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by P. G. Wodehouse,1st World Library

Download Something New fb2, epub

ISBN: 1421896672
Author: P. G. Wodehouse,1st World Library
Language: English
Publisher: 1st World Library - Literary Society (December 1, 2007)
Pages: 308
Category: History & Criticism
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 202
Size Fb2: 1991 kb
Size ePub: 1209 kb
Size Djvu: 1787 kb
Other formats: mobi lrf lit rtf

SOMETHING NEW. by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse. Anything that comes along. Good gracious, M. arson; here you are in the biggest city in the world, withchances for adventure simply shrieking to you on every side.

SOMETHING NEW. CHAPTER I. The sunshine of a fair Spring morning fell graciously on Londontown. The only thing I have heard shrieking to me onevery side has been Mrs. Bell-for the week's rent. Read the advertisement columns. I'm sure youwill find something sooner or later. Don't get into a groove.

Home P. G. Wodehouse Something Ne. She was one of those hostesses whom a guest never sees exceptwhen he goes into the library and espies the tail of her skirtvanishing through the other door. Wodehouse Something New. Home.

His first glance assured him that the vast fortunes of thephilanthropists, whose acquaintance he had already made in print,were not yet . It is the saddest spectacle in the world-that of the crowdcollected by a Wanted advertisement.

His first glance assured him that the vast fortunes of thephilanthropists, whose acquaintance he had already made in print,were not yet exhausted. Brian MacNeill still dangled his goldbefore the public; so did Angus Bruce; so did Duncan Macfarlaneand Wallace Mackintosh and Donald MacNab. They still had themoney and they still wanted to give it away. They are so palpably notwanted by anyone for any purpose whatsoever; yet every time theygather together with a sort of hopeful hopelessness. P. Wodehouse. In 1939, he bought a villa in Le Touquet on the coast of France. He remained there when World War II started in 1939. The following year, the Germans appropriated the villa, confiscated property, and arrested him. He was detained in various German camps for almost one year before being released in 1941. He went to Berlin and spoke of his experience in five radio talks to be broadcast to America and England. The talks themselves were completely innocuous, but he was charged with treason in England. He was cleared, but settled permanently in the United States.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Wodehouse - Something New. Wodehouse P G. 419 Kb. 431 Kb. Wodehouse - Spring Fever v1 0. 389 Kb. Wodehouse - Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves v1 0. 307 Kb. The sunshine of a fair Spring morning fell graciously on London town. Out in Piccadilly its heartening warmth seemed to infuse into traffic and pedestrians alike a novel jauntiness, so that bus drivers jested and even the lips of chauffeurs uncurled into not unkindly smiles. Ashe Marson had done so. He had rented the second-floor front of Number Seven. Twenty-six years before this story opens there had been born to Joseph Marson, minister, and Sarah his wife, of Hayling, Massachusetts, in the United States of America, a son.

Something Fresh book. The book that marked the transformation of Wodehouse from a good writer to a phenomenon. One thing that constantly disrupts the peace of life at Blandings. Oct 30, 2012 Algernon (Darth Anyan) rated it really liked it.

Wodehouse : download and read ebooks. A Damsel in Distress. A Wodehouse Miscellany Articles & Stories. Death at the Excelsior And Other Stories. Indiscretions of Archie.

The largest ebook library. Wodehouse, P G - Something New. If you did not find the book or it was closed, try to find it on the site: GO. Exact matches. A Damsel in Distress (Wodehouse, P. Collector's Wodehouse. Download (LIT).

Read Something New, by P. Wodehouse online on Bookmate – Something New is the first novel of what became known as the Blandings . Wodehouse online on Bookmate – Something New is the first novel of what became known as the Blandings Castle Saga by P. Wodehouse and was published in the United S. Read whenever, wherever. Your phone is always with you, so your books are too – even when you’re offline. Bookmate – an app that makes you want to read.

The sunshine of a fair Spring morning fell graciously on London town. Out in Piccadilly its heartening warmth seemed to infuse into traffic and pedestrians alike a novel jauntiness, so that bus drivers jested and even the lips of chauffeurs uncurled into not unkindly smiles. Policemen whistled at their posts-clerks, on their way to work; beggars approached the task of trying to persuade perfect strangers to bear the burden of their maintenance with that optimistic vim which makes all the difference. It was one of those happy mornings. At nine o'clock precisely the door of Number Seven Arundell Street, Leicester Square, opened and a young man stepped out.


This is Wodehouse's first masterpiece, and (according to his best biographer, McCrum) it transformed his career and made him a success. It was the first book Wodehouse sold to the Saturday Evening Post, and the first he wrote with a new agent and a newly-wed wife; it's also vastly better crafted than anything he'd written previously. It shows the skill and heart, mixed with low humor, that characterize his mature pieces; it also earned him a huge sum of money. It's the first appearance of Blandings Castle, (with an insignificant exception) Lord Emsworth, the Efficient Baxter, the awe-inspiring butler Beach, and the rest of Blandings Castle's large and stratified domestic staff.

The book appeared in two versions, and the objective evidence doesn't make it clear which was written first. The US version, entitled _Something New_, and now available from Project Gutenberg, was published first. Terry Mordue's excellent annotations, available on the web, make it clear that the final version of the American text is later than the English, since the American version corrects a mistake that slips through in _Something Fresh_ (chapter 8, p. 164).

Æsthetically, however, it seems clear the the American version was a hasty revision of the English. The Americanization of three characters in _Something New_ was clearly an afterthought; the Efficient Baxter mistakes Ashe Marson (chapter 5, p. 102) for a guest, presumably a relation of Lord Emsworth's. Even though the Americanized Marson had attended Oxford, this does not suffice (trust me) to fool an Englishman. The Americanization of George Emerson is also an æsthetic failure; Wodehouse repeatedly refers to him as a superman, which works well for an imperial police commander (in a post held by Wodehouse's uncle and, much later, by his brother (chapter 3, p. 47)); it makes no sense for a generic American lawyer.

The original title, though, must have been "Something New," since that phrase occurs four times in the book, and "something fresh" not at all (Chapter 1, p. 20, attributed to Fr Rob Bovendaard). Recent American editions, however, retain the title _Something New_ but adopt the English text.
Well, I adore PG Wodehouse but I'm afraid this one feels a bit dated and slow. If it weren't for Wodehouse's name on the cover, it would feel like one more light comedy from the period. It may simply be that it lacks the high silliness of other Blandings Castle stories, or especially the staggeringly brilliant narrative voice of the young master, Bertram. This novel is cheerful but not yet in full stride. It's like watching the Marx Brothers in "The Coconuts"; bright moments but you can't help thinking about what's to come....
Of course, Lord Emsworth is a full-grown man, with his familiar tendency to start the plot rolling by absentmindedly putting something in his pocket, his natural and cultivated ability as a trencherman, and his center of gravity and attention, such as it is, always at Blandings Castle. But as a character, he is still an unformed stripling - he's not even a pig man yet! That there is a conversation between a fiancee of Freddie Threepwood (perhaps the first fiancee, although that would be a shock from which it would be difficult to recover; still, there must have been a first,) and another man with intentions which foreshadows the opening scene of Palm Beach Story (go and see it - I really can't do everything,) is comforting, but really, not yet a pig man...
There's an interesting woman character, who I think in later years ends up running a publishing empire, whether or not her first name is the same, and married to one of the Drones, who is as improved by the marriage as he can be improved. The plot is mechanically noisy; Wodehouse has not yet mastered that quality he gives to his butlers - gliding silently a few inches above the floor. Still, it's Plum.
I have this book 5 stars. It delivered. It was really good drama that was sprinkled and climaxed with comic relief. Inconvenient and serendipitous coincidences, false judgements, false accusations and queer personalities were some of the ingredients used to bring out laughter in this well written classic. I recommend this to those persons who desire a good laugh.
The story is wonderful, very entertaining and funny. Unfortunately, the book itself is not an easy read. The print is small, the text flows into the crease, the lines are spaced close together, and the font is a little awkward. I give the story five stars, but the book itself I would only give two or three.
blac wolf
I always enjoy reading P.G. Wodehouse's books. The zany humor makes his stories fun to read, and I can relax my brain while enjoying the predicaments the characters get into and out of. Even though Jeeves and Wooster are not in this book, it has the same kind of humor. I recommend it as good, fun, light reading.
I'm a great fan of P.G Wodehouse mainly for his precise, imaginative, and humorous prose. But as he so capably demonstrates in Something New, he is also a consummate story teller, especially when it comes to his favorite theme of poking fun at the old English aristocracy. His tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the highly ordered class system embodied in the characters occupying the English country home that is the focal point for the story's main events is typical Wodehouse humor. As in other Wodehouse novels, he makes effective use of the unwitting American interloper to expose and magnify the tensions that drive the plot, in this case the slow unraveling of a marital engagement between stereotypically unsuited partners. This is a fun read that will have you chuckling late into the night.
Rather splendid! Exceptionally well written and delightful to read. Highly recommend it to PGW followers and admirers. Excellent addition to your library of great works. Have a go and enjoy!

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