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by Juliet Hastings

Download White Rose Ensnared (Black Lace) fb2, epub

ISBN: 035233052X
Author: Juliet Hastings
Language: English
Publisher: Virgin Black Lace (February 1, 1996)
Category: Erotica
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 626
Size Fb2: 1526 kb
Size ePub: 1310 kb
Size Djvu: 1393 kb
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White Rose Ensnared book.

White Rose Ensnared book. Get acquainted with the ‘names’: Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Georges Bataille, Hubert Selby Jnr. etc. Although literary styles have changed, the ideas these writers were dealing with have an enduring quality within the erotic genre.

Set against the backdrop of the Wars of the Roses, the battle for Rosamund unfolds. Recently widowed, Rosamund faces the attentions of Sir Ralph Aycliffe and Geoffrey Lymington, as they compete for her affection. One of them wants to cherish her, while the other has less honourable intentions.

Savage Surrender (Black Lace Series).

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Black Lace is an imprint of Virgin Books that specializes in erotica and erotic romance . Waistlines rose through the period for both men and women.

Black Lace is an imprint of Virgin Books that specializes in erotica and erotic romance written by female authors specifically for female readers. The imprint does not publish novels written by men partly as a marketing scheme, partly to better appeal to their target demographic.

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When the elderly Lord de Verney is killed in battle, his beautiful widow Rosamund finds herself at the mercy of Sir Ralph Aycliffe, a powerful knight who will stop at nothing to humiliate her and seize her property. He will not rest until he has enslaved her beyond hope of redemption. But there's a young squire about to come to the rescue. Geoffrey Lymington will risk everything to save the woman he has loved for a single night. Against the turbulent backdrop of the Wars of the Roses, the battle for Rosamund unfolds. Who will prevail in the struggle for her body?


This book was well written and the period details were spot on. The first three chapters of this book really grabbed me. The tension,sense of antipation and even titilation that drew the reader in during the opening chapters, however, were ruined by avalanche of sex scenes that began in chapter four and continued incessantly through the conclusion of the book. It seems like every possible sexualy scenario was explored during this book. No stone or trick was left unturned. There were some memorable scenes(like between Rosamund and Margery early in the book) that were affecting and memorable, but once Sir Ralph got his way, there was just one sex scene after another. I know that this was characterized as erotica, but come one. It was unrelenting and the erotic appeal of this book was the lesser for it.
Wish the heroine showed some personality! But the villain was very bad in his treatment of her!
Lady Rosamund de Verney has never known true pleasure. She is married to an elderly man and has been repressed all of her life. But all of that is about to change when her husband is killed during the war. Sir Ralph Aycliffe resurfaces after an incident in which he almost forced Rosamund to succumb to his seduction five years ago. He wants the de Verney's lands and will do just about everything to obtain them. He also wants Rosamund to pay for having rejected him all those years ago -- so he humiliates her again and again by subjecting her to the most unconventional sexual games ever imagined. He wants her to become his slave in every sense of the word. But there might be hope for Rosamund. Geoffrey Lymington will risk his life to save the woman he loves. There are various twists throughout the novel.

This is one of the most beautiful erotic novels I have read. The Mediaeval setting -- 1461, during the War of the Roses -- is absolutely captivating. Juliet Hastings makes this erotic delight shine with rich descriptions of this obscure time period coupled with a compelling story and smoldering erotic scenes to boot. The characters are also great. Sir Ralph Aycliffe is someone you'd love to hate, yet you can't help but be turned on by this rough alpha male. He is a cross between Captain Alexei Rostovich from The Captivation (one of my all-time favorite Black Lace historical novels) and Lucas from Pleasure's Daughter (another unforgettable Black Lace historical erotica). He is one of those cruel, disarming, yet infuriatingly sexy anti-heroes that you cannot help but have mixed feelings about. He is not as scrumptious and compelling as Alexei or as hateful and insatiable as Lucas, but he is a fascinating character in his own right. There are other great characters here as well. I enjoyed Margery, Rosamund's very uninhibited personal maid, and Isabella, Rosamund's best friend. Geoffrey is good as well, but he sort of reminds me of Nicholas from The Captivation -- the good guy who is not quite as memorable as the anti-hero. All in all, White Rose Ensnared is one of the best Black Lace novels I've read in quite a long time. I loved the setting, loved the sexual descriptions, loved the story, but I especially loved the characters. I cannot recommend this gem enough!
As what the other reviewers have said, this book is hot! The sex scenes were unforgettable and abundant. The author really has a way with words when describing each scene. You really feel like you are there and experiencing what each person is feeling. And what do you know? The story is actually good! Rosamund's exploits from beginning to end are really captivating. Her encounters with Geoffrey and Ralph are contrasted so well: tender and sweet to rough and hot! If you can get your hands on a hard-to-find copy, you will surely treasure it and read it over and over again.
WHITE ROSE ENSNARED is my favorite erotic novel of all time. Set during the War of the Roses, this revolves around the beautiful Lady Rosamund de Verney, a beautiful woman who is both innocent (only having been with her husband) and strangely turned on at the thought of being bound and dominated. When her castle is besieged and her husband slain, Rosamund is pursued by two men: Geoffrey Lymington, a young soldier who falls in love with Rosamund at first sight; and Sir Ralph Aycliffe, the treacherous knight who wants Rosamund's land -- and awakens her most deviant desires...

WHITE ROSE ENSNARED is beautifully written, with great characters and truly wild sex. While the frequent non-consentual sex may be too much for some, this novel explores the dynamics of lust and domination very well ("the mind can hate but the body can still enjoy") and even at the worst the "tortures" involve amazing sex. If you want an intense novel that blends historical romance with sexual conquest, get WHITE ROSE ENSNARED. And prepare to read it over and over and over...
man oh man this is one sexy read. liked the historical stuff too. the sex scenes were like..... whoa! mindblowing! man oh man oh man.........

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