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by Jack O'Connell

Download Word Made Flesh fb2, epub

ISBN: 0060192097
Author: Jack O'Connell
Language: English
Publisher: Harpercollins; 1st edition (June 1, 1999)
Pages: 326
Category: United States
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 207
Size Fb2: 1268 kb
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Size Djvu: 1742 kb
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Электронная книга "Word Made Flesh", Jack O'Connell Jack O’Connell (b. 1959) is the author of five critically acclaimed, New York Times bestselling crime novels.

Электронная книга "Word Made Flesh", Jack O'Connell. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Word Made Flesh" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. Jack O’Connell (b. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, O’Connell’s earliest reading was the dime novel paperbacks and pulp fiction sold in his corner drug store, whose hard-boiled attitude he carried over to his own writing.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Joe Gilrein, an ex-cop turned taxi driver, must battle a twisted cast of criminals to investigate and avenge the death of his wife.

An ex-cop gets sucked back into an evil world he thought he’d left behind Vealshank Tani’s life ends in an abandoned train station. The killers don’t just torture Tani, they skin him and hang him from a steal beam as a treat for the carrion eaters. This grisly scene wouldn’t matter to Gilrein, a cabbie who knows to mind his own business, except that he spent the evening as Tani’s chauffeur. Whether he knows anything or not, his life is now a liability to August Kroger, kingpin and rare-book addict-and enemies of Kroger do not live long

Word Made Flesh book.

Word Made Flesh book.

Try to remember, if you can make it out in this light, the color of the masking tape they use to secure the cotton wadding in his mouth.

In that state of innocence, his tongue had gone straight to the quick of the world. His words had not been merely appended to the things he saw, they had revealed their essence, had literally brought them to life. A thing and its name were interchangeable. Try to remember, if you can make it out in this light, the color of the masking tape they use to secure the cotton wadding in his mouth. I have no way of knowing if you are a religious individual. I cannot say that I care either way.

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WORD MADE FLESH is laden with blood, violence, and horror, but the book is about none of these things. Rather, O'Connell is fascinated with the topic academics know as "semiotics": the strange and transformative relationship between an object or idea and the word we use to describe it. The book is full of people who at some level are acting out their frustration at being unable to communicate, unable to make that fundamental connection with another human being

In that state of innocence, his tongue had gone straight to the quick of the world.

Joe Gilrein, an ex-cop turned taxi driver, must battle a twisted cast of criminals to investigate and avenge the death of his wife, which draws him back into the violent and dangerous world he had tried to leave behind. Tour.


When James Ellroy bluntly states that Jack O'Connell "is the future of the dark, literary suspense novel," one takes note. When his tomes are described as "something taken straight out of Blade Runner. Imagine Kafka writing The Maltese Falcon, or Borges or Pynchon one of Raymond Chandler's novels," well, the mix becomes intriguing, to say the least.

The thing is that O'Connell's bizarre approach is all of the above and more. Published by No Exit Press, his first four books were categorized simplistically as crime novels. And without doubt, they are very much about the dark underbelly of his fictional New England town of Quinsigamond and the writhing denizens of that strange town. We have the cops; the powerfully amped Leonore Thomas, the crazed ex-FBI agent Speer, the sickening sweat-oozing crim August Kroger.

Then we have the town itself. Quinsigamond is O'Connell's finest character. If the cityscape of Blade Runner is inherent to its power, or Batman's Gotham City a key to the vigilante's very existence, then Quinsigamond is the foul manure in which O'Connell's characters grow as deformed flowers. It is a multi-textured locale that forms the base for the action in Box Nine (1992), Wireless (1993), Skin Palace (1995) and Word Made Flesh (1998). The latter was best summed up by Crime Time magazine as: "Hyper-real noir. A grotesque romance about genocide, language, bibliomania, doubt, obsession, epidermis and sanctuary."

Quinsigamond is crowded with strange locales which, with typical O'Connell word play, hint at the myriad influences in his books; a bar called Ballard's, Herzog's Erotic Palace, a nightclub called Wireless - a ruthless pun on the magazine title. For all of the grit of Quinsigamond, it is a highly literate town. Indeed in Box Nine, the town is rife with a drug known as Lingo - a shot to the brain cells governing linguistic comprehension and verbal skill.

O'Connell takes Bruce Sterling's investigations into Dead Media several steps further. The wireless, the movie camera, the book, all become metaphors for the digital age; their timeless power overwhelming their users. O'Connell's band of dwarf radio jammers are thinly veiled computer hackers, Herzog's Erotic Palace a pornographic website gone mad.

But for all the palimpsest of literary influences, O'Connell has carved his own horrendously distinct style. He does not shy from extremes and images haunt well past the moment; the flaying of Leo Tani, Speer's beating of the dwarf Olga, the creation of `Alicia's Tale' are guaranteed nightmares to which O'Connell tells me: "I wear nightmares like badges of great honor."
Gilrein quit the police force when his wife, a fellow cop, died during a raid on a bomb factory. Three years later, he drives a cab in the rundown town of Quinsigamond. His fare that night turns out to be a steady customer, Leonardo Tani, a fence who dies that night courtesy of August Kroger's thugs. This gang also viciously beats up Gilrein as they seek a book allegedly possessed by Tani.
Gilrein decides to investigate, especially after he connects the Tani death to the murder of his spouse. Gilrein searches his deceased wife's notebooks looking for clues that might connect Inspector Laczze and his "Methodology" to the Kroger gang. He also begins inquiries into the most dangerous areas of a dying town where death potentially awaits Gilrein at each corner.
WORD OF FLESH is a weird, dark, but absolutely superb tale. The story line is filled with a dark landscape as nightmares abound under the guise of justice and crime. Gilrein is a wondrously tortured soul and the eccentric support cast augment the novel that will leave readers wanting to go Krogering. Jack O'Connell has written one of the most exciting, fantastic, but sobering tales of the year.

Harriet Klausner
I find this book interesting, but I do not know if I would buy anything else from this author. I was expecting more sci-fi and less of a detective novel. It is a detective novel wrapped inside of a descriptively written suspenseful thriller. If you like detective novels that are a bit on the dark this book. If you like sci-fi or horror and were hoping for a darker Blade Runner, don't buy it.
The book took a long time to grab me. Around page 190 it started to pick up and become interesting. Remember that I do not like detective novels. If you do like that genre, you would be captivated after the first few pages.
The book has it's fair shair of blood and gore, yet keeps it at a good enough level where theres a great story behind it. Actually a really great story which thickens, and at the end it leaves you thinking "So thats really how it is".
In the town of Quinsigamond, a New England factory town, a soulless cabal rules the streets. Gilrein knows this dark world, and experienced its treacheries firsthand when his wife, a fellow police officer, was supposedly killed in the line of duty. Now Gilrein has exchanged his badge for the wheel of a Checker cab, yet he still cannot let go of the past or the long-buried instincts he honed on the beat. When he discovers startling and dangerous evidence concerning his wife's death, he begins an investigation that will put him in line with the deaths of a macabre conspiracy and pit him against a force more sinister than any he's encountered before. Gilrein has only an eccentric grab bag of alleged allies, including a refugee from an Eastern European country who is haunted by memories of a terrible day there; the aloof Inspector with his uncanny ability to make criminals talk; and Gilrein's ex-lover, a young academic obsessed with a century-old murder.
Jack O'connell is about to bust 'em open wide with this new book, folks. He's been a secret wonder for a while but this one will change that. He's an artist of great and diverse talents, gothic, lyric, learned and a sick sick puppy. His prose rambles and licks and wipes and stabs, always sharp and informed by his free range intelligence. He's like Poe without the hopefulness. Catch onto O'connell now and get your dreams all twisted and larded with suspicious acts you almost comprehend.
Staggeringly brilliant. Endlessly dark and inventive. A work of genius you *MUST* read.

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