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by Nahum Glatzer,Franz Kafka

Download Kafka: The Complete Stories fb2, epub

ISBN: 0805204237
Author: Nahum Glatzer,Franz Kafka
Language: English
Publisher: Schocken Books (1976)
Pages: 486
Category: Short Stories & Anthologies
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 468
Size Fb2: 1487 kb
Size ePub: 1435 kb
Size Djvu: 1511 kb
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I. Glatzer, Nahum Norbet, 1903-. THE century since Franz Kafka was born has been marked by the idea of "modernism" - a self-consciousness new among centuries, a consciousness of being new.

Published in the United States by Schocken Books In. New York. Distributed by Pantheon Books, a division of Random House, In. The foreword by John Updike was originally published in The New Yorker. I.

This is in no way "The Complete Stories" of Kafka. A better title would be "A Few Stories". It is a very small fraction of Kafka's short stories!

This is in no way "The Complete Stories" of Kafka. It is a very small fraction of Kafka's short stories!

The Complete Stories of Franz Kafka is a compilation of all of Kafka's short stories.

The Complete Stories of Franz Kafka is a compilation of all of Kafka's short stories. It was reprinted in 1995 with an introduction by John Updike.

John Updike (Foreword). Willa Muir (Translator)

John Updike (Foreword). Willa Muir (Translator). The Complete Stories brings together all of Kafka’s stories, from the classic tales such as The Metamorphosis, In the Penal Colony, and A Hunger Artist to shorter pieces and fragments that Max Brod, Kafka’s literary executor, released after Kafka’s death. With the exception of his three novels, the whole of Kafka’s narrative work is included in this volume.

17 Ekim 1912'de Felice Bauer'e gönderdiği mektupta Kafka. Dönüşüm (İş Bankası) - Franz Kafka.

The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything. dünyada en çok okunan kitaplar arasındadır. 17 Ekim 1912'de Felice Bauer'e gönderdiği mektupta Kafka. 112 Pages·2013·871 KB·14,706 Downloads·Turkish·New! dünyada en çok okunan kitaplar arasındadır. Franz Kafka -Milena'ya Mektuplar. 63 Pages·2007·436 KB·16,559 Downloads·Turkish. Milena, Kafka'nın değerini daha o zaman anlamış, bunları.

Infobox Book name The Complete Stories title orig translator Willa and Edwin Muir, Tania and James Stern .

The complete stories. by. Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924; Glatzer, Nahum N. (Nahum Norbert), 1903-1990.

The complete stories. Kafka, Franz, - 1883-1924 - Translations into English, Short stories, Austrian - Translations into English, Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924. New York : Schocken Books : Distributed by Pantheon Books. All of Kafka's writing, with the exception of his three novels, is collected here and includes a number of fairly long stories followed by a group of shorter pieces varying in length from several pages to a single paragraph.

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Kafka, Franz (ed. Nahum N. Glatzer). The Complete Stories. New York: Schocken Books, 1995. The Penal Colony: Stories and Short Pieces is a collection of short stories and recollections by Franz Kafka, with additional writings by Max Brod. First published in 1948 by Schocken Books, this volume includes all the works Kafka intended for publication, and published during his lifetime. It also includes critical pieces by Kafka, "The First Long Train Journey" by Kafka and Brod, and an Epilogue by Brod. This collection was translated by Willa and Edwin Muir.

Eng 110 Kafka, Franz (ed. ISBN 0805210555 In the story Kafka starts out by having Georg talk to his fiance about a friend he has that moved to Russia and alienated himself from everything he had known. Georg wanted to write a letter to his friend explaining to him all the events that had been occur- ring in his life. Georg wanted to tell his friend about how his business was doing and how he had recently became engaged to his fiance.

In nonstop color photos Burns takes readers on a voyeuristic journey through a bygone world, illustrating the precious pieces that antique dealers and fleamarketers hotly compete for today. A must for lovers of Americana and nostalgia. 100 four-color photos.


Hello All,

I recently purchased this book in faith, though I was also frustrated by the lack of information in the book description. So, I will provide here for you the table of contents so that whoever purchases this book from now on can know exactly what they are getting:
(By the way, the book is beautifully new & well designed, with the edges of the pages torn, not cut.)
When it says the complete stories, it means it. The foreword assures that the book contains "all of the fiction that Kafka committed to publication during his lifetime." That meas his novels, which he did NOT intend to be published but left note in his will to be destroyed, are NOT included: The Trial, America, The Castle. I have put his more famous stories in caps.

Table Of Contents:

THE LONGER STORIES: Before The Law, An Imperial Message
Description Of A Struggle, Wedding Preparations In The Country, The Judgment, THE METAMORPHOSIS, In The Penal Colony, The Village Schoolmaster, Blumfeld An Elderly Bachelor, The Warden Of The Tomb, A Country Doctor, The Hunter Gracchus, The Hunter Gracchus A Fragment, THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA, The News Of The Building Of The Wall A Fragment, A Report To An Academy, A Report To An Academy Two Fragments, The Refusal, A Hunger Artist, INVESTIGATIONS OF A DOG, A Little Woman, THE BURROW, Josephine The Singer Or The Mouse Folk

THE SHORTER STORIES: Children On A Country Road, The Trees, Clothes, Excursion Into The Mountains, Rejection, The Street Window, The Tradesman, Absent-minded Window-gazing, The Way Home, Passers-by, On The Tram, Reflections For Gentlemen-Jockeys, The Wish To Be A Red Indian, Unhappiness, Bachelor's Ill Luck, Unmasking A Confidence Trickster, The Sudden Walk, Resolutions, A Dream, Up In The Gallery, A Fratricide, The Next Village, A Visit To A Mine, Jackals And Arabs, The Bridge, The Bucket Rider, The New Advocate, An Old Manuscript, The Knock At The Manor Gate, Eleven Sons, My Neighbor, A Crossbreed A Sport, The Cares Of A Family Man, A Common Confusion, The truth About Sancho Panza, The Silence Of The Sirens, Prometheus, The City Coat Of Arms, Poseidon, Fellowship, At Night, The Problem Of Our Laws, The Conscription Of Troops, The Test, The Vulture, The Helmsman, The Top, A Little Fable, Home-Coming, First Sorrow, The Departure, Advocates, The Married Couple, Give It Up, On Parables

Hope this was helpful! I definitely recommend purchasing this book, but not if you were looking for his novels. You should purchase this book, AND his novels. :)
The Kindle Edition is very INCOMPLETE: it only contains 5 (five) stories--about half an hour of reading. Granted, they are great stories (about futility and other Kafkaesque themes), and possibly worth the price on their own. That being said, it's inexcusable that the Kindle Edition is advertised as "The Complete Stories" (cover and all) when it is really no such thing. The stories it does contain:
1: Before the law
2: The hunter Gracchus
3: Up in the gallery
4: An imperial message
5: Jackals and Arabs

Again, the stories are 5-star grade; the bait-and-switch brings it down to 1.
I should have looked at the sample of this before purchasing. This is not the complete works of Kafka, it is: Before The Law, The Hunter Gracchus, Up in the Gallery, An Imperial Message and Jackals and Arabs.

As others have mentioned for $3.99 on this page and $5.99 on this page: amazon(dot)com / Complete-Stories-Franz-Kafka-ebook / dp / B07B8S53ZW/ (Ignore spaces = the ASIN: B07B8S53ZW is $5.99 exactly the same as this IDENTICAL version from the SAME SHAM PUBLISHER as ASIN: B071RKHNY2 -- Both have only 5 stories and are using the approved Schocken Kafka Library blurb to promote their money-grubbing, differently translated and incomplete "pamphlet."

Again, they are using the blurb from an approved and correct edition (which is complete - The Complete Stories (The Schocken Kafka Library) )

I tried contacting "Sheba Blake Publishing" to ask about this - and got no reply, no matter how I contacted them (email or "chat" via their website where nobody responds.) I note they're also selling the exact same product for more money here on Amazon. Apparently Amazon has no interest in these rip-off artists, or even how incorrect their own links are, as they told me basically "too bad"

I want a refund. This book is falsely advertised by the blurb, but meanwhile, maybe enough bad reviews will get Amazon to at least fix the situation so others aren't continually duped by Amazon connecting a crappy rip-off with the Schocken library's edition found here (and complete)
It's Kafka. Whats not to like....unless you don't like Kafka. Then you are wrong.
There is something wrong with this ebook. Only 5 partial stories are provided, quite short. It says it is 312 locations (pages) long, but the location numbers jump by 6 with each page. Almost 40% of the book, from location 200-something to the end, is comprised of ads to purchase other books. Very strange and either the description is very misleading or something is wrong.
Do NOT buy the Kindle edition. The e-book is fraudulent and does not contain the complete stories, only five of these. This product just appeared two months ago and seems designed to take advantage of the positive reviews for the actual book edition--but it is not that at all. The only good news is that you can readily return it for a refund:
"Go to Manage Your Content and Devices. From Your Content, select the Actions button next to the title you want to return, and then select Return for Refund. In the pop-up window, select Return for Refund."
These stories are essential for anyone who wants to understand contemporary literature and culture. Franz Kafka's sense of alienation, anxiety and obsession with self has seeped out of Metamorphosis, The Burrow, and Inside the Penal Colony to dominate and often contort the literary consciouness of the modern world. Mocking the reader with the familiarity of the grotesque, many of these stories are almost comical, until the horror sinks in. Perhaps the challenge of Kafka's vision is whether it leaves his readers muttering and turning in circles like his characters, so overwhelmed that they cannot escape.

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