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by Richard Laymon

Download After Midnight fb2, epub

ISBN: 0747215138
Author: Richard Laymon
Language: English
Publisher: Headline Books (1997)
Pages: 320
Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 318
Size Fb2: 1857 kb
Size ePub: 1856 kb
Size Djvu: 1199 kb
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Leisure books new york city. This book is dedicated to Tom Corey Friend, Photographer, Musician, Construction Guru and the Builder of Alice’s Garage & To Donna, René and Amina his special gals.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. When Alice's friend Serena goes away she stays in her house, with its sunken bathtub and big-screen TV. Best of all is the outdoor swimming pool. But one night a stranger walks out of the woods and jumps naked into the pool.

Well, this is the best Richard Laymon book I've read so far. For once the characters' reactions were believable. I think that he showed great improvement in his writing as his career advanced.

Richard Carl Laymon (January 14, 1947 – February 14, 2001) was an American author of suspense and horror fiction, particularly within the splatterpunk subgenre. Laymon was born and raised outside of Chicago, Illinois, then lived in Tiburon, California, as a teen. He graduated from Redwood High School, then pursued a BA in English Literature from Willamette University in Oregon and an MA in English Literature from Loyola University in Los Angeles.

But no sounds came from the house. What’s he doing in there?Playing games, probably. He’s staying inside, wasting time, trying to scare m. turned my back to the pool and stared at the. From where I was standing, though, the glass reflected too much. I could barely make out any details of the dim room. I should probably just go in and see what’s keeping hi. eah, sure, I thought. That’s what he wants me to do. So he can jump out and scare th. hat if he’s dead?He isn’t dead, I told myself. Whoever took the saber is probably long gone.

I’ve read every book of Laymon’s I could get my hands on. I’m absolutely a longtime fan. -Jack Ketchum, author of Offspring.

Laymon is incapable of writing a disappointing book. Laymon always takes it to the max. No one writes like him and you’re going to have a good time with anything he writes. I’ve read every book of Laymon’s I could get my hands on. One of horror’s rarest talents. Laymon is, was, and always will be king of the hill.

Author: Richard Laymon. Although Laymon died in 2001, his . novels have only recently gotten an American release; this 1997 title is a sordid, flawed gem, both stomach churning and erotic, and not infrequently at the same time. Narrated by paranoid, defiant 26-year-old Alice, the book opens on a peaceful night of house-sitting-but as Alice warns, You can never be sure it’s safe. Indeed, shortly after midnight she spots a strange man emerge from the woods and go swimming naked in the family pool.

When Alice's friend Serena goes away she stays in her house, with its sunken bathtub and big-screen TV.

A young woman descends into an ever-escalating nightmare of murder and madness when her only defense against an intruder is a Civil War saber.

After Midnight is a thrilling horror novel from Richard Laymon, in which a plucky heroine must use every ounce .

After Midnight is a thrilling horror novel from Richard Laymon, in which a plucky heroine must use every ounce of her ingenuity to survive. Perfect for fans of Dean Koontz and Clive Barker. Alice enjoys house-sitting for her friend; she has the place to herself, a huge TV, a swimming pool. But one night, just after midnight, a man walks out of the woods and throws himself into the pool . I loved this book from the get-go, it had me gripped and I had it finished in two days flat. It has turns and twists that will blow your mind'.

Melanie Conway is a pale and lovely violinist who has strange visions of death

Melanie Conway is a pale and lovely violinist who has strange visions of death. Here, though, the meandering seems almost arbitrary, offering just one obstacle after another thrown in the path of the intrepid mouse, and the prose lacks Laymon's usual punch and precision. Much more effective are Clark's full-color illustrations, which capture the mystery, magic and delicious terror of Halloween via bold, intense colors and dramatic angles of view.

1997 Signed, Inscribed, First Headline Book Hardcover Edition Signed: by author and dated August 25, 1997 Inscribed: No specific person addressed Full number line: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Very Good/Very Good Dust jacket is in very good condition, wrapped in a mylar protective cover. Flaws: Minor signs of shelf wear. Book is in very good condition, boards and spine are straight, pages clean, no remainder mark. Flaw: Page edge toning/tanning can be seen. This copy was a 2nd hand purchase. Very good used copy of this title with flaws noted.


After Midnight is not just another great horror novel by Richard Laymon, but it is one of his more original works that stands out among his many books. The book is written in first-person, narrator Alice (not her real name, she is quick to reveal), who has decided to document the details of a series of past events in case the authorities ever get involved. What starts as a quiet and mundane setting involving a timid woman with hints of a disturbed past house-sitting for a friend quickly descends into a non-stop cavalcade of unfortunate events and multiple deaths packed into a forty-eight hour race against the devil – even if the line between good and evil tends to blur.

The strongest aspect of After Midnight is, without a doubt, the pseudonymous narrator Alice, whose meticulous recording of her thoughts and internal monologues throughout her confessional memoir not only help retain the reader’s attention during what would normally be passive stretches of inaction, but Laymon also manages to allow Alice to reveal – both intentionally and accidentally - hidden aspects of her murky past and guarded personality that create one of the most complex and remarkable characters of his body of work. There are some points during the story – okay, many points – during which the reader will openly question Alice’s actions, motivations, and whether or not they should be on her side, but the undeniable humanity that emerges from her contradictory naiveté and ruthless pragmatism makes her an endearing anti-hero that you can’t help rooting for.

The events that unfold through the two-day period of the story occasionally challenge the credulity of the reader, but that’s to be expected from a Laymon novel in the first place. I hesitate to list any of the violent acts or situations that befall (or are perpetrated by) Alice out of fear of ruining any of the book’s twists and turns, but I can guarantee that even the most jaded horror novel fan will be caught off guard at least once or twice.

If there is any shortcoming to After Midnight, it is that the endless sequence of events that befall Alice are presented to the reader at roughly the same pace, and so the fatigue that befalls her at certain points is also felt by the reader, with little if any chance to pause or regroup. The result is a novel that urges you to read on while simultaneously leaving you needing to take a break. However, this is probably a testament to Laymon’s skills as a writer, and while it can make reading the book in one sitting more difficult than it should be, After Midnight is definitely worth the effort.
Laymon is one of those writers that you can both love and hate - Once in awhile in the same book.

His characters are well fleshed out and always fun (even the villains are usually memorable) and (most of the stories move along at a good pace.

This one is, maybe not his best, but in the top three. Concerns a young lady named Alice (Sort of named Alice) who through no fault of her own accidentally butchers a fellow and then in going about covering it up winds up in a domino progression of bodies - some of which are her fault, some of which are not. The result is sometimes horrifying (NOBODY writes evil characters like Lamon), sometimes sad, erotic, cringe-worthy or, at least once, semi-erotic. One in particular is mildly amusing in a "Oh God what ELSE can happen to this poor girl" sort of way.

One difficulty is that Alice comes across as (and is) absolutely cold blooded when it comes to saving her own but, At least at first (the end is more in question) Now, she has REASON to be this way. Something happened to her prior to the events in the book that affected her. This event is hinted at but never really made clear. (You'll get the idea though) As such, it leaves the reader a little bit at a loss not knowing her full story.

The ending is...unique. Laymon enjoys (sometimes) down endings. This one is neither down nor up but leaves the reader to decide is What Happens After turns out good or bad. A good move as it ultimately could have gone either way long term.

I'd say get this book when you don't have anything to do and be prepared to read it through. It is difficult, though not impossible as are some of his other works, to put down.
Mr. Laymon is an acquired taste. If you happen to be a fan this is one of his best books and if you are unfamiliar with his writing it is a great place to start. If you enjoy this book you have also read the Beast House series. I have never read a bad book by Mr Laymen however this book was particularity good.
This is probably the best bad writing I’ve ever read. Does that make it good? Possibly. But probably not. It’s a lot of fun, though.
This riveting book was very good I thought this was the best I have read by Richard Laymon, if it was not for bad luck she would have no luck lol.
I love it and hate it at the same time. Weird. Yet I can't stay away from it.
This is a really good story from start to finish.
Loved it. Cheers, Dennis.
First let me say that I AM a Richard Laymon fan and have read several of his novels. One of the things I love about his work is how blunt and brutal it is. If sex, gore, or violence turn your stomach then DONT read his books; go read a Nicholas Sparks novel (THAT turns MY stomach, haha). Personally, it doesn't bother me and I admire his ballsy approach. His books are usually wild, crazy, and entertaining!!
BUT, After Midnight is NOT my fave Laymon work. I thought "Alice" was crazy, stupid, a sociopath, and a very unsympathetic character. When you can't stand the main character then why am I reading this book? I didn't root for her and couldn't wait for her to get caught. Maybe that was the point but I just didn't enjoy this book.
Do yourself a favor and pass this book up for Traveling Vampire Show or The Cellar. Or if you are in the mood for something REALLY crazy and entertaining, try reading just about anything that Brian Keene has written. He is heavily influenced by Laymon but a more talented writer- IF you ask me.

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