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by Mark St. Germain

Download Freud's Last Session - Acting Edition fb2, epub

ISBN: 0822224933
Author: Mark St. Germain
Language: English
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.; Bklt edition (February 24, 2011)
Pages: 72
Category: Dramas & Plays
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 791
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Mark St. Germain's two-character play Freud's Last Session begins a Los Angeles run Jan. 11 with its starriest cast yet - two-time Tony Award winner Judd Hirsch as Sigmund Freud and Tom Cavanagh (of TV's "Ed") as C. S. Lewis. Freud's Last Session.

Mark St. com. session-santa. atimes. Sigmund Freud and .

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But Mr. St. Germain has delved into the writings of the two men and the scholarship of Dr. Nicholi to create a fast-moving 75-minute debate about a huge, compelling topic. Freud’s Last Session is, above all, a play of ideas. As Freud and Lewis argue about whether belief in God is merely a childish fantasy, in Freud’s view, or a crucial element of a meaningful life, in Lewis’s, the BBC keeps interrupting with the latest news bulletins. The news could be better. Mr. Germain has cleverly set his play on Sept. It’s men, not God, not Lucifer, who created prisons, slavery, bombs, contends Lewis. Man’s suffering is the fault of man. Germain is an American playwright, author, film and television . His previous play, Freud's Last Session, premiered in the summer o. . Germain is an American playwright, author, film and television writer. Based on the nonfiction book of the same name by Osha Gray Davidson, St. Germain's play dramatizes the relationship between . Ellis (a local KKK leader) and Ann Atwater (an African-American civil rights organizer) during a racially tense period in the desegregation of Durham, North Carolina schools. His previous play, Freud's Last Session, premiered in the summer of 2009, also at the Barrington Stage Company, and had a long run at the New World Stages in New York City.

Entering Freud's study, Lewis apologizes for being late due to evacuations. How ironic-or perhaps not-that the backdrop to their session is the imminence of world war and the terminal stages of Freud's personal war with oral cancer. Freud responds, I had given you up for los.if I wasn't eighty-three I would say it doesn't matter (p. 8). From this moment on, we become immersed in their challenges to each other, their sense of irony, and their deeply held convictions. How poignant that the anti-Semitism that fuels Hitler's toxic beliefs and actions is the setting for a discussion about faith-whether a godly faith or a faith in science.

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In "Freud's Last Session," now in a second . Martin Rayner and Mark H. Dold capture the intellectual ferocity of Freud and Lewis.

In "Freud's Last Session," now in a second engagement at the intimate studio space of the Barrington Stage Company in Pittsfield, Mass. the pioneer of psychoanalysis debates the existence of God with the passionate advocate of Christianity, who has had a conversion from strident atheism. Germain has previously played with history and fiction in such plays as "Camping With Henry and Tom" (an encounter between Henry Ford and Thomas Edison) and "Ears on a Beatle" (two FBI agents eavesdropping on John Lennon).

Freud’s Last Session. By Mark St. Germain, directed by David Ferry. Germain attempts to flesh out the characters by bringing sexuality and psychoanalysis into the frame: as they verbally joust about who’s analyzing whom, histories and secrets are revealed. Through May 14 at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, 5040 Yonge St. hgjewishtheatre. The play doesn’t really pursue the implications of the intimacy that’s forced between the two men in its bizarre climax, however; to have done so would have resulted in a darker, messier - but perhaps more vibrant - drama.

Book annotation not available for this title.Title: Freud's Last SessionAuthor: St. Germain, MarkPublisher: Dramatist's Play ServicePublication Date: 2011/03/01Number of Pages: 37Binding Type: PAPERBACKLibrary of Congress:


Bottom Line: I had seen Mark St. Germain’s Freud’s Last Session as a live performance and came away hoping that I had missed something. Have finished reading this version I am still hoping for more depth and breath. Instead of an exchange of thoughtful, respectful arguments by two great minds, Last Session has glimpses of what each might have said if given more time. There is too much background clutter and only the one act. I can recommend the play and the script, but not with much enthusiasm.

Freud’s Last Session arranges a fictionalized meeting between Sigmund Freud and writer C.S. Lewis. Freud is older in the last stages of dying from mouth cancer . He is a determined atheist. Lewis, had been a disbeliever but had switched to being a devout religious and sometimes mystical leaning Christian. The world famous psychoanalyst is curious about why the switch and the younger man is curious about why he is of interest to the alienist.

Filling out the short time for discussion are the many demands of Freud’s collapsing health, the imminent outbreak of Europe’s World War II and calls to Freud’s daughter who is famous in her own name as a psychoanalyst. Lots of business interrupting what should have been more talking.

The two personalities are very fine and deep thinkers. St. Germain is to be credited with ignoring obvious or low level cases for and against belief in God. The author is respectful of his dramatis personae but there is a lack of deep thinking or analytical fire. Neither side gives over to the other.

If either argument is victorious it is not obviously so. The younger man is respectful and quietly adamant. The older man is cranky and in too much pain to wax eloquent.

I had hopes for a serious and detailed dialogue. The author, perhaps realizing his inability to provide either limits the play to one short act and the arguments are suggested rather than detailed and interspersed among too much clutter.
I've only read a few plays in my life and I've enjoyed even fewer, but today I add another to my prestigious list: Freud's Last Session

This is a rather short play (34 pages) written by Mark St. Germain based off the work by Armand Nicholi The Question of God. The plot is rather simple, a young C. S. Lewis is invited by the aged and dying Sigmund Freud to meet him at his study. Lewis has just recently published the Pilgrim's Regress which he supposes has drawn Freud's wrath. Upon his arrival to the great psychologist's den he learns of the true purpose for his summons. Freud, having learned through an Oxford professor of Lewis' conversion, seeks to find out why a man with "superior intelligence and a talent for analytic reasoning" would leave skepticism to embrace belief. (p. 11)

And so begins the banter. The ensuing dialogue jumps from God, to sex, to evil, to suicide, to Jesus, and underlying it all is Freud's search for meaning--for a way out of misery. With his health rapidly declining and his depression evident, the infamous psychoanalyst appears frail and weak--even desperate--adding an urgency to the conversation. All the while the play is powerfully augmented by the backdrop of Germany's invasion of Poland and the fearful anticipation of another world war.

St. Germain does well not to beatify Lewis nor leave all his answers satisfactory, at one moment, regarding the problem of evil, he states soberly: "I don't know. [...] And I don't pretend to. [...] I can't justify your pain. Yet I can't imagine God desires it." (p. 25)

Both characters are well portrayed, and while it is clear who claims the playwright's sympathies, Freud appears neither devilish nor foolish. I'd venture that readers of all sentiments will find the work provocative and entertaining. The sheer wit in their badinage is a joy to read.

All in all, I recommend the read for anyone interested in either of these two giants of the twentieth century.
55+years ago I saw Hal Brook perform "great characters from literature" at a high school assembly a few years before he began
performing "Mark Twain Tonight," initiating a major theater genre in which scholar/actors re-enact major historical characters and/ or literary figures. Keven Radaker who appears before live audiences as Henry David0 Thoreau as C.S.Lewis clued me in on the "Freud's Last Session" play which Sigmund Fraud and Lewis have a conversation, really a debate, each stating views hostile to those of the other with all speeches based on actual statements made by the two celebrities during their lifetimes even though in actuality these two never met face to face to face or communicated face to face. Even though I knew historically that Freud never remotely accepted the validity and authority of Biblical Christianity, I was "rooting" that somehow, miraculously, Lewis would "get through to him. The few youtube scenes from the play, taken out of context, always show Freud as having the advantage. Read the whole play to get the whole story, although a C.S.Lewis fan would give him the higher "score," while Freudians would see their boy as "winning" the encounter, fictional as it is.
Hawk Flying
If I were rating the play, I would give this a 5 star rating easily. The script is meaty and thought provoking and made for an excellent short month selection for my book group. The discussion that followed was excellent.
The condition of the script was less than perfect. Several pages were uncut, requiring scissors to even read the play. Moreover, pages were out of order in several places, and one 4-page section was left out of the saddle staple of the binding. Two of us had this issue, and we both got our copies via Amazon. For that reason, I would have rated the printing quality a 2.

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