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by John Gibson

Download Hating America: The New World Sport fb2, epub

ISBN: 0060760516
Author: John Gibson
Language: English
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks; Reprint edition (April 5, 2005)
Pages: 304
Category: Politics & Government
Subcategory: Politics
Rating: 4.1
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Hating America: The New World Sport (. ISBN 0-06-058010-0) is a 2004 book by John Gibson, a Fox News pundit. The book discusses world reaction to the foreign policy of the United States after the September 11 Terrorist Attacks.

Hating America: The New World Sport (. Publishers Weekly said that "by lumping this reluctance under the rubric of hatred, Gibson reduces serious policy differences to emotional animus," while a Townhall.

New York : Regan Books

New York : Regan Books. inlibrary; printdisabled;. Introduction: Mohammed Atta vs. My friend Roy - France's war on America - The Arabs' mindless hatred for America - The Brits' annoying tendency to hate themselves for not hating America quite viciously enough - Germans delighted: at last someone else is Hitler - The axis of envy: Belgium, South Korea, and Canada - All the. world despises George W. Bush - They're wrong.

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Hating America" by John Gibson details Anti-Americanism throughout the world. It's a generally good overview, and he reports on some truly alarming sentiments from all over the globe, including many from our closest "allies.

John David Gibson (born July 25, 1946) is an American radio talk show host. As of September 2008, he hosts the syndicated radio program The John Gibson Show on Fox News Radio. Gibson earned a BA from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. He began his reporting career with The Hollywood Reporter (1969–1972) and worked for Atlantic Records (1972–1974). Gibson worked for KFWB-AM (1974–1975) and KEYT-TV (1975–1977)

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Hating America-John Gibson.

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John Gibson is one of the Fox News Channel's most outspoken personalities. Please do not judge this book based on your political ideology. The book's subject can certainly be assumed by the title, and if you think France and Saudi Arabia are great countries; then you should write a book about it. Although I do not agree 100% with the text, I do think it is concise, well-written, and a fair analysis.

John Gibson is one of the Fox News Channel's most outspoken personalities. Now, as the aftershocks of the war in Iraq reverberate around the world, Gibson exposes the outrageous tenor of anti-American sentiment filling newsprint and airwaves beyond our borders and how disagreements over policy have mushroomed into poisonous hatred."I loathe America . . . and what it has done to Iraq and the rest of the helpless world."—Margaret Drabble, British novelist

From the "Arab street" to the halls of even the most historically friendly foreign governments, extreme anti-Americanism has grown disturbingly pervasive throughout the world since the shell-shocking moment of 9/11. Over the year that followed, Gibson writes, "I began to watch the overseas press with a morbid fascination punctuated by bursts of outrage. The things that were being said about America and Americans were marked by an off-the-charts level of venom, a scandalous parade of mistaken assumptions, an endless font of suspicion, mistrust, and the promulgation of outright, willful lies. The viciousness of commentary on America was breathtaking." "Damn Americans. Hate those bastards." --Carolyn Parrish, Canadian parliament member

And, as Gibson traces, the hate speech has gone well beyond the usual suspects in the Middle East, infecting our erstwhile allies in Europe, Asia, and even Canada. British Prime Minister Tony Blair complained that "some of the rhetoric I hear used about America is more savage than some of the rhetoric I hear about Saddam and the Iraqi regime." Presumptuous Belgian officials attempted to bring American officials up on war-crimes charges. And special hatred was reserved for President George W. Bush, whom one Australian newspaper dismissed as "the village idiot."

As America defends its security in the ongoing war on terror, Gibson argues, we must be prepared to face this growing tide of resentment abroad, which will only result in serious consequences for the haters themselves. For the anti-Americans, he argues, would "like us to forget that those who hate us may eventually try to kill us -- because they now know that we will never allow that to happen without exacting a price on those who would attempt it."


"Hating America" by John Gibson details Anti-Americanism throughout the world. It's a generally good overview, and he reports on some truly alarming sentiments from all over the globe, including many from our closest "allies." Margaret Drabble, the noxious British writer said "I loathe America...and what it has done to Iraq and the rest of the helpless world," the quote from Canadian parliament member Carolyn Parrish is too vulgar to be reprinted, while Mahmoud Shazil, member of the Egyptian parliament said, in part, "The message is, we really hate you." (Remind me again why the US gives billions of dollars in foreign aid to Egypt.)

Gibson devotes chapters to America-bashing in France, Britain, Germany, the Arab world (a big surprise there,) and the "Axis of Envy," Belgium, South Korea, and Canada. The US would have no problem making a go of it without South Korea or Belgium in particular. The US needs them for what again? Cheap cars and chocolate? I found the chapter on France the most interesting because France is one of my favorite places in the world, and I have universally had good experiences in France and with the French. In stark contrast to my personal travels in France, the cultural elite there are in a league of their own. I was especially pleased with the job Gibson does in this chapter, especially as it relates to Jacques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin, who is now deservedly disgraced and resigned to the litterbin of history.

The chapter on the Arab world's hatred is likewise excellent, although less surprising. Perhaps my favorite quote in the chapter came from a Saudi woman who emailed a political opinion show on US cable television "Why don't you all stay home? Stay in America. We don't need you, we don't want you. We don't need you to tell us what to do or where we want to live or why we should want to live in your land of the free." Here's my question: if it's so bad in the land of the free, why don't all the Arabs stay home instead of immigrating to America? They can't have it both ways, although they certainly expect it when it suits their purposes.

The chapter on British intelligentsia is good, particularly in the discussion of Margaret Drabble who said, amongst other things "I detest American imperialism, American infantilism, and American triumphalism about victories it didn't even win." Gibson correctly notes that she never explained which victories America didn't win, but it certainly wasn't said regarding World War One or Two, where in both cases American soldiers willingly sacrificed themselves to save the lives and lifestyles of innumerable British subjects. He also astutely mentions that when she came to the United States six months later on a book tour she toned down the rhetoric. Don't want to hurt sales, you know.

Gibson goes through other countries in several other chapters, and all are interesting, although I think the best reporting is in the chapters on Britain, France, and the Arab world. The material on South Korea surprised me a bit, as that is one country that is almost completely dependant on US sponsorship for its continued existence. The details of the South Korean section are more trivial: apparently there is continued resentment of the US for an incident in which an American beat a South Korean skater in the 2002 winter Olympics, "The Ohno Affair." Still the South Koreans are increasingly desirous of reunification with North Korea and see the US as an obstacle to that "progress." Since there's really no strategic interests to the US in South Korea, perhaps it would behoove America to save the money being spent there for sixty years and let the people have their reunification.

Gibson offers a chapter on the personal hatred of George W. Bush, which is well done, but not especially groundbreaking, and concludes with a strong chapter summarizing his beliefs about the US and its policies under George W. Bush. In the discussion of the second Iraq war, I was particularly taken with a quote from Bill Clinton, which voices the widespread belief in the US and intelligence shops all over the globe that Saddam Hussein still had WMD ambitions: "People can quarrel with whether we should have more troops in Afghanistan or internationalize Iraq or whatever, but it is incontestable that on the day I left office, there were unaccounted-for stocks of biological and chemical weapons [in Iraq]. We might have destroyed them in '98. We tried to, but we sure as heck didn't know because we never got back in there."

This book was written during the George W. Bush administration, and as such is somewhat dated. Bush was a polarizing figure and could be very divisive. Certainly Obama is much more conscious of international sensitivities, although how much safer or less safe that makes the world is quite debatable. On balance I liked this book and think it's worth reading to grasp sentiment toward America from outsider's perspectives. It's actually quite alarming, and some criticize it as alarmist; it certainly isn't falsely alarmist unless it's wrong, and on balance it certainly seems that the content is quite accurate. I prefer a less shrill tone personally, and on that basis particularly recommend the late Jean-Francois Revel's brilliant "Anti-Americanism" wholeheartedly. While I found the information in "Hating America" interesting and generally well-presented, I recommend reading the Revel book first, and the Gibson book second.
This is an enjoyable and easy read. John illuminates the greatness of America. Tired of hearing why we are wrong and our beliefs should be adjusted to fit what the Liberals continue to feed us on the "bad" America? Read this book, it will uplift your spirits.
Actually, hating America is not new. It's been going on longer than most people think.
Gibson does a great job of collecting the outrageous examples of anti-Americanism, but this is really an update of previous attacks that have gone on for generations. While it may be a "new world sport" for Gibson, it is really a rehash of an old world sport for many. A great example of this is Jean Francois Revel's best seller called "Anti-Americanism" which came out a few years ago that shows just how stupid most of the critics of the USA are. Their parents applauded Chamberlain in 1938 for delivering "peace in our time," and after 50 million dead, we finally got peace. For a couple years.

Gibson is to be commended for his book, but he would do well to interview someone like Revell who got there a couple decades ago in explaining the cultural bankruptcy of his fellow Frenchmen, as well as the leftists who infect higher education all over the Western world.
I really find this book very enjoyable to read as it is magnificently detailed, well argued, finely structured and drives home its point rather well. However, there is a rather significant problem that could be this books undoing all together... There. Is. Not. One. Single. Footnote. In. The. Entire. Book. The book uses proof substitutes on EVERY SINGLE PAGE, there is rarely anytime if any that he'll tell us where he got the quotes he did.

I honestly don't think he is a liar nor am I saying he is one, but when he lets us have no means of finding the information he did and let us come to our own conclusions then what is he hiding exactly? To give him some credit, to list a footnote each and every time he mentioned a quote would've been pretty dang extraordinarily tedious. But that leaves us with the problem if he took some quotes out of context or maybe some of the quotes never existed at all.

There's definitely jealousy and envy across the world against the United States, many of them unjustified but there are some bad things we did as well. We supported many dictators who brutally oppressed peaceful protesters, forcing these protesters basically to become terrorists or otherwise be subjected to a cruel government. We HAVE helped create terrorists, but the grand majority of terrorists are Islamist radicals who have no intention or have had any intention for peace except for a temporary means of cease fire to rearm and reorganize themselves. They have repeatably said and it is justified in the Qu'ran that they are to kill all the infidels, they are religious fanatics.

Whether people like it or not, we are the best country so far in this world because we are a beacon of peace, liberty and freedom. People are able to rise and fall to their own accord, you're able to pursue what makes you happy as long as it is in reasonable means and each human being is treated by law with dignity. And because of this, many people are jealous and simply lash out at us. However, as mentioned before we have made severe faults and those same people love to concentrate on the exceptions and not the rule in order to justify hating America.

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