Download SPEED READING fb2, epub

by Tony Buzan

Download SPEED READING fb2, epub

ISBN: 071539035X
Author: Tony Buzan
Language: English
Publisher: DAVID & CHARLES PLC; 2Rev Ed edition (February 26, 1988)
Pages: 176
Category: Job Hunting & Careers
Subcategory: Money
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 318
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Can you remember names, faces, lists, speeches, dates, numbers, examination data.

Can you remember names, faces, lists, speeches, dates, numbers, examination data. Tony Buzan-Use Your Memory - Mega Brain Mind Memory. 72 MB·51,718 Downloads. and places,Use Your Memorywill be invaluable. Use Your Memory, a major new development from. SPEED READING The Mind Map Book: How to Use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential. 14 MB·8,736 Downloads·New! An authority on learning techniques and the brain offers a groundbreaking, fully illustrated.

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Speed Reading Videos. The Buzan Book Boot-camp. February 8 @ 9:00 am - February 9 @ 5:00 pm. Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor in Memory. February 20 @ 9:00 am - February 21 @ 5:00 pm. Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor in Speed Reading. March 9 @ 9:00 am - March 11 @ 5:00 pm.

The Speed Reading Book book. The Speed Reading Book, part of Tony Buzan's revolutionary 'Mind Set' series (which includes the million-copy bestseller The Mind Map" Book), is a revolutionary operations manual for those who wish to achieve all of these goals and much more! Speed Reading makes it easy to: - think faster and more creatively - make better notes - pass exams with relative ease - study more successfully - save days, weeks even months of your time.

Learn more about Speed Reading by Tony Buzan to understand the importance of increasing your reading speed and a better understanding of texts. This article explains Speed reading, developed by Tony Buzan, in a practical way. After reading you will understand the basics of this powerful personal development tool. Reading (text) books takes quite some time. This is why it may not be such a bad idea to improve your reading skills in such a way that your reading speed is doubled or even quadrupled. According to the British psychologist Tony Buzan this is possible.

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Books Written by Tony Buzan. A revolutionary approach based on techniques which use the brain and eyes more effectively to quicken reading speed and increase comprehension, while at the same time expanding your general knowledge. All parents who pick up this book will be inspired and empowered by Tony’s understanding of their child’s brain and what they can do to fulfil his or her true potential. Suitable for parents with lower Primary children. The comprehensive guide to Mind Maps® by the inventor himself. Beautifully illustrated.


Like in all of his books, Tony Buzan reiterates his favorite assertions on mind mapping and mental abilities of a human.

This book consists of history and the new developments of speed reading, self tests and exercises, mixed with short essays on physiologic aspects of reading, like left and right cortical research, the number of brain cells and their interconnections, the anatomy of eyes (including the cross-section), control of eye movements t to increase the speed and comprehension of reading (with diagrams of eyes' progression while reading).

The author addressed the common reading problems: subvocalization, finger-pointing, regression and back-skipping, and presents the new approaches to overcoming them. He gives practical advises on improving your concentration and increasing your comprehension. Much attention is given to developing advanced skimming and scanning techniques, range reading skills, metronome training.

The book finishes with tips on getting control of different kinds of text: the newspapers, literature and poetry.

In addition to this book, I can recommend exercising with a speed reading audio program, that should be listened while reading. I can suggest "The Speed Reading 16-Minute Audio Program" which I have personally used.
I have several of Tony Buzan's books, and I appreciate his work very much. Although I don't believe that he is the only word in mind improvement, he has been extremely helpful to me.

And this book was no exception. He covers what I feel to be important parts of reading speed improvement -- using the hand to guide, the different guiding movements, improving eye span (among other things). He also touches on the importance of building up vocabulary, and of course, Tony Buzan would not be Tony Buzan if he didn't mention something about Mind Mapping -- another tool of his that has helped me greatly.

You'll have to put in some dedicated, sustained effort into the exercises in this book. They are understandable, but improving reading speed is always a challenge. I've improved my reading speed through this book, and I want to take the book again and work with it to keep the skill up.

I can't answer for those who say that the book did them no good. Perhaps it didn't. But it did do me good. And I'm glad I bought it.
Completely unrealistic. Buy rapid reading
by peter kump.
I got several Speed Reading books. This is okay. The best in my opinion is 'Breakthrough Rapid Reading' by Peter Klump.
Rose Of Winds
Full of nice guidelines! It is nice as a preliminary introduction to speed reading! Then you will need more books!
Can speed u up and safe some time! Just practice a lot!
Tony Buzan's legacy as the world's authority on how to make your brain work better for you is fully demonstrated in this work. There are many techniques in this book which serve as the foundation for other programs on learning how to learn better! He has paved the way for all who followed. The greatest aspect of this work is the myriad of exercises which help us to experience how the brain learns better and faster. By engaging in all these exercises we can train our minds to work more efficiently. Take the time to read the book, do the exercises, and reap the benefits!


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