towards the desired "crown jewel"-- a global security state with a world religion. He shows how the "War on Terror" is actually a campaign to create terror (here the early discussions of ancient religions come into play), to remove the conscience of Judaism and Israel, and to reduce all peoples to controlled resources. Bringing source upon source from literature, from esoteric Jewish writings and Torah, from ancient mythology, political and historical records, the author painstakingly lays out his case, like a skilled prosecution, revealing the evidence against the damned and their persecution of the innocent:

Israel's perennial ruling class also is taken to task. "Having internalized and promoted the idea that Israel `illegally occupies' its own land, it was logical that the post-Zionists would restrain tank forces and infantry and try to fight a `surgically-precise,' highly limited air war. Alien ideologies have made the leaders [of Israel] land-phobic. For them, Israel is becoming a virtual state; Judaism, a way of life based on embracing the land is becoming a digital screen..." Here is the "perverse and backward generation" whose "insolence will increase" spoken of repeatedly in Scriptural references to the End of Days.

"Olmert was placed and kept in office because, like the slavish Oswald in King Lear he is `a serviceable villain' to his masters in Beit Laban, the White House. Overseer of the pogrom at Amona, promising new expulsions and delivering eviction notices even during the conflict with Iran-Hizbollah, he is beyond shame. But not without fear, -- or terror: aside from geo-strategic blackmail, the powers keep him leashed by leaking threats of indictment that maximize his pliability. Observers of the scene believe that many of these warnings trickle down from the perennial lord of Israel's diplomatic service, Mr. Peres."

And then he offers a comment that cuts like diamond, speaking to people throughout the West: "Now we have wars of apologetics, suppression and distortion of facts and procrastination when what is called for is new leadership... If we don't have a well-defined, realistic objective the Arabs won't need to fight: The Jews will destroy themselves..." Shocking comments from the author? Not this time: here he quotes a letter written by Yoni Netanyahu in November 1973. How little has changed. This realization too is part of the stimulating shock of this great work.

Having anchored the Israel-Lebanon conflict and Israel's current defeatist government to its bitter roots, Narrett turns his pen on the UN and the deceptively benign "non-aligned nations", a media catch-phrase which he defines as "multi-textured lies. They are states, not nations... meta-deceits scarring the earth like demonic dolls... These artificial states serve the diplomatic-financial-occult elites to attack genuine nations, especially the most ancient and foundational nation of all... The past will be erased, the erasure forgotten and, if they have their way, the lie will become truth."

"These states did not condemn Hizbollah, a branch of the Iranian army that attacked Israel in July 2006 and that since its 1980 inception has vowed to annihilate Israel. It was neither punished nor disarmed. Their de facto commitment is to genocide. The annihilation of a member UN state is against the UN charter (the so called non-aligned nations are about two-thirds of the UN).

"...Jean Pierre Ducharme, the General heading the United Nations force in the Lebanon stated that his troops would not disarm Hizbollah... UNIFIL troops will not disarm Hizbollah but they will `travel, visit restaurants and tourist sites and stimulate the local economy,' stated Ducharme."

"So here are more proofs that the UN, whose creation was justified by the shoah [Holocaust]... was formed by the powers and their clients in order to continue the shoah..."

Exposing Europe's complicity in sparking Islamic jihad and the concurrent dissolution of America into a North American Union stripped of the very "laws, ethics, language, history and sense of shared identity that are its basis" Narrett swings from his analysis of geopolitics and modern historical record to observing current events through the lens of the works of great authors such as Poe, Coleridge and Kipling, interweaving their foreboding perceptions with the wisdom of Jewish Sages such as the Ramban and a multitude of Kabbalistic insights and Tanach prophecies. The titles of his closing chapters, The End Times Café and Great Darkness are ominous but the delight concealed within this complex and compelling work is the strong thread of conviction and hope that notes Israel's continued endurance and flourishing. The author finds faith in the prophesied return of Jews to the entirety of Biblical Israel and the resulting healing and balance that will accrue to the nations of the world, even those that are now engaged in the War on the Jews. These hopeful accents inform the events and themes of the Epilog and Afterword that sees the conflict of our days as a war on grace and integrity.

World War III - The War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State brings information and perspectives that need to be considered by all people being pushed by economics and propaganda into a new pyramid, a world of slaves, monitored, controlled and expendable. This is a rich and challenging book but in today's world ignorance is not bliss, it is blinding; it is lethal. War World III - the War on the Jews is a "must read."
I never understood diplomacy. I remember reading that former Secretary of State Warren Christopher was humiliated at the Damascus airport. I couldn't understand why the top diplomat of the United States would allow himself to be humiliated by the leader of a country which couldn't manufacture a light-bulb.

But the Oslo accords also defied reason. Why would the United States pressure Israel to give up land to gangs of terrorists who had murdered Americans, including American diplomats? As the Arabs continually ignored their obligations the process became more and more absurd: declarations that "both sides must end the cycle of violence" became routine as did demands for more Israeli concessions.

Why would American administrations, Democrat and Republican pressure, betray and mistreat the nation that should be its mainstay in the struggle against Russia and jihad?

When I read Dr. Eugene Narrett's books, everything made sense. Dr. Narrett shows how the State Department, like England and Russia creates crises in order to manage them and ultimately to justify "security measures" and regional "peace and prosperity" groups. To foster and manage crises, jihadists are the ideal "partner" which explains, for example, why the U.S. sent the marines to rescue Arafat from Beirut at the end of the first Lebanon War: they didn't want to lose their "partner" in keeping the pot simmering and in pressuring Israel with terror till more and more concessions are made and terrorism grows like poverty in the attic. And with it grows State control.

The game is played as follows: the Arabs make the first move - terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians which eventually forces Israel to respond if only to save the defeatist regime. Then the UN howls, an American envoy rushes to the region demanding negotiations and more Israeli concessions and confidence-building measures. The author shines a bright light on this outcome-based and suicidal process.

This is the "thesis-antithesis-synthesis" model of the Communists but Narrett, showing no favorites explains it more clearly and soberly than other analysts. He knows history and culture as well as politics, a rare combination.

This book shows how the mandarins in the State Department are conducting a multi-sided chess game designed to reduce their own people's sovereignty and reduce Israel to a helpless vassal. The frontline instruments for this part of the "War on Terror" are the artificial states of the Arab middle-east created by Britain after 1920. But to accomplish this, the Israeli populace must be subjected to terror and become accustomed to living with it, never conquering it. For this purpose, the clerks in the State Department invented the concept of asymmetrical warfare, whereby Israel is not allowed to respond in kind but must not harm the "innocent" civilians who act as human shields to protect the terrorists whose goal is --- to murder Jewish civilians. This new concept in warfare is entirely absurd as even the fourth Geneva Convention defines harboring troops in a civilian area as a war-crime. And when ground troops are sent in with rules of engagement that ensure they suffer heavy losses politicians claim there is no military solution to terror.

Why are the key facts forgotten or suppressed by our media and politicians? WW III exposes the cultural roots for this march toward forgetting and endless wars of attrition.

Dr. Narrett gives a further example of the duplicity of the American diplomatic elite, -- the Israeli security barrier or fence. Israelis were told that the fence would protect them from suicide bombers, a ludicrous premise. Then, Israel is condemned by the international community for making life impossible for the Arabs by preventing them from reaching their olive groves. Radical organizations funded by major tax-exempt foundations and European governments arrive to incite the Arabs to riot beside the fence, with the result that Israelis cling even stronger to the idea that the fence, whose real goal is to confine Israel within Auschwitz borders is designed to protect them.

Dr. Narrett also explains the cultural basis for the West's violent instability, its war against Israel and the Jewish people. He shows how it echoes the ills of our society today with its traumatic uprooting of tradition, history and war against fathers all of them prefigured in myths of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, one vivid example being the violent birth of Aphrodite from Ouranos mutilated by his wife and son.

Perhaps the most fascinating and original section of this book is its discussion of post-modernism that shows how progressivism and modernism are regressive, a nostalgie de la boue. You must read the discussion of how the Modern West has been a cult of terror since the 1790s, fascinated and in love with the savage, primitive and "other." Here, Narrett explains, is a reason for the otherwise irrational alliance of the modern West with its supposed opponent, jihad.

Another strand in this amazing story is the window Narrett opens on the invisible people in this global conflict, the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, their simple lives and beautiful land. The author gives them a voice, an invaluable addition to discussions of the situation.

Lastly, no other book explains so clearly the continuity between British Mandatory policy from 1920-48 to the land for peace and Road Map processes pushed by the American administrations since 1967. A must read that displays and analyses the full spectrum of Western decline and its continuing war on its Jewish roots.
I enjoyed this book very much. Although not one with a lot of time, it consumed me. Highly recommend. JP

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