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by Peter Straub

Download Lost Boy, Lost Girl : A Novel fb2, epub

ISBN: 0007169787
Author: Peter Straub
Language: English
Publisher: Harper Collins; Reprint edition (2003)
Pages: 352
Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 887
Size Fb2: 1448 kb
Size ePub: 1967 kb
Size Djvu: 1727 kb
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Lost Boy Lost Girl book.

Lost Boy Lost Girl book. Nancy Underhill commits suicide for no apparent reason. For some reason I avoided Peter Straub like the plague until one day in my twenties whilst stuck in Penn Station without a book I happened upon a copy of "Lost Boy Lost Girl" and out of desperation bought it. I have never looked back and as soon as I finished it I ran out and read everything else the man has written in something like a month. Lost Boy Lost Girl" is a ghost story but its also a story about surviving unspeakable loss.

Home Peter Straub Lost Boy Lost Girl. Tim realized he had read through three pages of the new George Pelecanos novel without registering anything more than individual words. Lost boy lost girl, . He looked up the aisle to discover that the flight attendants handing out the wrapped lunches were only two rows in front of him. On Midwest Air, a one-class airline noted for its wide seats and attentive service, the approach of the in-flight meal could still arouse some interest.

lost boy lost girl: A No. .has been added to your Cart

lost boy lost girl: A No.has been added to your Cart. For its high artistry and uncanny mix of dread and hope, Straub's 16th novel, his shortest in decades, reaffirms the author's standing as the most literate and, with his occasional coauthor Stephen King, most persuasive of contemporary novelists of the dark fantastic

Lost Boy, Lost Girl - is a 2003 horror/suspense novel by novelist, Peter Straub. The book won the 2003 Bram Stoker Award for best novel of the year. ynopsisThe novel revolves around a middle age writer named Timothy Underhill, struggling to help his brother Philip an.

Lost Boy, Lost Girl - is a 2003 horror/suspense novel by novelist, Peter Straub. Boy Meets Girl (album) - Pour les articles homonymes, voir Boy Meets Girl.

With "lost boy lost girl, Peter Straub affirms once again that he is the master of literary horror. I was very disappointed in this book. Usually Straub's writing is not like this. I like some of his other books so that is why I picked this one up. It wasn't that scary

With "lost boy lost girl, Peter Straub affirms once again that he is the master of literary horror. It wasn't that scary. Not much of it to like.

Peter Straub is the New York Times–bestselling author of more than a dozen novels. In the Night Room and lost boy, lost girl were winners of the Bram Stoker Award, as was his collection 5 Stories

Peter Straub is the New York Times–bestselling author of more than a dozen novels. In the Night Room and lost boy, lost girl were winners of the Bram Stoker Award, as was his collection 5 Stories. He lives in Brooklyn. More from Peter Straub. Published by Ballantine Books -. Paperback E-Book.

Straub, Peter, 1943-. The suicide of a woman and the disappearance of her teenage son, Mark, draws the boy's uncle, Timothy Underhill, back to his hometown of Millhaven, where his investigation uncovers a neighborhood haunted by a serial killer. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Lost Boy, Lost Girl starts with a death. These qualities create an atmosphere that lingers like the novel's own ghost, and Straub achieves this invisibly, in the background. Tim Underhill - who will be familiar to Straub readers from the mysteries - returns to his home town after the suicide of his sister-in-law. A week later, her son Mark disappears. He doesn't insist you notice how intelligent and subtle the novel is, and you don't: you merely appreciate how good a time you're having, and that you don't want it to stop. Michael Marshall Smith's most recent novel is The Straw Men (HarperCollins).


This book could t decide whether it wax a serial killer story or a supernatural tale. In committing to neither, it didn't manage to do either very well. The serial killer plot is light and unsatisfying. The supernatural tale leaves out too much of its foundational logic, making the "why" entirely too vague. We are offered nothing on which to hook a theory about why *this ghost is different from dozens of other victims, how she would know her relatives, why she would single out one of them for revenge - and then single out the son of that one for "love." We are given no indication of why long dormant entity chooses this moment in time to be active, or why her actions are limited to revenge against one family member and a borderline-incestuous relationship with another.

That said, even sloppy, poorly-written Straub is better than much of what one finds in the genre. It is worth a read, but perhaps a trip to the library, rather than the bookstore, for this one
I have found previous books I've read by Mr Straub to be intriguing, suspenseful and often disturbing, in other words, exactly what I expect from his genre. This story was unfulfilling in it's suspense. The characters were lacking in the substance I have grown to enjoy in other of this author's stories. The story did succeed in making me feel sad, for a sad 15 year old boy and a sadder young woman who never had a chance. The villains, 2 sick predators who preyed on children, women and teenage boys. Sad story! I will not say it's poorly written book, as I believe Mr Straub is a very talented writer. This was just not one of my favorites.
Peter Straub wrote one of my all time favorite books "The Floating Dragon" I also enjoyed his collaboration with Stephen King. Yet for some reason I have attempted to read some other of his books only to give up on them after a few chapters. This book was about to meet the fate of those other books and be abandoned. I forced myself to continue to read the book and am glad I did. It is written in different perspectives which at first was disconcerting but once I was able to pick up the changes of perspective and get into the rhythm of the book I began to really enjoy it. Well written, original and most importantly enjoyable. I hope you give this book a chance, I am glad I did.
This was my first novel by this author and I quite enjoyed it. The story kept my interest and the weird happenings added an extra layer that made the whole thing that much more interesting. By the end of the book, there are no easy answers but I liked it anyway. My favorite parts, writing wise at least, were the main character's first-person journal entries. In one of these, we find this gem:

"...Maggie Lah said, 'You write your journal like it was fiction.' I said, 'What makes you think it isn't?'"

It seems our protagonist, Tim Underhill, is not a very reliable narrator. There are some other clues in the narrative to support this, but I won't bother spoiling it for future readers.

So why four instead of five stars? While I quite liked it, this novel wasn't perfect. A minor annoyance was the similarity between character names (Tim/Tom), but a bigger problem were some of the descriptive passages, especially when the author is describing actions of the characters. More often than not I found it hard to visualize what he was talking about (especially the parts where Mark is searching the "haunted" house). But most of it made sense after awhile and most of the novel is not written like that, so it wasn't a huge hindrance. It was actually a pretty quick read that kept me turning pages in the early morning hours.

While not all that scary, this was an engrossing and sometimes creepy novel that has everything from suicides, missing persons, ghosts to serial killers. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from this author, my next being In the Night Room, which seems to be a sequel of sorts to this novel.

Fifteen-year-old Mark Underhill and his friend Jimbo Monaghan are, ostensibly, the kind of kids who are going nowhere--baggy-clothed and skateboard-appendaged, they slouch around their run-down neighborhood and say "yo" more often than their fathers would probably like. But beneath the attitude, the boys are surprisingly thoughtful and nobly loyal to one another, and Mark, at least, is intelligent, capable of using "dyad" in a sentence: "'Look, there's another cop!' Mark said. 'They come in, like, dyads.'" His intellect is a plus, since Mark has a lot to figure out in Peter Straub's tense and exceedingly creepy--don't read it if you're alone in the house creepy--lost boy lost girl.

After his mother's suicide (an instance of overkill, as it were, as the method she adopted was thrice effective), Mark's attempts to understand what happened to her land him in the thick of a family mystery and on the trail of a serial killer or two. His obsession leads Mark in particular to investigate an abandoned property directly behind his own house, a building every bit as creepy as Norman Bates's Victorian manse. The creepy goings-on in the house will have you almost screaming at Mark to get the hell out of there.

Part murder mystery, part ghost story, the book is actually diminished by its spectral nonsense, which renders the story less genuinely scary. The book's ending in particular is too unbelievable to be satisfying. Straub's novel nonetheless is well worth the read. Just remember to have a buddy with you when you crack it open.

Reviewed by Debra Hamel, author of Trying Neaira: The True Story of a Courtesan's Scandalous Life in Ancient Greece
You know a horror writer has achieved his goal when his reader finishes the book entirely relieved that it is over. Dreadfully curious I kept reading even when some chapters were making me so anxious that I'd have to take a break and gather myself while reading... or the strange house would haunt my dreams. It still may.
Loved the pace, the characters, the dark tone. Hated the end, I wanted more. I enjoyed every word though. Write more!

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