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by Brian W. Aldiss

Download Helliconia Summer (Helliconia Trilogy, No. 2) fb2, epub

ISBN: 0441326323
Author: Brian W. Aldiss
Language: English
Publisher: Ace (January 1, 1960)
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 134
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The Helliconia trilogy is a series of science fiction books by British writer Brian W. Aldiss, set on the Earth-like planet Helliconia.

The Helliconia trilogy is a series of science fiction books by British writer Brian W. It is an epic chronicling the rise and fall of a civilisation over more than a thousand years as the planet progresses through its incredibly long seasons, which last for centuries. The trilogy consists of the books Helliconia Spring (published in 1982), Helliconia Summer (1983), and Helliconia Winter (1985).

Used availability for Brian Aldiss's Helliconia Summer. November 1983 : UK Hardback.

Helliconia Электронная библиотека e-libra. ru Читать онлайн Helliconia. Map INTRODUCTION The premise of Helliconia can be set out in a sentence, but it takes hundreds of pages to understand fully what it means. The premise of Helliconia can be set out in a sentence, but it takes hundreds of pages to understand fully what it means.

No one doubted which of the two was master of the heavens. Travellers faring from Oldorando, nearer the equator, told of forests bursting into flame at Freyr’s command. Aldiss Brian - Helliconia Summer - скачать книгу. Many believed Freyr would shortly devour the world, yet still rows had to be hoed and water trickled on delicate growths. The farm cart neared Ottassol. The villages were no longer visible to the eye. Only fields could be seen, stretching to a horizon which dissolved in unstable mirages. The road sloped down into a groove, bounded on either side by earth walls thirty feet high.

Helliconia Summer book. The shape of Brian Aldiss’s SF Masterwork Helliconia could be said to be parabolic

Helliconia Summer book. The shape of Brian Aldiss’s SF Masterwork Helliconia could be said to be parabolic. If Helliconia Spring is the slow, curving entry point, then Helliconia Summer, the middle volume, is the zenith story-wise. Or at least that’s the feel two-thirds of the way through the series.

Helliconia Summer ( Helliconia - 2 ) Brian Aldiss The exotic world of Helliconia . Although the heat was intense, they showed no sign of discomfort

Helliconia Summer ( Helliconia - 2 ) Brian Aldiss The exotic world of Helliconia continue. he detailed interplay of climate, geography, race, religion and politics is ingeniously. Although the heat was intense, they showed no sign of discomfort. Nor did they display interest as the queen walked naked from her throne to the sea. Behind the phagors, on dry sand, the majordomo of the palace supervised two human slaves in the erection of a tent, which he filled with bright Madi carpets. The wavelets fawned about the ankles of Queen MyrdemInggala.

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The second book in a trilogy with an ambitious scope and high reputation, this describes the world of Helliconia as it enters its Great Summer, the time during its two-millenia-long orbit around the. Brian W. Aldiss was born in Dereham, United Kingdom on August 18, 1925. In 1943, he joined the Royal Signals regiment, and saw action in Burma. After World War II, he worked as a bookseller at Oxford University. His first book, The Brightfount Diaries, was published in 1955.

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Helliconia Summer (Aldiss Brian)

Helliconia Summer (Aldiss Brian). Helliconia Summer by Brian Aldiss I The Seacoast of Borlien II Some Arrivals at the Palace III A Premature Divorce IV An Innovation in the Cosgatt V The Way of the Madis VI Diplomats Bearing Gifts VII The Queen Visits the Living and the Dead VIII In the Presence of Mythology IX Some Botheration for the Chancellor X Billy Changes Custody XI Journey.

A planet orbiting binary suns, Helliconia has a Great Year spanning three millennia of Earth time: cultures are born in spring, flourish in summer, then die with the onset of the generations-long winter. It is the summer of the Great Year on Helliconia. The humans are involved with their own affairs. Their old enemies, the phagors, are comparatively docile at this time of year, yet they can afford to wait, to take advantage of human weakness -- and the king's weakness. How they do so brings to a climax this powerfully compelling novel, in which the tortuous unwindings of circumstance enmesh royalty and commoners alike, and involve the Helliconia continents. This is the second volume of the Helliconia Trilogy -- a monumental saga that goes beyond anything yet created by this master among today's imaginative writers.


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Go find my review on Helliconia Spring for more extended comments. Suffice to say I'm really happy that this series has been re-released, and hope that many more readers will have the chance to discover it. I've actually just finished re-reading "Summer" and will be moving on to "Winter" for the second time in many years. Visiting Helliconia again, I continue to be impressed by the rich detail the author provides about the interaction between the planet and its inhabitants. It was a real treat to revisit some interesting characters as well, especially Avernus native Billy Xiao Pin and his protector, an old Helliconian ice trader whose experience of the world gives him the wisdom to discern his young friend is telling the truth.
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Well written and imaginative. Just a little repetitive because he needed to explain things at length in each book. But very good read
In a strange way, it feels like the equally well-written Helliconia Spring was but the Prolog to Helliconia Summer, a well-crafted, huge-canvass story of politics, warfare, and religion on this now well-established earth-like planet some one thousand light years from the one we call home.

Once Mr. Aldiss had created and set the Helliconia stage during its long Spring, he now proceeds during its longer Summer with a detailed and very absorbing tale of warring kingdoms, blind religious (and powerful) faiths, political scheming and a search for historical truth (as always, unwelcome among believers). While in some aspects this plot could have been set in any environment, Helliconia provides a multi-layered backdrop that tends to intensify the story’s movement.

It is a book to sink into and be engulfed by, and to enjoy. It was recognized as a masterpiece on its publication, and it has certainly stood the test of the thirty-five some years since.

As an aside, Mr. Aldiss has an amazingly broad vocabulary, and he uses it liberally—keep a dictionary handy. That said; highly recommended.
Helliconia basks in the glow of the Great Summer. The continent of Campannlat is now dominated by the Holy Empire, a loose religious affiliation between the three great kingdoms of Pannoval, Oldorando and Borlien. These nations find themselves threatened by the far less technologically-advanced but considerably more populous jungle and desert nations to the west and the even more savage tribes to the east. When King JandolAnganol suffers a humiliating defeat to tribesmen using firearms (bought at great cost from the progressive nations of Sibornal far to the north), he divorces his wife so he might seek a more favourable alliance by marrying a princess of Oldorando. However, the queen is a greatly popular figure in Borlien and by divorcing her the king enrages the native population, triggering political turmoil and military action that will have great ramifications for all of Helliconia.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Earth Observation Station Avernus have fallen into internal dissent and debate over the nature of reality and their own orders from distant Earth not to interfere with life on Helliconia. Rejecting this order from a world they can never see or return to, the crew hold a lottery with a grand prize: to allow the winner to visit Helliconia, so for the brief few months it will take for the planet's viruses and bacteria to kill him he can live under a real sky. The arrival of Billy Xiao Pin in Borlien's capital likewise triggers events that will have unforeseen consequences.

Helliconia Summer picks up the story of the world of Helliconia some 355 local years - more than 500 Earth years - after the conclusion of Helliconia Spring. The planet is not far from its time of closest approach to the supergiant star Freyr and humanity rules supreme over the planet, the phagor population reduced to slavery or forced to hide in remote mountain valleys. It is a time of great technological innovation, with firearms, gunpowder and cannons flowing south from Sibornal, but also of turmoil, with the doctrines of the Pannovalan Church stifling the advance of technology and science within Campannlat itself. Like its forebear, the novel mixes thematic elements such as the rise and fall of civilisations, the advance of science and the uneasy union of progress and religion, with a more traditional action and character-driven narrative.

Helliconia Summer, appropriately, sprawls luxuriantly where its forebear was more focused and constrained in narrative scope and geographical area. It is in this novel that Aldiss' achievement in creating Helliconia is best-realised, with lush descriptions of the world and its myriad animal life and human cultures in full flower. The main storyline is compelling, combining intriguing politics and well-realised (if not particularly likable) characters clashing over the fate of their kingdoms in the face of warfare, religious turmoil and arguments over the fate of the phagors, the dominant nonhuman species of Helliconia reduced by the heat into docile soldier-slaves. The relevance of having an observation station from Earth is also made clearer in this novel, with one of the Avernus crewmembers becoming an important character. There are also some intriguing mysteries, such as a murder mystery whose conclusion is ambiguous and a deeper one surrounding the changes in pauk, the bizarre ability of the Helliconian people to commune with the spirits of their ancestors after death, which provide much food-for-thought going into the third and final novel.

On the negative side, the book suffers slightly from its lack of focus compared to the first volume and also from a somewhat clumsy chronological structure, where the first several chapters take place in the present and then we rewind a year and move forward to where the first part began, then skip to after it. The story doesn't really require this structure and would perhaps have benefited from a more linear progression.

In Helliconia Summer (****½) Aldiss' grand ambition, nothing less than a history of an entire world and its peoples across vast chasms of time, becomes clearer and more impressive. The book is available now (albeit somewhat expensively) in the USA and will form part of the new UK Helliconia omnibus due on 12 August this year.

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