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by Valerie A. Howard

Download SASSY fb2, epub

ISBN: 1435708679
Author: Valerie A. Howard
Language: English
Publisher: (January 25, 2008)
Pages: 158
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 720
Size Fb2: 1852 kb
Size ePub: 1260 kb
Size Djvu: 1474 kb
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Valerie A. Howard details the experiences of Cecilia (Sassy) Richards and her friends, work and love life.

Cecilia Richards is single, saved and sassy as her nickname implies  . Sassy, a Christian, finds it easy to look down on others. It's not long before her judgment compromises not only her friendships, but her relationship and possibly her career.

Valerie Howard has been writing stories since she was in second grade when she wrote "The Mystery of the Missing. Our God Saves" is getting a makeover! Let me know if you want a free pdf of this book today! Valerie Howard, Author. 25 September at 05:58 ·. Humility And Doxology.

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Howard Books (formerly Howard Publishing) is a Christian publishing company founded in 1969 by Alton Howard and previously based in West Monroe, Louisiana, but which relocated to Brentwood, Tennessee, (south of Nashville) in September 2009. I Howard Books publishes inspirational content. Author and hymn writer, Alton Howard, was very influential in the musical traditions of the churches of Christ since the 1960s. Howard is a Christian fiction author from Chicago. Kenneth Hailey yGotWork. Following Following shh.

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Cecilia Richards is single, saved and sassy as her nickname implies. She is also an unapologetic know-it-all. Sassy has no problem pointing out the imperfections in others' lives, including her best friend, Amber, who is involved in an illicit relationship with a married man, and her neighbor, Jayna, who has a deep, dark secret from her past. Sassy's pristine world begins to crumble when her man, Darnell, finds fame and fortune more alluring, she falls out with both of her girlfriends, and her career as a top marketing executive is compromised. Can "Miss Perfect" get it together before she loses it all?


Sassy is not just the nickname for Cecilia Richards, it's her namesake. She is Miss Priss, Miss Thang, and Miss Manners all rolled into one. She is quick to judge and to tell her friends what she thinks of their business, but you best not be sticking your nose in hers. Sassy is written by Valerie Howard, and not since early E. Lynn Harris or Eric Jerome Dickey have I read such a fun, enthralling, and gossipy tale.

Sassy is always right, even when she's wrong. She prides herself on letting her friends know when they are out of place by pointing out their imperfections. Her best friend, Amber, is involved in a torrid affair with a married man. Sassy's neighbor, Jayna, holds a deep dark secretive past, keeping it from her own husband, and has just joined Sassy's church. Being a top executive, Sassy believes that to stay on top you must always tell the truth. And the truth hurts!

But Sassy is not without fault. Rather than cherishing her close friendships, she risks losing them because of the way she's been judging her friends. Her boyfriend, Darnell, is losing interest in her as he focuses his energy on becoming a successful recording artist. And Sassy also risks her reputation with her employer by making bad decisions that could have cost her company a ton of money.

A good job, strong faith, a loyal man, and close loving friends, you'd think Cecilia has it all and she practically does. But with her eyes focused on her own personal order and materialistic gain, she loses focus on the relationships and values that should be most important. She thinks she has everything and everyone figured out, but her attention is being drawn in the wrong direction.

Her wake up call comes when Darnell is tempted by the star of his music video, and her employer contemplates which ad exec will help her with a multimilllion dollar ad campaign without consulting her. These slaps to the face help to wake up Cecilia and open her eyes to the the true values in life that are right in front of her. The heart of the novel really hits home here for those of us who are fast forwarding through life and forgetting those things that should be more important to us!

My only qualm with Ms. Howard's debut novel is that it is awfully short. Howard has a true gift for creating memorable characters, comparable to Harris's own Raymond, Tyler, and Nicole who've we grown to love over the years. But just as you really feel like you are sitting down with these characters and getting wrapped up in their dramas, they are quickly resolved and we move on to the next. There is not enough time spent with each storyline to really have a chance to absorb it. I wanted to know these characters just a bit more.

But, I could definitely see Sassy and Darnell becoming the focus of a string of novels. With a bit more attention to developing and playing out her characters and their intricate plots, I know Valerie Howard could top the list in popular African American fiction today! Kudos to her and her "sassy" novel!
Cecilia Ann Richards, a marketing executive for an elite corporation, is single, confident, independent and saved. She has always had key people in her life to help keep her balanced. But as sweet as her demeanor is, there are times when she is a little too full of herself.

True to her nickname Sassy, she's outspoken and direct, and she shares her opinions, as if they are gospel. With an air of censorship, she chastises her best friend for her involvement with a married man, and her neighbor for hiding a dark secret. Her own life is in a good place, a promotion on her job and a budding relationship with her man, Darnell.

Darnell, an up and coming R&B artist, wants fame and fortune at any cost, and at some point promoting his career becomes more alluring than Sassy. Their relationship starts to change and Sassy, a little displaced by Darnell's new cavalier attitude, becomes more dedicated to her own goals. She loses faith in Darnell, falls out with both of her girlfriends, and puts her own career in jeopardy.

SASSY is story of friendships and goals, of facing the past and grasping the future, but mostly a test of devoutness. The characters are human in the most elemental ways. The story has a good point and Ms. Howard makes it well. She allows readers to share Sassy and her friends' struggles as they realign their lives, accept that self satisfaction is not the goals of Christians, and reaffirm their faith in God.

Reviewed by aNN
of The RAWSISTAZ(tm) Reviewers
Valeria A. Howard, in her debut novel, tells the story of Cecilia Ann
Richards or Sassy. Sassy, who is the top marketing executive for an
elite corporation, is single, confident, independent and saved. She
also has a way of telling everyone, without a bat of her eye, exactly
what is on her mind. Sassy believes that the only way to succeed is to
speak only the truth. She credits her success to her parents and her
friend Amber, who has grown from a wall flower to owner of a fitness
center; her boyfriend, Darnell, who is building a successful career
as a recording artist; and her neighbor, Jayna, who has recently
joined her church.

Howard was able to put together a short but compelling story of faith
and friendship. As Sassy struggled to maintain her overachiever' s
level of order, she lost sight of her friendship with Amber and
Jayna. She lost faith in Darnell, who wanted fame and fortune at any
cost and she compromised her position at work that could have cost
the company money. In only 150 pages, Howard put together a very
heartwarming story of what could happen when you put material things
first in your life. I look forward to reading her next longer

Reviewed by: Priscilla C. Johnson
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