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by Charlotte Paul

Download Phoenix Island fb2, epub

ISBN: 0583127517
Author: Charlotte Paul
Language: English
Publisher: HarperCollins Distribution Services; First Edition edition (May 12, 1977)
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 994
Size Fb2: 1326 kb
Size ePub: 1270 kb
Size Djvu: 1451 kb
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. One lonely island, one tidal wave, nine survivors.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A tsunami is one of the last things Dr. Andrew Held expects while entertaining guests on Phoenix Island.

It was Phoenix Island, all right. A dark, shadowy shape, humped up at the north end, dropping into a saddle, and rising again to the south in a series of lower hills.

General Info Sample Text. Andrew Held expects while entertaining guests on Phoenix Island, the tiny, isolated outpost of Washington State he has made his private home. It was Phoenix Island, all right. A lone island, erupting from the violent sea like a mystical creature surfacing for air.

Part techno-thriller, part romance, part wilderness survival story, part utopian novel, Charlotte Paul's "Phoenix Island" sold over a million copies as a mass-market paperback in the late 1970s and 1980s.

One lonely island, one tidal wave, nine survivors. Part techno-thriller, part romance, part wilderness survival story, part utopian novel, Charlotte Paul's "Phoenix Island" sold over a million copies as a mass-market paperback in the late 1970s and 1980s.

Seattle by. Charlotte Paul. A Child Is Missing by.

Phoenix Island : a novel. ark:/13960/t7cr6dx6z.

A tsunami is one of the last things Dr.

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At first I didn't think I would finish the book. The first 100 pages are so boring & uninformative that the only reason I continued was the good reviews I had read. Once the characters began to be developed it was better & after 150 pages I was hooked. There are 9 people stranded on Phoenix & most of them are very tiresome, so impressed with themselves, cruel to anyone "lower" than themselves, & for the most part, totally useless people. As they learn to survive they each have some kind of awakening. The "rapist" just needed to be admired once in a while & accepted. He was a mess! I had hopes for him & it worked out very well. The most tiresome of the group, Felicia, actually learned to be a real person instead of some kind of high class bitch. Andrew relaxed & found peace. It was a very good book for the last 3/4 of it & I am so glad I kept reading. I have read more of the reviews after reading the book & while there was some real dislike by some reviewers, the good reviews have it right. Maybe not quite 5 star, but I would definitely give it a 4-1/2 if that were possible.
DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK! When I started this book I enjoyed it but didn't feel that deep connection I like so at 20% into it, I considered throwing in the towel & reading a different book. (I must confess I did not read any description of the book so I had no idea what the story line was.) Deciding to give it 1 more chance I discovered the jewels of this book.
Looking back I can see that the author needed to give us a good amount of information in order for the true meaning of the story to come through. As the story truly begins to unfold, it grabs you and you have to keep reading. It's not just the great story telling though-it's also a chance to look inward and question what you would do. It's the kind of book you experience-you're there! By the end of the book I felt like I knew each character and understood them-their pain, their joy, their decisions and their rebirth. I loved every second, from the not too obvious romance to the moments where I was holding my breath in fear, to the tears and to laughing so loud that my family looked to see what I was doing. Each important part of this book captured my interest to the point I couldn't put it down to even grab a bite to eat.
Others have given you the story line so I just want to tell you that you must read this book. It is intriguing, exciting and the best kind of entertainment there is. I not only would recommend this book, I intend to give it as gifts. Give yourself one and read this book. :)

Three books in one:
1. The beginning - due to human arrogance a killer has been set loose on unsuspecting innocents all across the Pacific Ocean. The mass murderer does leave nine people alive on one island, Phoenix Island.

2. The middle – a.k.a. “getting to know you, getting to know all about you” - A Mensa Gilligan’s Island with nine castaways instead of seven.
a. In place of the Howells, Phoenix Island has the Mansfields, a much younger couple than the Howells and not nearly as lovey-dovey as the Howells.
b. The Professor is definitely Andrew Held, who has at times in his life been a professor, and is a nuclear physicist.
c. Ginger is being played by the beautiful Mrs. Held, Felicia, who was on the island only to ask Mr. Held for a divorce.
d. Mary Ann is the island’s own ingénue Diana.
e. The Skipper is mostly Rolf, very practical and knows how to survive, with a splash of Carlo. Carlo is much more sociable and acts as the glue that holds the group together when the situation goes from bad to much worse.
f. The closest the group has to a Gilligan is the artist Warren Brock. Mr. Brock is not inept or clumsy, but he is funny; he is unquestionably the island’s jester in the sense that he can tell the truth and get away with it.
g. And then there is Donald, who has no equivalent on Gilligan’s Island since they did not have a convicted felon/rapist.

3. The end - the finale came so suddenly and was not anything like what I was expecting that I kept trying to get my Kindle to turn the page.

So, who really wants to leave the island?
It's not easy to isolate nine adults on an island off the western U.S. coast, but author Charlotte Paul's tsunami does so, surprising them because they have no radios and leaving them behind when a reconnaissance plane misses seeing them. This interesting mix of folk have to start from scratch with space-age knowledge but only stone-age implements. Their ingenuity and historical knowledge help them recreate what the Native Americans already knew.

The island people are well described, the central characters being a physicist who has become a recluse and his estranged wife who has gone with the group to Phoenix Island principally to tell him she want a divorce. There's at least one bad apple in the wicker basket.

Survival skills are learned and hazards barely endured, the first three-quarters of the book quite gripping. Things then slow down; the author gets a bit preachy, and we are subjected to back-to-nature propaganda that reeks of the 1970s, when the book was first published. The ending is only semi-satisfying.

Worth reading, but not a favorite of mine.
This was a combination of Swiss Family Robinson, Animal Farm, and Cape Fear, told in a wonderful presentation with excellent writing style. This is one of those books you really never want to end, as you are brought closer and closer to the nine survivors of a tsunami on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest. It's a story that has many heartfelt threads, both happy and sad. We learn a lot about survival and life's priorities throughout the tale, with the concomitant emotions that follow...keep a tissue handy if you're a crier! Loved this book!

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