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by Scott Carpenter

Download Mr. Undesirable fb2, epub

ISBN: 1414038534
Author: Scott Carpenter
Language: English
Publisher: 1st Book Library (January 29, 2004)
Pages: 480
Category: Humor & Satire
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 801
Size Fb2: 1187 kb
Size ePub: 1569 kb
Size Djvu: 1548 kb
Other formats: lrf lit mobi lrf

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Book by Carpenter, Scott


Although I agree with other reviewers that said it needs to be edited, I LOVED THIS BOOK!! Right to the very end!! (whoever said the end was "just mean", well I don't know what they are thinking) I thought there was too much about the strippers and the lesbian band, (not that I was offended, but there was just so much that could have been edited out) and during those parts I almost got alittle bored. But the strippers and the band are integral to the story. So with alittle clean-up, this could be a wonderful gift to give someone who needs a good laugh. Actually, it's a good gift anyway. I'm trying to get my husband to read it, I finished it last night. I don't want to spoil a single thing about this book, so I wont' say anymore except BUY THIS BOOK.
I read this book after a number of recommendations and a passing acquaintance with Scott 'Boota' Carpenter. I only mention the latter so you know my prejudices.

First and foremost - this is a very funny book. I laughed out loud a lot, and it's not often I do that when reading. Carpenter has a good feel for dialog and characters, and many characters in the book really sang for me. Lenny Kapowski (and probably Scott Carpenter) has an uncompromising perspective on life, right and wrong, and the world in general. You won't necessarily agree with it, but you will be drawn in and see it from Lenny's point of view.

The strongest part: Lenny belatedly growing up and becoming responsible. Big kudos for Carpenter for creating a believable Lenny who can go through these sort of changes while remaining his essential self; very nicely done.

The weakest point: as a reviewer said above, a 'tough love' editor would have helped this book. Not someone that would change to tone (the tone is part of the fun), but someone who could tighten up some scenes, weed a few others, and generally give Carpenter a strong critical eye.

Nonetheless, I recommend the book. In fact, I got copies for a number of friends as Christmas presents - so I put my money where my mouth is. It's big heaps of rude, crude fun, with some absolutely hilarious scenes and characters I didn't always like but sure believed in. I look forward to his next book.
Impala Frozen
Mr. Undesirable is a degenerate's tale of revenge. That itself is funny.

Carpenter makes no apology for his character's flaws, rather Mr. U provides a celebration of swearing, debauchery and porn. Somehow, and probably in spite of himself, Lenny becomes endearing.

There are many many laugh out loud moments. This book is not for the easily offended. Just check the SIP's. They will either make you want to read the book immediately, or run far far away.
Lots of laughter! I could not put this book down. I caught myself trying to surpress my giggles several times in order to not wake up my sleeping husband. Lenny says and does things that most of us want to,but hold back because society says it's wrong. Very well written and a must read if you are in the mood to laugh out loud!
forget it unless you are an early 20-something slacker/loser/delayed- adolescent, and just want a random act to hurt someone who hurt you.

even then, it wouldn't be that funny.
This is a book about treating people in a decent way. It is also a book about the insanity of the general public. And, it is a book about loving the girl who is chasing you instead of chasing a girl who is not chasing you. It is a book about social customs and how a high class girl might not take to a loser man. The high class girl won't forgo all of her environmental socializations because a father will make her chose, the loser man or, in this book, a vintage Ford Mustang. She might like the loser man but she chooses the material object instead, sort of like Daisy choosing Tom instead of Jay in "The Great Gatsby" because Tom was rich and Jay was not. In "Mr. Undesirable" the woman makes the material object choice because she wants it but also because it will pacify her father. Choosing the vintage Ford Mustang tells the father that the girl is like him and not like the loser man. The father is quieted. For the popular, high class girl, it is the easy way out. The loser man is crushed. Later, though, the loser man might discover that there was a girl in high school who liked him even more than he liked the popular girl. He eventually accepts this other girl's love for him. This is a significant truism for all young men: love the girl who is crazy about you, don't chase a woman who walks away.

I've read a lot of writers. I've read Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, Henry Miller, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Milton, Jean Paul Sartre, Friedrick Nietzsche, Thomas Mann, Emile Zola, Gertrude Stein, Homer, John Updike and many others. All these writers I read because they were read by others before me and these others said that these writers were great writers and they needed to be I did. I read. I read the greats. Scott Carpenter is just as good as and even better than many of these greats. Scott Carpenter has an easy writing style that is both entertaining and edifying. Mr. Undesirable Lenny Kapowski is struck by chance. He wins the lottery. Lenny Kapowski then takes this striking-by-chance and uses his luck or his fate (depending on the reader's locus of control belief) and does the right thing. Instead of blowing his lottery winnings, he starts Kapow Records, buys radio stations, and confronts the idiots of the world, the people who abuse other people. Henry Miller once wrote that if you can learn just one idea from a book then it is worth reading. Inside Mr. Undesirable, I learned a plethora of little ideas that lead to the big idea: treat people in a decent way and don't act like the snobs of Rambling Hills. Along the way, I was entertained. The two ingredients for art are here: edification and entertainment. Mr. Undesirable was worth my time. It will be worth yours, unless you are an elf on the North Pole, depending on Santa Clause. (Inside joke for others who enjoyed this book.)

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