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by Nathaniel Hawthorne,1stworld Library

Download The Great Stone Face fb2, epub

ISBN: 159540113X
Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne,1stworld Library
Language: English
Publisher: 1st World Library - Literary Society (September 1, 2004)
Pages: 76
Category: Humanities
Subcategory: Other
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 118
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The red letter A on her dress marks young mother Hester Prynne among her Puritan neighbors, who demand to know who fathered her child. The main character is a great scientist and lover of nature with a beautiful wife whom he loves dearly. However, despite the love Aylmer has for his wife, he wonders whether the birthmark she has on her cheek can be removed. History & Fiction, Science Fiction.

The Great Stone Face, et. a. by Nathaniel HawthorneTHE GREAT STONE FACE AND OTHER TALES OF. .In the Sketches from Memory Hawthorne gives an intimation of the tale which he might write and did afterward write of The Great Carbuncle. by Nathaniel HawthorneTHE GREAT STONE FACE AND OTHER TALES OF THE WHITE MOUNTAINS BY NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE, 1882 CONTENTS INTRODUCTION THE GREAT STONE . The paper is interesting as showing what were the actual experiences out of which he formed his imaginative stories. THE GREAT STONE FACE and Other Tales OF THE WHITE MOUNTAINS. The great stone face.

The great stone face. 9. The ambitious guest. 1st World Publishing, 2004. 159540113X, 9781595401137. 35. The great carbuncle. 47. Sketches from memory.

The Great Stone Face" is a short story published by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1850. The story reappeared in a full-length book, The Snow-Image, and Other Twice-Told Tales, published by Ticknor, Reed & Fields in 1852. It has since been republished and anthologized many times. Hawthorne sets the scene in a rural valley located in an unnamed . state that resembles New Hampshire. by Nathaniel Hawthorne. ONE AFTERNOON, When the sun was going down, a mother and her little boy sat at the door of their cottage, talking about the Great Stone Face. The Great Stone Face, then, was a work of Nature in her mood of majestic playfulness, formed on the perpendicular side of a mountain by some immense rocks, which had been thrown together in such a position as, when viewed at a proper distance, precisely to resemble the features of the human countenance. It seemed as if an enormous giant, or a Titan, had sculptured his own likeness on the precipice.

I read 'The Great Stone Face' by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I think this book was okay. Legends of the area tied to the wonders of the Old Man of the Mountain, who is no longer with us, the infamous tragedy of the Willey landslide and Mt. Washington. It is a short story, but the story is still good. A boy waits for the man who looks like a Great Stone Face to appear. In this book there are few people who everyone thinks they look like the Great Stone Face. After reading this book, I learned that to be a person whom everyone admires, I don't need wealth, good speech or strength. Also a story of when Nathaniel Hawthorne himself visited the area.

Introduction The Great Stone Face The Ambitious Guest The Great Carbuncle Sketches From Memory

Introduction The Great Stone Face The Ambitious Guest The Great Carbuncle Sketches From Memory. THE first three numbers in this collection are tales of the White Hillsin New Hampshire. It is not impossible that this conceit occurred to Hawthorne before hehad himself seen the Old Man of the Mountain, or the Profile, in theFranconia Notch which is generally associated in the minds of readerswith The Great Stone Face. In The Ambitious Guest he has made use of the incident still told totravellers through the Notch, of the destruction of the Willey familyin August, 1826. by. Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864. Book from Project Gutenberg: The Great Stone Face. Library of Congress Classification: PS. Call number. gutenberg etext 1916.

It’s a short book, though it drags in some places because Hawthorne loves unnecessary details. The book starts off with Hester Prynne, the main character, being led up on the scaffold for the public to gawk at. But he’s very good at making you understand exactly what the characters are feeling. The book is full of his observations about human nature and I’d say it’s worth reading because of that even if you have no interest in the plot. 10 people found this helpful.

Nathaniel Hawthorne immersed himself in the legends and superstitions of New England, weaving their themes into his own writing

Nathaniel Hawthorne immersed himself in the legends and superstitions of New England, weaving their themes into his own writing. These four haunting stories-tales of spirituality, guilt, and the consequences of sin-are set in New Hampshire's White Mountai. Sci-fi & Fantasy Fantasy Fiction Short Stories. One fee. Stacks of books.

Purchase one of 1st World Library's Classic Books and help support our free internet library of downloadable eBooks. 1st World Library-Literary Society is a non-profit educational organization. Visit us online at www.1stWorldLibrary.ORG - THE first three numbers in this collection are tales of the White Hills in New Hampshire. The passages from Sketches from Memory show that Hawthorne had visited the mountains in one of his occasional rambles from home, but there are no entries in his Note Books which give accounts of such a visit. There is, however, among these notes the following interesting paragraph, written in 1840 and clearly foreshadowing The Great Stone Face: 'The semblance of a human face to be formed on the side of a mountain, or in the fracture of a small stone, by a lusus naturae [freak of nature]. The face is an object of curiosity for years or centuries, and by and by a boy is born whose features gradually assume the aspect of that portrait. At some critical juncture the resemblance is found to be perfect. A prophecy may be connected.'


Good read for connecting the dots between those driven by a yearning for the Love of Jesus Christ vs those driven by what today passes for the vanity fair. Read out loud, I edited wordy style of 19th century American literature, on the fly, to best fit my young audiences'. Definitely wisdom literature, elder kin to "Hinds feet in High Places."
Living in New Hampshire the past 25+ years I am of course familiar with the "Great Stone Face". We got a copy of this when our kiddos were little. It has become one of my favorite books of all time. The illustrations are excellent, good quality binding, and of course a great story. I often read it on a Sunday afternoon to unwind, relax & reflect about life. Makes a great gift too!
Rich Vulture
This little story bites deep. It's been two months since I read it, and it's stayed with me. I enjoyed it even though it produced more than a couple of tears. Maybe you read this in the 9th grade. If so, try it again. It means more once you're an adult.
For me this was like rear reading short stories from my school days. Reading these stories after having vacation in New Hampshire, added to the appreciation and understanding.
Hawthorne is a master of the short stories for me. He presents a lesson somewhat like a parable, yet extended. Take the time to read this one in front of the fireplace and a cup of hot coffee. It will well worth your time.
Although I had read the Scarlet Letter in high school I had never run across this little gem before. It is a very engaging but simple short story with a powerful message. Nathaniel Hawthorne profoundly understood the human condition and the primary force which shapes who I am today and who I will become tomorrow. Simply stated, I will become tomorrow like that which I focus upon today. However, The Great Stone Face portrays that truth with far greater eloquence.
This was not the exact thing I was looking for-it is just an adaptation.
good treatment of a wonderful story. Very well done

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