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by Yelena Shmulenson,Debra Dean

Download The Mirrored World fb2, epub

ISBN: 0792791967
Author: Yelena Shmulenson,Debra Dean
Language: English
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks (September 1, 2012)
Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 535
Size Fb2: 1297 kb
Size ePub: 1739 kb
Size Djvu: 1764 kb
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The Mirrored World: A Novel. Written by Debra Dean. Narrated by Yelena Shmulenson. In almost every way, I was not disappointed.

The Mirrored World: A Novel. If you expect this book to be a deadly boring portrait of a saint, you're the one who's doomed to disappointment. This story is told by Dasha, the little girl who insisted upon learning to read.

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Читать онлайн The Mirrored World.

Debra Dean THE MIRRORED WORLD A Novel For my mother, Beverly A. Taylor For if we genuinely love Hi. e awaken as the Beloved in every last part of our body. SAINT SYMEON THE THEOLOGIAN Author’s Note This is a work of fiction. While I have tried not to contravene what is known, I have invented between the lines of history. Читать онлайн The Mirrored World. For my mother, Beverly A. Taylor.

Written by Debra Dean, Audiobook narrated by Yelena Shmulenson. Bit by bit, the ravages of age are eroding Marina's grip on the everyday. An elderly Russian woman now living in America, she cannot hold on to fresh memories - the details of her grown children's lives, the approaching wedding of her grandchild - yet her distant past is miraculously preserved in her mind's eye.

Debra Dean writes beautifully, and I never found my attention waning from The Mirrored World. While a prettily-written novel, The Mirrored World failed to captivate me, skimming on the surface of history, rather than really diving in to where the feelings and the meaning reside

Debra Dean writes beautifully, and I never found my attention waning from The Mirrored World. However, the story really lacked any sort of emotional impact or connection, largely because of the over-brisk pacing and dull main character. While a prettily-written novel, The Mirrored World failed to captivate me, skimming on the surface of history, rather than really diving in to where the feelings and the meaning reside. I liked it, but couldn't help comparing it to another book I enjoyed more set in the exact same time period, The Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak.

THE MIRRORED WORLD explores the mysteries of love and grief and devotion.

Publisher: HarperCollins, New York, 2012. THE MIRRORED WORLD explores the mysteries of love and grief and devotion. Against a vivid backdrop of eighteenth century St. Petersburg and Catherine the Great’s royal court, the woman who would become St. Xenia is brought fully to life. Is there a more imaginative, elegant storyteller than Debra Dean? Ann Hood, bestselling author of The Knitting Circle. With evocative, rich prose and deep emotional resonance, Debra Dean delivers a compelling and captivating story that touches the soul. Truly a wonderful read.

narrated by Yelena Shmulenson.

Born to a Russian family of lower nobility, Xenia is a passionate and tender dreamer who cares little for social conventions. A free spirit, she unexpectedly falls in love with the dashing Andrei, a handsome soldier with the Imperial choir and a favorite of the empress. Though husband and wife are devoted to each other, their perfect happiness is overshadowed by the petty demands of life at the royal court, and by Xenia's growing obsession to have a child--a desperate need that is at last fulfilled with the birth of a daughter. Yet Xenia is far from content. Fearful for her family, she is certain that tragedy will strike--a terrible prediction that comes true when the baby dies and then Andrei suffers a fatal fall. Shattered, the sensitive twenty-six-year-old woman withdraws into grief, undergoing a profound transformation that radically alters the course of her life. Turning away from family and friends, she begins giving away all of her money and possessions to the poor. Then, one day, she mysteriously vanishes. Years later, dressed in the tatters of her dead husband's military uniform and answering only to his name, Xenia is discovered tending the paupers of St. Petersburg's slums. Revered as a soothsayer and blessed healer to the downtrodden, she is feared by the royal court and it's new empress, Catherine, who see her deeds as a rebuke to their lavish excesses.


Lonesome Orange Kid
I wanted to like this book, I really did. Orthodox fiction is in short supply, and the story of St. Xenia has enough mystery about it that it would have been interesting to have those blanks filled in, even if fictionally. But if you're going to tackle the story of a real person - even fictionally - there has to be some degree of verisimilitude, and when you aren't even the same religion as your subject, you're already at a disadvantage, because your point of view is going to be tainted by your own misperceptions. And that's what happened with this book. What makes it even worse is that the story is told in the first person, by a friend of the saint, so you really *have* to have in-depth knowledge of the religion that informed and shaped St. Xenia's entire life. I wouldn't put so much emphasis on religion except that I expect this book to be investigated by a primarily Orthodox audience, and to them I say: Just don't. Don't bother. The book will be a huge disappointment to you. And to authors generally, I say: Just don't. Don't write about things you haven't at the very least researched adequately; and, despite the author's having listed Russian Orthodox sources in her acknowledgments, it's very plain that those weren't enough to alter a point of view that seems to lean towards the definition of Orthodoxy as "Catholicism without the Pope."
If you like setting -- and I do -- you'll love this. Dean paints St. Petersberg at and around the time of Catherine the Great with a deft brush, including detail that sticks in your mind like a photograph.

Other reviews I've read say this is a novel about St. Xenia of Russia and they describe one of the characters variously as a cross-dresser or a gay person. I reread the book to make sure I hadn't completely misconstrued it (and the second read was just as enjoyable as the first), but still do not agree with those descriptions. The narrator and main character is Xenia's cousin Dasha. We see Xenia only through Dasha's eyes. Both characters unfold like flowers as the novel progresses through lives fraught with love, joy, gender issues, pain, sorrow, and possibly, madness. Dean lets us get to know them through their actions and decisions, never devolving into the endless descriptions of them that some authors seem to love. The "cross dresser" is probably a castrati with the voice of an angel due to his mutilation, but there is some confusion.

I loved this book, but it will probably not be a favorite for the readers who most love a fast moving plot.
I love this book and have now read it twice. When I first read it, the image of Xenia resonated with me so strongly; I think partly because she is a saint of the Orthodox Church and as an Orthodox Christian and a woman, I was fascinated by her story and touched by her grief. Debra Dean really brings to life Russia during this period in beautiful and vivid ways and is a brilliant writer. I've always had this strong love of anything Russian and love Russian literature and Debra has done a wonderful job in taking us back to a Russia that has been destroyed by the horrors of Bolshevism.
So many themes were woven together in this one novel - the childhood friendships, the expectations of the parents, the children's reality, wealth and poverty, nobles and servants, war and peace, living and dying. Is it a love story? Perhaps, but you need to look deeper, and see the relationships that are formed, stretched to the breaking point, and yet remain steadfast. The author has grasped the Russian sense of tragedy, and pushed it into the changing lives of people in society. Should wealth be pursued? For what? To give it away and support the least lovable? Is that true love?
sunrise bird
In reading Xenia's story, I found a profound empathy for the narrator in her search for understanding of Xenia and her desire to live a good life while still anchored in the world around her. But Xenia's cousin was a good woman, above average in caring for those around her. But in her mind, she falls short of Xenia, God's Fool. I believe that the narrator is the mirror to Xenia, and in Xenia's goodness, she in fact sees her own depth of spirit.
The descriptions of St. Petersburg made the city of that age come alive in the gossip and the activities of the story. Debra Dean was able to reflect, again in a mirror, the zeitgeist of the city by its citizens's response to it.
I am not sure what to think of this one. I liked reading about the history of Russia and all the political intrigue of the times, but the actual story was tepid at best. The most interesting character was the eunuch, not Saint Xenia. She was an obvious schizophrenic who wandered around hearing voices and carrying bricks through cemeteries at night. Guess I am jaded about a lot of things with this book.
Dean does something unexpected and brave in this novel. Touted as the story of a sainted holy fool, Dean doesn't actually say much about the spiritual life of this mysterious historical woman. Rather she chooses a cousin, a nobody through whom to tell the story. At first, I didn't like the distance this choice created. I kept wanting the story to be about spiritual revelry, extremes. I wanted to learn what drives a saint to sainthood. I wanted to touch the highest realms of devotion to God.

But Dean refused. And in doing so, she created an unexpected story that lingered and moved my thoughts. I closed the book thinking that it is not the purview of saints to save the world, but only to inspire the rest of us toward an ordinary life of compassion. This is one novel that will keep reverberating for me.
I chose this rating because I had such high expectations based on Debra Dean's prior book, "Madonnas of Leningrad". This book did not inspire me, as her earlier book did. Also, the theme of the Holy Fool just didn't appeal to me compared to the WWII time period of "Madonnas". When I'm reading about historical Russia (particularly 19th century), I guess I have been spoiled by setting Tolstoy as the standard for great writing.

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