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by Anita Brookner

Download Hotel Du Lac fb2, epub

ISBN: 0006545211
Author: Anita Brookner
Language: English
Publisher: Flamingo Agencies Ltd (October 8, 1992)
Pages: 144
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 201
Size Fb2: 1914 kb
Size ePub: 1930 kb
Size Djvu: 1653 kb
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Love Anita Brookner's writing! She gets into her characters beautifully & you remember them way after you've finished her books.

Love Anita Brookner's writing! She gets into her characters beautifully & you remember them way after you've finished her books.

Anita Brookner won the Booker Prize for Hotel du Lac in 1984. She published her first novel at the age of 53, so there is hope for all us late blooming writers. She writes about loneliness and unattainable love with characters who have difficulty fitting into normal society.

Am I not to be allowed my lapse, she thought. Exhausted, both by the exertion of her passivity and by the habitual use of extended parentheses, she returned to the hotel and began writing a letter.

Hotel du Lac is the classic Booker Prize winning novel by Anita Brookner. She has refused to sacrifice her ideals and remains stubbornly single.

Beautifully observed, witheringly funny, Hotel du Lac is Brookner at her most stylish and potently subversive.

Hotel du Lac is a 1984 Booker Prize-winning novel by English writer Anita Brookner. There she meets other English visitors, including Mrs Pusey, Mrs Pusey's daughter Jennifer, and an attractive middle-aged man, Mr Neville.

Hotel du Lac. by. Brookner, Anita.

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Book: Hotel Du Lac. Author: Anita Brookner.

The story of a girl in disgrace working out her probation on the shores of Lake Geneva.


Dancing Lion
I read this in its year of publication, 1984. I loved it, even though it is way outside the genres I read and enjoy. And here I am again, in 2016, reading it and loving it even more. And it is still way outside my genres - magical realism and fantasy, in the main.

This time through though I am struck by her talents as a writer - she has a way with making words dance in line together, and a way of building sentences that are often longer than those employed in current best-seller fiction, but sentences that work and make sense. And ... although not much "happens", relative to best sellers that are very "happening", it is a page-turner. Here from the end of chapter one. It is the thoughts of the elder owner of the hotel. "Hope, Edith Joanna. An unusual name for an English lady. Perhaps not entirely English. Perhaps not entirely a lady. Recommended, of course. But in this business one never knew."

And so ... I turned the page, intrigued.

If you enjoy "classical", more "traditional" writing then this one is for you. I see now, though not at time of publication, why it won the Booker. Skillful writing. Skillful storytelling. The author is gifted in her use of techniques, though again, they are not techniques I would actively seek to use in my own writing. Highly recommended to those who love the exercise of language skillfully selected and woven.
This being a prize winning book, I possibly expected a liitle more from it. I did enjoy it, I read it in one sitting, I found it very easy to see where the plot was going but I have no dire criticism of it. I enjoyed it, others have, others will, it will have a following as it is from a respected author but it did not set my world on fire. It was nicely understated, I suppose. The fact that I simply can't remember if it is written in first, second or third person is telling as I read it only a few days ago and can't picture it in my mind. Oh dear.
As I reread Hotel du Lac after all these years I see why it won the Booker. We were made aware of the life philosophy proposed very clearly by the brilliant writing and depiction of characters. All the characters jump out of the page, not just Edith and Mr. Neville. Eventually we got used to Anita Brookner's predictable plots, but when this her first book burst upon the reading public we were rightly enchanted......
Boring at times - hard to read in the beginning. Author's vocabulary in the beginning was over used - too complex, almost as if she was trying to show off her literacy. Simpler use of words in the beginning would have been better. I put it down several times; but pushed on. I finished it, but it really didn't give a good conclusion. Honestly not sure the purpose of the story.
All around her forces pulled pushed and tugged at her for her to do what they wanted, what was expected, what was done, and twice she was almost trapped and each time she rescued herself in the last moments and in the end she caught up with herself and walked away, head high, and all around her carnage in every direction.
Love Anita Brookner's writing! She gets into her characters beautifully & you remember them way after you've finished her books. I've been reading them all & suggested Hotel Du Lac for my upcoming book club, so I'm interested to see if they all agree with me, since It was me who suggested reading the book.
Hotel Du Lac is a treat. It reminded me of Katherine Anne Porter's Ship of Fools, but with a hotel setting rather than a ship setting, because of the wonderfully drawn characters who come together in this hotel. I was intrigued with Edith's banishment to the Hotel Du Lac by her friends. What could she possibly have done? The setting is superb in its grayness. It feels cozy to me- the walks around the lake, tea drinking. Edith is an old soul, though only 39 years old, and is so likable. She's generous and thoughtful, and she learns a great deal about herself while at the hotel. We should all banish ourselves away somewhere when we are troubled!
I loved the ending; I was so fearful it would go one way, and was grateful that it didn't. I can't wait to read more of Brookner, and am so grateful to have found her. She writes cleanly, with precision, and with beautiful word choices. She rates right up there with the best writers of women's fiction (with Kate Chopin, Katherine Ann Porter, Edith Wharton, especially). Highly recommended!
I enjoyed the old world feel of this book. Good character development and discriptive language, you did feel transported there.

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