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by Marshall Berman

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ISBN: 185984734X
Author: Marshall Berman
Language: English
Publisher: Verso; 1st edition (September 17, 1999)
Pages: 160
Category: Politics & Government
Subcategory: Politics
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 117
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Marxism has been part of me for all my life," says Marshall Berman

Marxism has been part of me for all my life," says Marshall Berman. Late in my fifties, I'm still learning and sorting out ho. The essays in Adventures in Marxism, which span from a portion of Berman's 1963 Oxford thesis (supervised by Isaiah Berlin) to a reconsideration of the Communist Manifesto on its sesquicentennial in 1998, are a splendid presentation of that "learning and sorting. The book's not only about Marx, mind you-Berman also considers those who have followed in Marx's footsteps, including Edmund Wilson, Georg Lukacs, Meyer.

In Adventures in Marxism, Berman tells of how, while a Columbia University student in 1959, the chance discovery of. .

In Adventures in Marxism, Berman tells of how, while a Columbia University student in 1959, the chance discovery of Karl Marx's Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 proved a revelation and inspiration, and became the foundation for all his future work.

Berman first read The Communist Manifesto in the same week as Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman while at.

Berman first read The Communist Manifesto in the same week as Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman while at high school. A few years later, now a student at Columbia University, he was handing out copies of Marx's 1844 Manuscripts, purchased for 50 cents each at the (Soviet) Four Continents Bookstore in New York, as holiday presents for friends and relatives. Here was the beginning of a lifelong engagement with Marxism that, as this volume demonstrates, has been both consistent and refreshing.

Adventures in Marxism book. An alumnus of Columbia University, Berman completed his P. at Harvard University in 1968 Marshall Berman (born 1940, The Bronx, New York City) is an American philosopher and Marxist Humanist writer. He is currently Distinguished Professor of Political Science at The City College of New York and at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, teaching Political Philosophy and Urbanism.

In this text Berman brings together various discussions of work on Marx and Marxism.

Marshall Berman, New York, N. the memory of Marshall Berman.

I have long been inspired by both his work and public commitment to engaging with his students and the people of New York City. com. ve-affa. villagevoice. Marshall Bermans Love Affair With Marx - Page 1 - Books - New York - Village Voice. New York News - The Village Voice is the definitive source for New York news coverage, politics, and blogs.

Marshall Berman, the Bronx-born writer who died last week aged 72, would not have had any problems with replying

Marshall Berman, the Bronx-born writer who died last week aged 72, would not have had any problems with replying.

The posthumous collection Modernism in the Streets gathers fifty years of Berman’s writing and criticism. In the essay, Caught Up in the Mix (published originally as the introduction to his 1999 collection, Adventures in Marxism) Berman writes of the early texts of Marx that so inspired his life and work: I think Marx understood better than anyone how modern life is a mix; one mix-‘the mix’; how we call are caught up in it and how easy

Adventures in Marxism - Free ebook download as PDF File . df), Text File . xt) or read book online for free.

Adventures in Marxism - Free ebook download as PDF File . Adventures in Marxism.

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I feel like I’m one of those people that you talk about whose lives have been adventures in Marxism. I’m fifty years old, and since I spent my life as a construction worker raising a family, I’m at this stage still in college ... Your book was inspiring to me because it reminded me why I made the sacrifices I did to get an education ... the sheer joy of learning about ideas and the hope that education can make some kind of difference. He great thing about your approach to Marx is that you show that theory and the world of ideas can be exciting and intellectually rich, but also relevant to all workers, blue collar or otherwise.—Personal letter to the Author from Scott Smith, construction worker and student (Pittsburgh)


just one girl
Awesome book to give a warm touch to marxism.
First let me say what I appreciated about this book. Berman is a serious intellectual with an enormous amount of knowledge to share about not only Marxism but literature, philosophy and history as well. He joyfully describes his youthful adoration of Marx's "Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844," written by a younger and perhaps more spiritually vibrant Marx. Berman comes across not at all as a dogmatist. But rather as a very learned and thoughtful scholar. His intention with this book is to place Marx firmly within his proper place in the German humanist/romantic tradition, alongside Goethe and many others. Also Berman never makes excuses for the failures of Communism in the "real world". But readily admits that the tanks in Budapest and the purges of Stalin were a nightmare, as the Randy Newman song quoted in his preface states "If Marx were alive today, He'd be rolling around in his grave".

Of course, Berman, like Marx, is also a hopeless idealist who believes that the positive potential of human society is still virtually untapped and that revolutionary change for the better is still in the process of unfolding. Furthermore, Berman sees Marx as a still useful and important voice for the Western radical humanist movement that began with the French Revolution and was continued by numerous Communists and anarchists through the 1960's counterculture to the radical activists of today and beyond. Personally, I thinks Berman is probably too optimistic in his outlook on the future of humanity and the societies that we will likely create. But still I respect his point of view on this subject. Whether Marx will continue to be a useful voice is also highly debatable. Certainly Marx is a serious thinker with some valid things to say. But the truth is that Marx's ideas were perverted, by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and others, to justify some of the most brutal atrocities of the 20th century. So, for most people, Marx's name will always be tainted by these murderous tyrants as well as the ultimate failure of Communism to succeed as a viable alternative to capitalism.

I would still give this book 5 stars if it were written as a congruent whole. But instead it is actually quite choppy to read, as it is essentially a series of essays and book reviews Berman wrote between 1963-1988. Also it's hard to imagine who the targeted audience for this book would be. It is definitely not intended as a basic introduction to Marx and Marxism. Also most firebrand orthodox Marxists would probably not appreciate it, as it is definitely more philosophical musings than fiery dogma. Still Berman is a good writer with some interesting points to make. So this is probably worthwhile reading for those that are interested.
I bought this hoping it'd be a good starting point on learning about Marx. Was not dissapointed here. I also thought, thanks to the cartoon cover, the book would be an easy read. But nope, this youngster had some trouble with Berman's style of writing! :(
Oh yea, a correction.. many reviews say Berman was giving away copies fo the Communist Manifesto to his friends and family as a youngster. This is not true... he was giving away Marx's Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844. Not that this is really relevant to why or why you should not check this book out... *anticipates a lot of "No, this review was not helpful" marks*
For some reason, I was expecting to read original essays on Marxism. Instead, what Berman's book contains is a collection of book reviews he's had published in an assortment of magazines and one, lengthy, original essay titled "All That Is Solid Melts Into Air," which Berman had already wrote an entire book on! Then, I found this humorous, he has an article attacking a reviewer who didn't entirely agree with the book's views on modernity. Berman's writing style is enjoyable to read and he is humorous, but over over and over again in this book, I kept reading the same passages from Marx's Manifesto and Capital in different reviews, which became slightly annoying. Overall, Berman is a good writer, and thanks to a few of Berman's book reviews, I have some more reading to do. But next time, I hope Berman has something original to say when he writes a book. I felt like the reviews in the book were put together just for the sake of having a book published.
This collection of essays provides instructive and sometimes critical insights into Marx's works and their implications in the modern context. Berman has produced an enjoyable read overall. I found it thought-provoking to say the least. I recommend the book for anyone interested in Marxist thinking, irrespective of one's political point-of-view.
Rarely does an author combine such comprehensive knowledge of his subject and such deep love of it with the language to convey both. A masterpiece. Forcefully conveys why the ideas of Karl Marx remain current in the 21st century and how they can bring inspiration to those who still aspire to a society in which 'the free development of each is condition of the free development of all."

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