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by Matt Rees

Download The Fourth Assassin (Omar Yussef, Book 4) fb2, epub

ISBN: 1569478856
Author: Matt Rees
Language: English
Publisher: Soho Crime (February 8, 2011)
Pages: 281
Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 735
Size Fb2: 1878 kb
Size ePub: 1401 kb
Size Djvu: 1169 kb
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For his fourth Omar Yussef mystery, Matt Rees takes his charismatic teacher/detective out of the Middle .

For his fourth Omar Yussef mystery, Matt Rees takes his charismatic teacher/detective out of the Middle East and temporarily transplants him into New York - with complete success. The story still retains the culture, danger, treachery and, yes, despair of Matt's previous stories, emotions which are enhanced rather than diminished by the New York setting. If you are yet to meet Omar Yussef, try one of the other books first. If you already know him, join him on his trip to New York.

The Fourth Assassin book. Arriving to visit his son in a heavily Palestinian area of Bay.

Omar Yussef looked at the boy, appalled by his disrespect and hostility. Through the open door, Omar Yussef heard the Arab carry on a low conversation with someone already in the room. He’s had a terrible shock, he thought, but there’s something more that’s eating him. He’s covering it with a shield of aggression. The other detective’s sharp voice described the location and condition of the body. As he listened to her catalogue of Nizar’s visible features, Omar Yussef wondered how the detective might have described him, had he been the subject of her investigation.

Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. The Samaritan's Secret.

For his fourth Omar Yussef mystery, Matt Rees takes his charismatic teacher/detective out of the Middle .

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2010) (The fourth book in the Omar Yussef series) A novel by Matt Rees. Arriving to visit his son in a heavily Palestinian area of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Omar Yussef discovers the beheaded body of one of the boy's roommates. When his son is arrested as a suspect, Omar Yussef must prove his innocence. Praise for this book. February 2011 : USA Paperback.

Chapter 1. As he left the R train and came up the narrow, gum-blackened steps from the Fourth Avenue subway in Brooklyn, Omar Yussef glanced around for armed robbers and smiled. He recalled the secretary of his school in Dehaisha Refugee Camp warning him that New Yorkers would gun you down for a dollar. The scattered pedestrians stooped, as if beneath some invisible burden, scuttling over the wide sidewalks of Bay Ridge Avenue.

Matt Rees is a Welsh novelist and journalist. He is the author of The Palestine Quartet, a series of crime novels about Omar Yussef, a Palestinian sleuth, and of historical novels and thrillers. He is the winner of a Crime Writers Association Dagger for his crime fiction in the UK and a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award for fiction in the US. His latest novel is the international thriller China Strike, the second in a series about an agent with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Arriving to visit his son Ala in the heavily Palestinian neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Omar Yussef discovers the beheaded body of one of the boy’s roommates. When Ala is arrested as a suspect, Omar Yussef must investigate to prove his son’s innocence, uncovering a deadly conspiracy of international proportions.


I typically don't enjoy accidental mysteries, where a lady who gardens or runs a bookstore has a "nose for mystery" and constantly stumbles over dead bodies, amateurishly solving the crimes while the local constabulary blunders around stupidly. After a short while, most such books stretch credulity to the extreme. If you met such a person, in real life, would you be their friend, with the knowledge that you probably would eventually be the victim, suspect, or witness in one of her adventures? Not likely, at least not for me.

So I approached the first Omar Youssef mystery with some trepidation, but was amused by the premise (a Palestinian schoolteacher who solves a crime) and frankly I've enjoyed the characters and the atmosphere author Rees has created. So when the latest book in the series appeared and I could get it for my Kindle, I did. I knew nothing about it, and imagine my surprise when I discovered that it's essentially a fish-out-of-water story, involving the main character traveling to New York City for a United Nations conference. When he arrives, he immediately discovers there's been a killing in his son's apartment, and things progress from there.

Rees is a wonderful observer, and he recreates the world of the Palestinian immigrant in New York City meticulously. His scenes on the subways and streets of New York are fun and at the same time a bit poignant, and the characters are very interesting. Of course it's fun to read the various Arab beliefs about America (at various times one or the other of them announces that all Americans are required to carry guns; remember they're in New York, where legal private ownership of firearms is pretty unusual) and the clash of cultures is highlighted intelligently.

Rees does a very good job with all of the characters and the various incidents in New York, and my only objection to the book is that the plot is a little disjointed and slow in the middle. That being said, this is a worthwhile book, and I would recommend it.
I have now finished all four of Matt Beynon Rees' Omar Yussef mysteries. The Fourth Assassin takes place far away from Hebron when the protaganist goes to NY city to participate in a UN conference and visit his son living in Little Palestine. Beynon Rees manages to capture the dark point of view of life in the Palestinian diaspora. Fleeing violence in occupied Palestine in pursuit of the land of opportunity leads to tragedy, alienation, and of course murder. The author manages to weave in the politics of the plight of Palestine into the inner workings of proceedings at an international conference at the United Nations. While I have a personal preference for the settings of his three earlier books, I hope Matt Beynon Rees considers reviving is Omar Yussef after the Arab Spring, the refugee crisis in Syria, and Daesh.
Author Matt Beynon Rees brings his Palestinian educator/sleuth, Omar Yussef aka Abu Ramiz, to New York City for an appearance at a UN conference on Palestine in this latest addition to the terrific mystery series. The shift in venues could have been tricky for a story that is so strongly identified with The West Bank, Gaza and Israel, but author Rees has successfully transposed the context of that Middle East struggle to two NYC neighborhoods--the UN in Manhattan and the Little Palestine district of Brooklyn.

Omar Yussef gets off a mid-winter transatlantic flight and goes straight to visit his youngest son, Ala, in Brooklyn. Arriving at his son's apartment, he finds a headless body which appears to be that of his beloved son. This first horrific discovery leads to a larger collection of miseries that have followed a number transplanted Palestinians--some of them former students of Omar Yussef's--to their hoped for sanctuary in the U.S. Joined by his old warrior friend, Khamis Zeydan, Yussef finds the first murder will eventually lead to the planned assassination of the President of the Palestinian Authority who is also at the UN for the conference.

Writer Rees has a special gift for evoking the environment--in this case the miserable cold of a northern U.S. winter and the general seediness of the immigrant neighborhoods of Brooklyn. His talent for fleshing out highly believable characters is no less impressive. Certainly he has nailed the alienation and frustration felt by new immigrants to the U.S. and the desire to return home, no matter how hopeless the situation there.

"The Fourth Assassin" delivers an excellent mystery story while maintaining the integrity of the characters--the redoubtable and cranky Omar Yussef, in particular--that readers of earlier books in this series have come to know and cherish. Thoroughly enjoyable read. A four plus on the Amazon scale.
I LOVE his work. It makes me want to travel to Israel/Palestine in spite of the turmoil, not a reaction I ever expected to feel.
Something that caused me to rush to purchase it after reading the five days of introductory reading provided by Suzanne in her mystery reading list, I'm assuming will maintain its suspense and good characterization until the end! Now that Thanksgiving Day feast is over for another year, I'm eagerly catching up with all my purchases.
Great book but doesn’t have as much of the cultural feel as the other 3 Omar Yussef books. Still interesting to see New York through the eyes of a Palestinian tourist.
I recommend all of Rees' novels. He can write superbly. You learn about that area of the world.
While I enjoyed seeing the ustaz in NY, I still prefer the other books.
Perhaps Rees will continue the series back in Bethlehem.

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