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by Joan Wolf

Download American Duchess fb2, epub

ISBN: 0893406163
Author: Joan Wolf
Language: English
Publisher: John Curley & Assoc (June 1, 1983)
Pages: 271
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 194
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Size ePub: 1280 kb
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The American Duchess book. A former English Joan Wolf is a USA TODAY bestselling American writer, whose acclaimed Regency romances have earned her national recognition as a master of the genre.

The American Duchess book.

Chapter 1. I have a daughter. They went up the long staircase, wafted along by footmen, and at the top were met by a white-wigged major domo who took their names and announced in clear, measured tones, The American Minister, Mr. Rush. The elegant, haughty-looking woman who stood on the wide landing receiving her guests smiled fractionally, her shrewd eyes taking careful measure of the newcomers. Richard Rush, she knew. She was Lady Bridgewater and her husband, the Earl of Bridgewater, was a member of Lord Liverpool’s government.

The Book of the Courtier The unofficial government convention broke up at the end of August with everyone looking forward to pleasant leisure doings in the country. Tracy discovered to her dismay. that it was a custom for political and society hostesses to entertain large parties of people at their estates for a week or more, but Adrian assured her that they would be spending a quiet month or two at Steyning Castle before undertaking any more socializing. She was delighted to hear this news; the last month had been rather a strain.

Joan Wolf (born 1951 in Bronx, New York) is an American writer of romance novels. Wolf grew up in the Bronx, New York. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Mercy College and Master in English and Comparative Literature in Hunter College

Joan Wolf (born 1951 in Bronx, New York) is an American writer of romance novels. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Mercy College and Master in English and Comparative Literature in Hunter College. A Kind of Honor, 1980. A London Season, 1980. The Counterfeit Marriage, 1980. A difficult truce, 1981. The Scottish Lord, 1981. Beloved Stranger, 1982. His Lordship's Mistress, 1982. The American Duchess, 1982. A Double Deception, 1983.

The American Duchess. The American Duchess.

Determined that his daughter should marry an English nobleman, English-born American William Bodmin sends his daughter, Tracy, to meet the proud Duke of Hastings, who has promised to marry her. Reissue.

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The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking is the definitive how-to book for historically accurate Georgian sewing and 18th century historic costuming. From beginners to advanced historic costumers and cosplayers, The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking has projects for everyone, from simple caps, aprons, and neck handkerchief to advanced gown construction for four common types of Georgian dress: The English Gown, the Sacque (Robe a la Francaise), the Italian Gown, and the Round Gown. Young and lovely Tracy Bodmin was as spirited and independent as the America she came from – but love for her father made her yield to his heart’s desire

The American Duchess. Young and lovely Tracy Bodmin was as spirited and independent as the America she came from – but love for her father made her yield to his heart’s desire. Though William Bodmin had made his fortune in the New World, he dreamed of a title for his daughter in his native England – and his wealth won a marriage proposal to Tracy from the proud Duke of Hastings. Behind she left Adam Lancaster, the handsome, rugged New Englander who adored her. Ahead lay fear and danger in the arms of a powerful, magnetic man whose mode of life and love she did not kno. his is where books go.

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From the acclaimed author of Daughter of The Red Deer. Wealthy William Bodmin's prestige wins a marriage proposal for his daughter Tracy from the proud Duke of Hastings, forcing her to leave behind her New England home--and the only man she's ever loved--and embark on a dangerous voyage into the realm of a man whose way of life and love she does not know.


As much as I hate to admit it, this book actually was boring. I hate to say that because I've been charmed by Joan Wolf's other books and have enjoyed her spirited heroines and well-done heroes. This book was lacking the usual wonderful characters and intriguing plots.

The Duke of Hastings needed money and was obliged to marry it. Tracey Bodmin agreed to marry the Duke to ease the mind of her dying father, who wanted to see her settled before he died. Certainly not a romantic foundation for a marriage, but could have been developed into an interesting story.

They marry, despite the huge chasms in their backgrounds. He's a self-assured aristocrat and she's a self-assured American republican. He cares nothing for money, but needs it desperately. She seems to care nothing for the nobility or status, and perhaps because she's always had money, takes it for granted. The common ground they find is in their physical relationship, which is good. Other than that, they simply drift along getting acquainted slowly - very slowly. I honestly didn't find much romance in this book.

Not much happens in this book, which is why I found it boring. A lot of pages devoted to political events, a lot of daily events - but nothing that grabbed my attention or interest. I did finish the book, hoping against hope it would get better, but it never did. I'm tempted to say if you like to watch grass grow you'll enjoy this book - but I won't because I have so enjoyed Wolf's other books. Let me say it this way: if you like some of Wolf's books like `The Gamble' - you probably won't like this one very much.
Joan Wolf can be an excellent writer, with well drawn characters and interesting plots. However, she tends to narrate too much of the action, rather than telling it through the characters. In this book, especially, even the characters' emotions were narrated, not allowed to come out by the words or the actions of the characters. The plot was interesting; American girl finds English customs stuffy (predictable), but once her dowry has paid off the estate's debts and the duke is able to take up his duties in the House of Lords, as well as in the government, she feels somewhat neglected, and would like to be included in political discussions. Meanwhile, the two principals in the arranged marriage of course come to love each other, but not without the usual jealousy of former suitors.
I love regency romances! This was my first book by this author, and I liked it! I was attracted by the premise - American girl marries Duke. The heroine, Miss Theresa Bodmin, Tracy, was wonderful - pretty, smart, mature, and charismatic. The hero, Adrian Deintman, Duke of Hastings, was also wonderful - handsome, powerful, charming, and loyal. They had good chemistry. The storyline was fairly straightforward. I liked the twist of her old beau's visit prompting them to declare themselves. I also liked the author's writing style - no silly misunderstandings, but sometimes a bit impersonal. Overall, a good book, and I look forward to reading another by this author.
Early Signet regency that strikes an unconventional tone.

Tracy Bodmin is an American heiress whose father brings her to London in order to score her a titled husband. Adrian, Duke of Hastings needs a wealthy wife in order to restore his own inheritance after two generations of profligacy by his father and grandfather. His aunt and Tracy's father conspire to get them together.

The two meet and decide to marry. In Tracy's case it is because her father is dying and she wants to grant him this last wish. In Adrian's case, well, he needs the money. But it really isn't that simple for either one of them. They actually like each other and, from the moment they meet, they are very attracted to each other. So while each enters the marriage for pragmatic (well, in her case, sentimental) reasons, they actually quickly become quite affectionate and fond of one another.

As this is a book about a marriage, rather than a courtship, much of the conflict doesn't actually come from the personality conflicts and mis-communication that is s normal enough in many married couple romances. No, what sets this book apart from other books, especially supposedly light regency romances is the inclusion of politics. Tracy and Adrian often clash and disagree on political issues.

Adrian is distinctly British nobility. He was born and bred a Duke and takes all that implies as his due. He doesn't notice servants, he is comfortable with the caste system even as he takes his place in the House of Lords seriously. Tracy, otoh, is distinctly American. She doesn't believe in the rights of the nobility. A person's worth isn't in what they've acquired through an accident of birth, but through hard work. She believes in equality and therefore is reluctant to curtsy to people of a higher rank than hers (of course once she becomes a Duchess it isn't an issue).

Wolf packs a surprising amount of class difference and political theory agita into this relatively slim book. Also, equally surprising is the amount of the American colonial cultural and political landscape is slipped into Tracy and Adrian's sometimes spirited discussions.

But it is Tracy's discontent is at the heart of the book. She feels the difference more keenly than Adrian. She is a fish out of water and even as she is falling deeper and deeper in love with her husband, she sometimes is overwhelmed with what she has done in marrying him. Added to that she spirals into a post-partum depression that makes even her smallest doubts seem large and unmanageable.

Even with all that, Wolf still manages to create a satisfying romance. Tracy and Adrian do fall in love and act like a couple who are truly falling in love. They do go through moments of doubt about each other and have some areas mis-communication, but Wolf constructs that really well. Their mis-communication isn't on the scale of an eye-rolling Grand Misunderstanding, but rather smaller, more believable moments of a new couple who are still working their way toward each other.

This is a nice underrated gem that I am glad to have stumbled across

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