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Download Aunt Sophie's Diamonds (A Regency romance) fb2, epub

by Joan Smith

Download Aunt Sophie's Diamonds (A Regency romance) fb2, epub

ISBN: 0893401560
Author: Joan Smith
Language: English
Publisher: John Curley & Associates; Large type edition edition (October 1978)
Pages: 485
Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 980
Size Fb2: 1655 kb
Size ePub: 1521 kb
Size Djvu: 1868 kb
Other formats: mbr mobi azw lrf

Aunt Sophie's Diamonds book. I imagine it must be quite tedious for writers of regency romances to find themselves continually compared with Georgette Heyer but I'm going to do it anyway. This was an amusing read.

Aunt Sophie's Diamonds book. Claudia Milmont has lived most of her joyless life with her. The writing was nowhere near as clever as Miss Heyer's with a lot of the humour tending towards sillyness, nevertheless there were some very good exchanges between Claudia and Sir Hillary.

Aunt Sophie's Diamonds. Time-Travel Romance by Jennifer Malin; originally published by Berkley/Jove Time Passages. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

Books related to Aunt Sophie's Diamonds. Cupid's Mistake, a Regency Romance. aunt sophies diamonds. The Weaver Takes a Wife. joan smith at her best, a mysterious will and the fun begins, i enjoyed the characters, the dialogue and the plot, would recomend to anyone that enjoys the regency period. by nw on February 6, 2018. Aunt Sophie's Diamonds.

You can’t throw a stone in the historical romance category without hitting a regency romance novel. There are, at a conservative estimate, approximately 85 million regency books at any given period. More come out practically every day; it’s by far the most popular historical sub-genre. Officially it occupies only the narrow slot between 1811 and 1820, when King George IV was Prince Regent. Enterprising authors have, however, managed to make it stretch from roughly 1800 to the 1830s (until Victoria comes along in 1837). Below is a selection of 15 of the best regency romance novels, which range.

Regency Romance by Joan Smith; originally published by Fawcett Crest. Claudia Milmont has lived most of her joyless life with her grandparents, though her mother enjoys the fringes of society in London. When Claudia’s Aunt Sophie dies, a whole new world opens up for her. Cantankerous Sophie has instructed that her diamonds be buried with her-and Claudia is determined to help her cousin retrieve them. But the charming Sir Hillary Thoreau, a nonesuch, is co-executor of Sophie’s will and he’s keeping a sharp eye out for any mischief-and for Claudia, too, it would seem.

Up several hours before ever the gentlemen arrived, and growing fidgety as the hands of the clock wound their way past nine time for the coach at eleven. He plans to let him say no more than hello and goodbye, Luane said, pink with anger. If he even lets him come at all, that is. There is no counting on him to do as he has promised. "He may have changed his mind and decided to let him go tomorrow.

I love Joan Smith's books and am still finding a few I haven't read So, here's where the book begins to fall apart, in my opinion. Lord Devane runs hot and cold toward Francesca

I love Joan Smith's books and am still finding a few I haven't read. So, here's where the book begins to fall apart, in my opinion. Lord Devane runs hot and cold toward Francesca. When she thinks to reach out to him for assistance, due to her former father-in-law's having accused her of stealing an entailed diamond necklace, he basically cuts her dead at a social event. Belatedly, realizing his mistake, Devane decides to try and help her.

Items related to Aunt Sophie's Diamonds (A Regency romance). Regency Romance by Joan Smith; originally published by Fawcett. Joan Smith Aunt Sophie's Diamonds (A Regency romance). ISBN 13: 9780893401566. Aunt Sophie's Diamonds (A Regency romance). If it is added to AbeBooks by one of our member booksellers, we will notify you! Create a Want.

Cantankerous Sophie has instructed that her diamonds be buried with her-and Claudia is determined to help her cousin retrieve them.

Aunt Sophie's Diamonds – e-kirja kirjailijoilta Joan Smith. Tietoja kirjoittajasta. Lue tämä kirja käyttämällä Google Play Kirjat ‑sovellusta tietokoneella tai Android- tai iOS-laitteella. Lataa offline-lukemista varten, korosta, lisää kirjanmerkkeihin tai kirjoita muistiinpanoja lukiessasi kohdetta Aunt Sophie's Diamonds. Romance author Joan Smith graduated from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario and the Ontario College of Education. Besides writing over a hundred romance novels, she has also taught French and English in high school and English in college.


Claudia Millmont's Aunt Sophie dies and is buried with her fabulous diamond necklace worth fifty thousand pounds! SirHillary, a neighbor and friend of Sophie is the executor of her will, which cannot be read for a full year after her death. Sophie's greedy relatives (not Claudia), want that necklace. Of course they try to dig her up. Claudia tries to help a couple of her cousins do just that, with hilarious results. Meanwhile, Sir Hillary begins to see our sweet and funny Claudia in a romantic light. An amusing story.
What a hilarious book! The romances were all superb, although the main pairing was the best. The overall story was epic! What a tangle and what an ending! My only complaint, which is pretty much the same every time, is that I would have liked just a little bit more from the main hero on why he chose his heroine. And perhaps it is not really his fault. We are not really given much information on our heroine. She is not ugly, but not a beauty. She has a great deal of wit, spirit, and humor. She's fun and quite unlike what her outward appearance would suggest. Which is all to the good, but why exactly does that set her apart from all the rest? I could make educated guesses, but I would rather have seen it in some way during the extremely brief courtship.

That being said, the book was utterly fabulous. Blissful was one of my favs as was Trump. In fact, all the characters were great. Hillary was gorgeous and delicious like a good hero needs to be. The captain was endearingly oily. Gab was adorable and Loo was a bit of a pest but charming in spite of it. The only character I didn't like was Mama, and I honestly liked to dislike her. She was the foil for her daughter, rather than Loo who was an inverse, and she served her purpose well. Perhaps that's why her Hero fell for her, because Claudia was in fact everything her mother could have been, with the generous, loving, giving heart that her mother lacked. A fantastic read. Very very highly recommended for all Regency Romance lovers.
Joan Smith's style is very distinctive. Her plots fly all over the place. Her characters are goofy, simplistic, fluffy, touching, charming. Her dialogue is usually sharp and either witty or ridiculous depending upon the reader's viewpoint. This story was written in 1977 at which time tastes were different so her stories need to be set into that context. Her stories are always clean and sweet. Nice people doing nice things. Have fun with this and don't expect high art.
I found a copy of this in a used book store. Joan Smith is (was - nothing new has been published by her in years) one of my very favorite Regency romance writers. The dialogue in her novels, especially this one, is always delightfully witty. All her characters are fleshed out people (not just the main characters) with both good and bad traits. A very suitable heir to Georgette Heyer.

"Little" Claudia has been hidden away and neglected by her mother her whole life because her mother, an acredited beauty, does not want the fashionable world to figure out how old she really is. So Claudia has been living with an Uncle and his wife, very pious folks who only allow the Bible and John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" to be read in their home.

When Aunt Sophie is dying, Claudia's mother drags her daughter to her Aunt's bedside and funeral in hopes that Aunt Sophie will have left something to Claudia, perhaps some of her famous jewels (which her mother will appropriate since Claudia has no need for jewels). However, upon arriving at Aunt Sophie's home, they find that Aunt Sophie has written the strangest will in England.

Sir Hillary, a confirmed bachelor and neighbor of Aunt Sophie, is named the executor of the will. Although initially as condescending to Claudia as he is to her mother, he soon discovers that Claudia has a deliciously satirical wit, a taste for outrageous adventure, plus she is also an unbeatable chess player, a rare treasure in a woman.

I also recommend "Gather Ye Rosebuds" by the same author. Both novels have heros who start as snobs and learn to become less snobby and better men under the influence of intelligent and witty heroines who are lower than them in social rank. In that respect, there is something of Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice" in both these novels.
I have read Joan Smith books before, and liked some better than others. This one had never come my way, and I found it exceedingly entertaining. Was so glad I found it.
Joan Smith has written several amazingly fun and witty books. This is not the best of them. The "witty" dialogue is sometimes overdone, coming across as tedious rather than delightful. There are occasions, of course, when the dialogue shines. But it is not consistent. In addition, though the romance in Smith's books is often subtle and understated, in this book, it was understated practically to the point of non-existence. The heroine goes from tongue tied in the hero's presence to amazingly bold and witty, all in the space of a few hours and for no apparent reason. As for the hero, it seems to be some species of love at first word...The back story of the diamonds is rather obvious from the beginning, but there are some nice capers while one waits for the characters to catch on. If you're a fan of Joan Smith, by all means, read it, but I'd advising checking it out from the library rather than buying it.
There's absolutely no reason for any of the characters to behave the way they do in this talky-talky book. Each character has elements of interest, and for the first couple of chapters I was intrigued at what plot could possibly work with such a strange group. Well, digging up a grave isn't a plot that I expected or enjoyed. I like many of Joan Smith's books, but this one was a let-down.
I love the humor and the witty dialogue! I like the fact that the heroine is older and not a beauty!

I compare Joan Smith's books with Georgette Heyer who is much harder to read. Similar humor and very likable hero and heroine!!!

Often I wish Joan's books were longer! with character development longer and deeper.

This is one of my favorite books by Joan Smith!!!!!

Shirley Rhyne

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