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by Adriana Trigiani

Download Rococo fb2, epub

ISBN: 0743495896
Author: Adriana Trigiani
Language: English
Publisher: Pocket Books (2006)
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 657
Size Fb2: 1497 kb
Size ePub: 1151 kb
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Also by Adriana Trigiani. For my husband, who can fix anything. My work can’t be defined by one particular style. The rococo period where French design and Italian flair came together make my heart leap for joy in my chest.

Also by Adriana Trigiani. But, I love them all: Chinese Modern, Regency English, French Norman, Prairie Nouveau, Victorian (without the precious), Early American (with the precious), all the Louises from I through V (Vuitton, of course), postwar, prewar, bungalow, foxhole, and even the occasional log cabin.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, Eccentric, unpredictable, entertaining. This novel is a treat. The Boston Globe Bartolomeo di Crespi is the acclaimed interior decorator-not to mention the most eligible bachelor-in Our Lady of Fatima.

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Each of the following folks are stellar at what they do, and without them, I would be nothing.

Each of the following folks are stellar at what they do, and without them, I would be nothing se: Gina Centrello, a great publisher with an enviable bench that includes Libby McGuire, Laura Ford, Jennifer Hershey, Carol Schneider, Tom Perry, Karen Fink, Kate Blum, Jennifer Jones, London King, Jennifer Huwer, Cindy Murray, Rachel Bernstein, Allyson Pearl, Magee Finn, Christine Cabello, Avideh Bashirrad, Stacy Rockwood-Chen, Judy Emery, Vicki Wong, Beth Pearson, Beth Th. .

Adriana Trigiani is an award-winning playwright, television writer, and documentary filmmaker. The author of the bestselling Big Stone Gap trilogy, the New York Times bestselling novels Lucia, Lucia and The Queen of the Big Time, and co-author of the cookbook Cooking with My Sisters, Trigiani has written the screenplay for the movie Big Stone Gap, which she will also direct. She lives in New York City with her husband and daughter, and is at work on her next Big Stone Gap novel. Библиографические данные. Rococo: A Novel Ballantine reader's circle.

Adriana Trigiani is the author of more than 16 New York Times bestsellers, including Tony's Wife, and .

Adriana Trigiani is the author of more than 16 New York Times bestsellers, including Tony's Wife, and the writer/director o.e on Saturday at 8/7c.

Filled with dozens of recipes, many of which are inspired by the sisters Italian-American roots, this beautiful book goes beyond cooking instructions and food photography to reveal the stories behind treasured family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, Eccentric, unpredictable, entertaining.


Zeus Wooden
What a wonderful family story. If you have Italian heritage you will love the stories of family and food. Even contains some recipes you can try. But the devotion to church and God are evident in the way their lives are affected by the church. A thoroughly delightful story.
I actually had to read the beginning of the book a second time because I didn't expect the main character, written in first person, to be a man. Sometimes, we assume too much when reading, and since the author is a woman, we expected the main character to be a woman. With that said, I will go on to my review of the book.

I loved so much about this novel! The setting is during the 70's in a small community in New Jersey. Bartolomeo is an Italian American, born and raised in a small town in New Jersey. His profession, interior decorating, is also his passion. He is the town's expert when it comes to style and fashion. All his life, it was his dream to renovate the church he was raised in, however the priest thought different and hired another decorator. B, as he is called, was devastated. However, in the story, the opportunity comes to him (when the original decorator didn't work out), and along comes the realization that though you are an expert to the locals, there is more of a challenge when you venture out of your comfort zone. B brings the world of design to the church, but not without conflict from the parishioners, he priest, and those doing the work with him.

The characters are all colorful, especially B's sister Toot, who is an older divorcee with 2 sons. B's relationship with her is one of love, respect and admiration, but a bit frustrating. It is this part of the book I enjoyed.

Of course, there is the parish priest, who has a secret, and the town's "grand dame", who has a daughter she would love B to marry. There is romance in the novel, but not for B.

I knew a Bartolomeo; Italian, Catholic and all, back in the early 80's whose home pretty well matched anything B would decorate. When I re-read the book, I imagined him as B.

If you are into decorating, you will love this book as the author goes into details on color schemes, textures, and designs. I bought this book for a friend of mine who is a local interior designer and she loved it.

This is a book that once you're done reading, you can say "now this is a great book". It just takes a bit getting into, mainly because of the detail on interior decorating..but then, this is what the story is interior decorator and his relationships with those in his life.

The only reason I gave 4 stars (which I wish could be a 4 1/2) is because this is not what you expect at first.As I said, we sometimes over-assume. Also, there is a lot of detail in design, which some who read the book in my reading group, found distracting. The novel, otherwise is well written with a great story to tell.
I have read most of ms trigiani's novels, and find that I am a sucker for her unique enthusiasm for life, and the people who live it. I do not know the quality, the sheer perfection of an author, but I have never read such sweetly prickly, character driven stories, and this particular one is no exception . When I finished a few moments ago, I sat by myself enjoying the whole experience, feeling life affirmed.
I love anything Adriana Trigiani! I am not Italian and not Catholic - but I do have Italian and Catholic friends so I could get the humor in this very light, lively, book about an interior designer who is obsessed with decorating his church. Filled with interesting characters, it is a light read, but enjoyable.
This is one of her older books but it inspired me to read all the rest of her works. Her writings are usually retro ethnic family dramas - her characters believable and funny, and a breath of fresh air.

As in life, there are those sad moments too, but this is a very good read about a male interior designer (not gay) whose dream it is to renovate the cathedral in his home town. Bartolomeo is just delightful to get to know, and by the end of the novel one does feel like you know all the characters. I hated for it to end. Another favorite character is Tootsie, a colorful and animated Aunt in the family. Adriana could do a book just about her.

I bought copies for gifts and they have been enthusiastically appreciated. Highly recommended, especially for Catholics.
Three words sum up this book pretty well...Italian, Catholic and decorating. If you are not interested in these topics or easily offended, skip this one. I found it entertains, but choppy at times.
Being of Italian descent I could really relate to this story . Have to admit I laughed out loud at some of the situations . I really enjoyed this book
Ms Trigiani captures the essence of culture, goals, joy, sadness, and recuperative healing in an enchanting story

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