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Download Community as Partner: Theory and Practice in Nursing fb2, epub

by Elizabeth T. Anderson DrPH RN FAAN,Judith McFarlane DrPh RN FAAN

Download Community as Partner: Theory and Practice in Nursing fb2, epub

ISBN: 0781786436
Author: Elizabeth T. Anderson DrPH RN FAAN,Judith McFarlane DrPh RN FAAN
Language: English
Publisher: LWW; Fifth edition (December 26, 2006)
Pages: 496
Category: Medicine & Health Sciences
Subcategory: Other
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 505
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Elizabeth T. Anderson DrPH RN FAAN; Judith McFarlane DrPh RN FAAN

Elizabeth T. Anderson DrPH RN FAAN; Judith McFarlane DrPh RN FAAN. This updated and revised text examines the contemporary public health nursing role as a 'hands on' care giver combined with the public health role of community detective and epidemiologist who promotes a healthy, effective partnership with the community. It presents a global focus that is appropriate for our shrinking world and includes disaster and community health threats as well as concepts and goals addressed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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ELIZABETH T. ANDERSON, DrPH, RN, FAAN Professor Emerita The University of Texas Medical Branch School of. .

JUDITH MCFARLANE, DrPH, RN, FAAN Parry Chair in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Texas Woman’s University College of Nursing Houston, Texas.

JUDITH MCFARLANE, DrPH, RN, FAAN Parry Chair in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Texas Woman’s University . Elizabeth t. anderson and judith mcfarlane. Part 3. Practicing With Diverse Communities. 16. 289. Promoting Healthy Partnerships With Schools.

by Vollman PhD RN Cchn(c), Ardene Robinson (Author), Anderson Drph RN Faan, Elizabeth T (Author), McFarlane Drph RN Faan, Judith (Author) & 0 more.

Community as Partner, 6e: Theory and Practice in Nursing Elizabeth T. Anderson RN, DrPH, FAAN October 2010/Approx. Strong new chapter on Rural Health – Providing students an understanding of the unique considerations required for community nursing in a rural environment Community Health Nursing: Promoting & Protecting the Public’s Health, 7e Judith A. Allender, RN-C, MSN, EdD Cherie Rector, PhD, RN-C Kristine Warner, PhD, MS, MPH, RN February 2009/ 1024 p. 100 illus.

by Elizabeth T. Anderson DrPH RN FAAN (Author), Judith McFarlane DrPh RN FAAN (Author). This was the first class I have taken for community health in nursing school. I did not find it very useful, the book was too wordy, you had to read multiple pages to understand the main point. ISBN-13: 978-1451190939. I found myself having to constantly google the topics to really understand what it was saying. I would say it is a good book if you have had some sort of introduction to this topic before, but as someone who is new to this topic the book did not help condense the information to a basic level of understanding.

Community as Partner: Theory and Practice in Nursing. AJN The American Journal of Nursing96(10):16H, October 1996.

Community as Partner book.

The thoroughly updated Fifth Edition of this AJN award-winning text examines the contemporary public health nurse's role as a hands-on caregiver, community detective, and epidemiologist. Emphasizing primary care, community assessment, and program planning, the book provides practical tools for working with communities to improve health and includes exemplars from communities throughout the world.

This edition integrates Healthy People 2010 objectives throughout the exemplars. Three new chapters discuss differences between population-focused and individual-focused care; informatics in community/home health nursing; and communities in danger from bioterrorism, infectious disease, or disasters. This edition also includes more examples of rural community assessment.


The course was hard. Many times I hated not just this book, but life itself. Ripping the hair off my arm seemed more merciful. Frankly this course should be used as a CIA torture device. Or a way to drive people insane. It really is that awful. Unless you are deviant who enjoys intricate things with no right answers just for the sake of fun debate. Blah ha ha. ????????

Either way, don't expect any book on this topic to be a dummy's guide. Stay at a Holiday Inn express. Maybe you'll understand it. This book is likely as good as it's gonna get to simplify this course. My book had about a thousand post its with notes. Why? Well you know the image of a dead horse? Yeah they beat it INTO the ground making explanations. And when you're doing, you're wondering where the day went. I can almost speed read and twenty pages took me two days. That's about a chapter. Why? Well I'd read an except, eat massive chocolates, roam the house like a prison, banged my head, dreamed with my eyes open....

Still, the authors tried. One book. One course... You haven't learned a thing. But you can sit and listen to professors have a discussion and understand 10%. You can read a scholarly article and say, hey, I recall that word. I don't know how the heck they did the math, but I know they have nifty computers to do that quantitative research. Hahahahahaha.

Read it anyway. If you decide you want a DSW, you'll do research til you croak. Or if you desperately want an answer to some complex puzzle, you'll have to align with a senior social worker and do this. You'll only learn this by doing. And even then, a lifetime of doing and you won't perfect it. But you gotta start somewhere.

So yes, I hated this book, mainly because the work was just impossibly hard. But that wasn't the books fault. That was the fault of my hard head, exhaustion and difficult concepts. Now that I'm on the other side, I'll hide the book awhile, forget the agony of it, and enjoy reading scholarly articles with more insight and a frame of reference. I can't judge the authors on the material, only their take on it, and it wasn't bad. I don't know anything about anything still, but I can pretend as if I had stayed at the holiday inn express.
As a public health nursing instructor I have used this book (well the two previous versions) for several years. It provides the best and most complete example of how to "do public health" from a community-focused perspective. It also includes rationale and examples. This provides students with a blue print and how-to manual while also showing the process with a real life community example.

This book is a complete PH text as it also covers all the other usual components of a PH nursing and PH practice. This text is for students, practicing public health nurses, and anyone working with communities to change health and well-being.

What I also love about this book (and what sets it apart from other text books) is that it is community-focused and teaches impact health and well-being from that perspective. Therefore the content is useful for a broad audience.

This text will not teach you to be a "community-based" practitioner (provider). The authors really get it!
This book was required for my nursing school - BSN program. I feel the selection of books my program chose were all very informative, to the point and we used the books for the classes that required them. During nursing school most people do not know where their career will take them, there are so many options the RN has available, so building a strong foundation is essential to success in the field. Nursing books are not written to be entertaining they are for educational purpose only. This book definitely offered education. After you graduate school and chose a path then find the best reference book you can find and carry it with you until the day you retire. I always recommend the additional study guide to a book if one is available.
To be honest, this book was somewhat of a disappointment. As a public health practitioner and registered nurse, it leaves something to be desired. I'm not sure if the author intended to leave out some critically important information due to recent changes in the direction of practice due to federal, state and local budget cuts, or if she ignored the essentials of earlier works for other reasons. Personally, I find Stanhope and Lancaster's "Foundations of Community Health Nursing" to be a far more valuable resource, even though it is significantly older. I hope to see a change in the future of public health nursing practice (as well as the text and instructional materials needed for this discipline) that takes it back to - or at least integrates - the concepts of its foundational core with the needs of today and tomorrow. Much work needs to be done in the public spectrum that requires integrating community health nursing with environmental and epidemiological principles - at more than a superficial level - and understanding the essential relationships of public health policy, advocacy, and the nurse's role in producing change. This piece is simply inadequate to prepare nurses for the task.
Although this textbook was not required for my nursing community health class, I am glad that I did. This book succinctly describes a Public Health Nurse versus a Commuity Health Nurse's jobs,responsibilities, and scope of practice. This book helped me to get an "A" in community health.
While I did not purchase the most recent edition, the community assessment process, program implementation and outcome evaluation pieces of a community assessment work well to present a sound methodology toward project or policy change that is lasting.
Not sure if instructor meant todo this, but this book followed the istructions for for project assigned implicitly. By following the book's example was able to easily outline and follow to complete senior project.
needed it for a class

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