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by John Case

Download The First Horseman fb2, epub

ISBN: 0786216190
Author: John Case
Language: English
Publisher: Thorndike Pr; First Edition, first printing edition (November 1, 1998)
Pages: 584
Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 862
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The First Horseman book.

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When the First Horseman thunders forth, pestilence will spread throughout the land. The Spanish Flu killed thirty million people worldwide in 1918.

In the Book of Revelations, the Four Horsemen herald the arrival of the Apocalypse. When the First Horseman thunders forth, pestilence will spread throughout the land.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, this applies to The First Horseman.

Icebreakers were routinely booked years in advance.

The first horseman, . The First Horseman, . Icebreakers were routinely booked years in advance. well, it was asking a lot. And yet, somehow, it had all fallen into place.

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On the Norwegian sea, an icebreaker forges its way through frozen waters to a remote island in the Arctic, carrying a scientific team that hopes to unearth the bodies of long-dead miners. Washington Post reporter Frank Daly has the story of a lifetime. But his plan to join the scientists on their historic mission is ruined by a ferocious storm. When he meets up with the ship upon its return to port in Norway, it is clear that something has gone terribly wrong. Fear haunts the faces of the crew. And someone wants Daly to stop asking questions.

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An investigative reporter makes a shocking discovery about a deadly virus, a lethal form of influenza that killed more than fifty million people in 1918, that is making a dramatic reappearance in North Korea


This is one of those books that can send chills down your spine and give great food for thought. To begin with, it most certainly addresses contemporary issues; issues which have actually been dragged from the not so distant past.

Visit older cemeteries, large and small, rural and urban, and as you walk among the graves note the date of death of each stone. My wife and I have visited such places from coast to coast and the one thing we have noted is the vast number of stones with the year of death being dated 1918. This was the year of the great flu epidemic! Indeed, our families lost members during that time as did a number of families of that era.

This book plays off that theme as scientist and evil people have restored this horrible virus; a virus whose mutation abilities are still with us to this date.

Now I know that this is a common theme in books of this genre these days but that does not make it any worse for wear when handled by an author of John Case’s caliber. Case is a cut above your average popular author writing books in this genre so you not only get a very good action thriller but also a book that has literary merit. Folks, this one is well written.

And actually, the entire premise of the book is believable requiring little stretching of the readers credibility...well, not much anyway.

If you are looking for a good and thoughtful read, then you might want to give this one a try. I can most certainly say that for me that this one was a page turner.

This was a library find.
I'm a bona fide john case fan. My review of "the genesis code" sparked debate in my small hometown and I eageraly awaited case's next tale.
This book should scare the beejeezus out of all of us. Case's story of biological warfare was much more plausible than, say, "The Cobra Event," which I enjoyed, but it didn't really make me sit up and take notice because it's demented villan operated alone. The bad guy in "the first horseman" has an army of devoted followers and a seemingly endless treasury that will allow him to set "The Spanish Lady" (a particulary virulent strain of influenza) out into the world.
I'm glad to be living in a small town with no strategic importance in the scheme of world politics. Otherwise, I'd be afraid...I'd be very afraid.
Congratulations to john case! He's done it again!
Terry Mathews
Story started off go. Basic plot well thought out but felt that as the book progressed the story became a little far fetched. A little disappointing in the end.
Whoever he may be, he ranks with Michel Creighton and Robin Cook. His mixture of fact with fiction gives his story both suspense and credibility. There really was an expedition to Norway to hunt for the virus. The 1918 flu was pandemic. My 90 year old grandmother lived through it and to her flu equals death. She would no sooner take a flu vaccine then I would an AIDS vaccine. Anyone who has worried about biological terroism should read this book. Lets just hope Saddam Hussain doesn't get hold of the copy. As for those who compain about this not being a "thriller" they must be addicted to gun battles and car chases. This is a psychological thriller based on the very real capabilities of anthrax brewing terrorists. If you want blood, gore and ridiculous story lines go back to Dean Koontz.
Is it only me, or has anyone wondered how Frank and Annie seemed to be so unconcerned, hell, CLUELESS, about the danger they were in?
Despite an escalating avalanche of evidence on just how dangerous those whackos from the Temple of Light were... they, weirdly, went around as if nothing and nobody was going to hurt them.
Add that to the fact that they continually do stupid and moronic things, the characters of Frank and Annie begin to border on the preposterous.
The evidence before them should have made them paranoid about their safety. They weren't.
That borders on the preposterous.
Hence my conclusion.
Frank and Annie are CLUELESS.
They amount to characters who are so centered on their selves and their petty concerns, that they don't deserve the honorific of having saved the world.
This book has weird cultists, North Korean bad guys, a biological weapon capable of killing billions and not the brightest main character ever to grace the pages of fiction.
Spanish Lady refers to the 1918 influenza outbreak that killed thousand of people around the world in a matter of months. All of a sudden, it looks like the North koreans may have figured out a way to bring Spanish Lady back from past, and the good guys need to get on top of this problem before the bad guys perfect their weapon.
The story shifts dramatically to Frank Daly, a Washington Post reporter, who stumbles across the story and gets entangled with a far out cult. The cult's founder, Luc Solange gets most of his money from the North Koreans (why the Nkors would pick Luc and company to deliver their weapon system is never explained).
Eventually, Frank Daly ends up in a life or death confrontation with Luc and company armed with nothing more than the First Amendment. Perhaps, this art initating life, but I would have arrived there with nothing less than a squad of Force Recon Marines and a couple of tanks.
Without giving away too much, journalist Frank saves the world from destruction at the hands of the Nkors and looney cultists.
If you forget that Frank is kind of dumb, the story holds together pretty well and demonstrates just how vulnerable we are to BW or CW attack using our infrastructure.
Worth a quick read.

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