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by Richard Laymon

Download Endless Night fb2, epub

ISBN: 0747243670
Author: Richard Laymon
Language: English
Publisher: Headline (June 23, 1994)
Category: Genre Fiction
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 434
Size Fb2: 1388 kb
Size ePub: 1194 kb
Size Djvu: 1985 kb
Other formats: txt mbr lit docx

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My curiosity got the best of me. Granted I don't read much horror.

Jody is pretty tough for a sixteen-year-old girl  . I was warned before reading this book that Richard Laymon wrote graphic horror. My curiosity got the best of me. The villain was actually as sick as they come. If you want to be afraid to go to sleep at night, I highly recommend this book. This one will keep you awake at night and have you checking and rechecking the locks on the windows and doors.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Jody is sleeping over at a friend's when the killers break in. They slaughter the family but Jody escapes. Jody is sleeping over at her friend Evelyn's house when killers break in. She escapes the house with the only other survivor of the massacre.

There were sirens, doors banging shut, guys shouting, loudspeakers, fire truck radios, cop radios. I heard water shooting out of hoses, hissing and splashing. es and exploding glass, all sorts of noises the house made as it got chewed and crunched by the fire. My recently departed pals obviously hoped I’d be sneaking down the hillside to hunt out the girl and the kid and kill them. That was my mission, after all. That was why they’d abandoned me. So it gave me a lot of satisfaction not to go down there

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Richard Carl Laymon (January 14, 1947 – February 14, 2001) was an American author of suspense and horror fiction, particularly within the splatterpunk subgenre.

Richard Carl Laymon (January 14, 1947 – February 14, 2001) was an American author of suspense and horror fiction, particularly within the splatterpunk subgenre. Laymon was born and raised outside of Chicago, Illinois, then lived in Tiburon, California, as a teen. He graduated from Redwood High School, then pursued a BA in English Literature from Willamette University in Oregon and an MA in English Literature from Loyola University in Los Angeles.

Endless Night is one of Richard Laymon's most gut-wrenching and compulsive novels and is a must-have for all horror fans. The narrative is unrelenting, propelling you from page one into a terrifying roller-coaster ride'. This book is outstanding. Simply one of the best novels I've ever read'.

Jody Fargo is sweet sixteen, but tougher than she looks - she has to be. She's sleeping over at her friend's when the killers break in. They slaughter the family but Jody escapes with twelve-year-old Andy... Simon Quirt doesn't seem like a crazed killer. But that's just what he and his friends are. Now Simon must dispose of the only eyewitnesses to the massacre and he can't wait to get his hands on Jody...


Endless Night by Richard Laymon

1 star

Jody is sleeping over at her best friend Evelyn’s house when Evelyn shakes her awake in the dead of night and claims that a window downstairs has been broken. As Evelyn and Jody brave waking up the parents in the house Evelyn is murdered with a spear. The killer walks off with her body and Jody is able to find a weapon and get Jody’s brother. There’s something strange about the killer in the house. There’s more than one, they smell rotten, don’t appear to be wearing clothes—that is until one sees that they are adorned in human flesh, and seem to be partaking in the eating of Evelyn’s parents. Jody and Andy barely escape. Simon’s gang of ruthless killers have left him behind because no witnesses can be left behind. He failed at capturing Jody and Andy and now he must capture them and make sure they can’t reveal any more secrets. Armed with a tape recorder, a plan for destruction, and a thirst for the inhumane torture of Jody and anyone who stands in his way of getting his hands on her. I read this book for Peter’s Book Club! I love Peter and I trust his recommendations. I’ve read so many books that are favorites that he has recommended, but not every book one picks up from someone’s recommendation will be one you walk away loving. In fact, Endless Night by Richard Laymon may be one of my most hated reads ever. I’ll just be up front, Laymon can create a fast-paced narrative that is easy to fly through, but the content left my stomach in knots. I like dark novels. I read and watch true crime, my favorite author is Stephen King, and I’ve done maybe a little too much research into serial killers. I like the macabre, but this isn’t macabre this is obscene. This is a complete degradation and glorification of rape, torture, and murder. I was expecting that, but Laymon writes in such a way that it feels almost like he wants you to root for Simon and agree with him as he is scalping a woman he just murdered, stuffing her in a freezer, and then putting her hair on his head as a wig. No thanks. I don’t want to sympathize, understand, or root for anyone like that. I like reading about the depraved, but not when it feels like I’m reading a book that could potentially inspire other readers to carry out violent acts. Let’s not forget that the writing is just bad. Grammar errors aside and the constant annoyance of the letter I being written as the number 1, Laymon is not a crafter of a beautiful sentence. His diction choice is subpar and its obvious he uses words for dramatic effect instead of to get one thinking.

Whimsical Writing Scale: 1

Jody, our heroine, and the girl who everyone tells, “You don’t look too bad for a young lady who’s just been shot up,” (real quote folks on page 169) and happens to be the luckiest survivor in the history of survivors. She happens to be well-trained in guns and self-defense, which makes for a thrilling opening sequence with her bashing heads and surviving, but beyond that she is as bland as unbuttered toast. I can’t tell you one thing I liked about her because I didn’t.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 1

Then there’s Andy, the twelve-year-old brother of her best friend. Andy reminds me of that disgusting little psychopath from Apt Pupil: A Novella in Different Seasons by Stephen King (now that’s a fantastic character study on psychopaths done right) who was obsessed with WWII and concentration camps. Andy even reminiscence about pictures he saw of human lampshades even though his family was just brutally murdered by a murder cult clothed in human skin. LIKE WHAT. Then [he watches Jody almost be sexually assaulted and doesn’t immediately shoot Simon on the spot. He watches and allows Simon to manipulate and taunt him because wow a hot naked chick. (hide spoiler)] I just can’t fathom who would actually act this way and I can’t help but wonder if Laymon depicted Andy this way because he was planning to keep him alive and have him become a twisted killer with Simon. Jody’s father and the cop, Sharon, are the only characters in this novel who don’t seem to have a thirst for degrading their fellow human aside from Jody. This book is just a ball of sunshine when it comes to portraying humans loving one another and not wanting to run them over with cars.

Character Scale: 1

The Villain- Why did we need to hear from Simon? This book could’ve been two hundred pages shorter and far less disgusting. I couldn’t stand being inside his head (technically voice recording) and it made my skin crawl. I wasn’t the only one in the book club either with this problem. It was too much. He’s a scary human, but a good villain? Honestly, no. The reason these perverts starting killing and torturing humans is disgusting and also nearly implausible with human psychology. I’m just thankful that I will never be inside his head again.

Villain Scale: 1

Will I read another Richard Laymon? Highly unlikely. He’s just not for me. However, I’m not against it, but I’m not jumping for joy thinking about the prospect of reading another twisted narrative. I think I’m better off sticking with Stephen King, Karin Slaughter, and Gillian Flynn when it comes to character studies of the depraved and sick. I’m going to take a hard pass. However, I’m happy that I read this alongside the people in Peter’s Book Club because I love Peter and he talks about Laymon all the time. It was nice to finally pick up an author he praises often who isn’t more recent. Would I recommend this? Ere on the side of caution. I never will tell someone not to read a book because books change lives, but I don’t think anyone’s life will be changed for the better with picking this one up. Go read Apt Pupil instead.

Plotastic Scale: 1

Cover Thoughts: Spooky creepy horror cover. It has that old school mass market paperback vibe.
When I started Endless Night by Richard Laymon, I could not put it down. I had only planned to read the first chapter as I was in the middle of something else when I purchased it. However, it immediately drew me in and I can't say I would have heard a loud band coming through my house at that point. I do, however, have to say (in my humble opinion and according to my taste in books), after quite a few chapters of this high-speed, adrenaline pulsing scenario, the story turned in such a way that I felt was just gore and horror with little storyline. For me, the storyline dropped off there totally disconnecting the main characters for way too long. It was like watching a movie between my fingers as it was, but that was okay in the beginning. However, for those of you who love horror and gory things, this is the book for you! I do have to say that the ending was a total surprise and not what I expected at all. In every scene in which the main characters had a part, I kept feeling that was the chapter again where they would get caught. Great suspense in almost every chapter.
This is not one of the best stories by Laymon, a lot of dialogue and some drawn out and mostly crude violence. I skipped pages and whole chapters as I found out very little actually occurred in this gore fest .
For me, Laymon isn't just the literary equivalent of dessert -- he is the cherry on top. With his fast pace, simple prose, violence and gore, and occasionally complete illogical plot twists, I know I can just shut off my brain and have fun. There's not much to think about here -- you just let Laymon take you for a ride.

"Endless Night" has a typical Laymon plot -- he takes normal people, puts them in a crazy, violent situation, and then makes them run for their lives.

In this case, two kids -- Jody and Andy -- survive a home invasion by a group of psychopaths. The man blamed for their escape, Simon, is tasked with finding them and killing them (first because they are witnesses and then to provide Jody, who everyone sickly lusts for, for some fun and games).

The novel starts off brilliantly. As others have noted, Laymon is a master of creating that goosebump suspense. Jody is sleeping over her friend's house when the madmen break in. She sees her friend and her parents slaughtered. She manages to escape with her friend's brother, Andy, but the men chase them out into the early-morning street.

This opening is amazing -- the shocking realization that yes, someone really is in the house, and no, you're not being paranoid; the stunning depravity of the men who are there; the stomach-clenching terror the kids feel, and the way you unconsciously hold your breath wanting them to get away.

They eventually do, and are stashed at Jody's house, where her cop father and most of the police force protect them.

As good as this opening is, what comes after goes soft. To avoid being sitting ducks, Jody, Andy and Jody's father take off on a little trip.

Simon has to find Jody and bring her back to his pals or they'll kill and torture everyone in his life.

What we end up with is alternating chapters of Jody's travel (where we get the finer points of colorful diners and the inside of hotel rooms and gas stations) and Simon recounting the repulsive violence he and his buddies have exacted on innocent people over the years.

While the group's history was interesting (in that gory sort of way) and the things Simon does along the way gruesome fun, I got a little sick of the two-step march the book took: first we hear about Jody on the road and Laymon bored us with the details of her trip, and then Simon would kill someone for some object he needed. And back and forth and back and forth. This is supposed to be a collision course between Jody and Simon, but really it just became a long catalog of violent crimes by Simon. He breaks into a store to steal a wig, he kills a couple of guys for a dog, he kills a bum for the hell of it, etc., etc. And on and on.

Also, he dresses up like a woman to escape the neighborhood of the original crime. But even after being out of the neighborhood, he continues to dress like a woman for the rest of the book. We're never told exactly why, though. It made sense to get away from the crime scene, because the cops had a description, but why continue after that? What makes more sense: dressing like a woman because the cops know you have a shaved head, or putting on a damn hat?

I liked Jody a lot more than I did Simon, but after a while Laymon stops giving Jody anything interesting to do or say.

And for as fast-paced as Laymon plots his novels, he sure does dawdle a lot. As here, for instance, when the novel is about to come to a close and Laymon decides to stick an NRA pamphlet in it practically out of nowhere.

What saves the book is a fairly good ending. You know what's coming, but it definitely doesn't go down like you'd expect it to. I have to give Laymon credit for getting a little wild with his finale. (The final few pages feature two people who have just gone to Hell and back and they're JOKING AROUND. That's inexcusable.)

The thing with Laymon is that though this could have easily been one hundred pages shorter, you plow through it so fast that you hardly notice.

The beginning is sensational, there's a few fun stops along the way, and the ending offers a nice little twist on what you think is coming.

Not Laymon's best, but he heaps on the gore to compensate for the lack of a plot (which is good news if you like gore), and it leaves you with enough of a good taste in your mouth to make it worth checking out.
Laymon's best. Fast-paced, stomach-turning at times, and a great example of everything that he did well as a writer with fewer examples of his weaknesses than in his other novels. A great place to start for anyone looking to get into Laymon or who is curious as to why he has the fanbase that he does.

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