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Download Carrie fb2, epub

ISBN: 0340951419
Author: Stephen King
Language: English
Publisher: Hodder Paperback (2007)
Pages: 256
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 550
Size Fb2: 1808 kb
Size ePub: 1113 kb
Size Djvu: 1903 kb
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Carrie is an epistolary horror novel by American author Stephen King. It was his first published novel, released on April 5, 1974, with an approximate first print-run of 30,000 copies.

Carrie is an epistolary horror novel by American author Stephen King. It was his first published novel, released on April 5, 1974, with an approximate first print-run of 30,000 copies

Praise for Stephen King and Carrie. A master storyteller. -The Los Angeles Times

Praise for Stephen King and Carrie. -The Los Angeles Times. Who would have predicted from this first book that Stephen King would have become one of the bestselling authors of my lifetime? There's really nothing in this first book that makes him stand out from the crowd. It's really a generic mainstream title if you get down to it.

Carrie, Stephen King Carrie is a novel by American author Stephen King. It was his first published novel, released on April 5, 1974.

Stephen King - Carrie Series -. (Horror, Thriller ) A modern classic, Carrie introduced a distinctive new voice in American fiction - Stephen King

Stephen King - Carrie Series -. (Horror, Thriller ) A modern classic, Carrie introduced a distinctive new voice in American fiction - Stephen King. The story of misunderstood high school g.

Hailed as a modern classic, the brilliant, unforgettable debut novel that started it all, Carrie introduced a distinctive new voice in American fiction. The tragic horror story of the outcast high school misfit Carrietta White, her extraordinary, yet frightening telekinetic abilities, and her hostile rampage for the ultimate revenge remains one of the most powerful, thought-provoking and disturbing tales of all time. Make a date with terror if you dare and face the walking nightmare that i. arrie!".

A modern classic, Carrie introduced a distinctive new voice in American fiction - Stephen King. The story of misunderstood high school girl Carrie White, her extraordinary telekinetic powers, and her violent rampage of revenge, remains one of the most barrier-breaking and shocking novels of all time Carrie.

The story of misfit high-school girl, Carrie White, who gradually discovers that she has telekinetic powers. Repressed by a domineering, ultra-religious mother and tormented by her peers at school, her efforts to fit in lead to a dramatic confrontation during the senior prom. Is something missing from this page? More Covers & Posters: Show All Covers & Posters.

Listen to and download Carrie Audiobook written by Stephen King for free without annoying advertising. The impactful voice of Sissy Spacek and the creativity of Stephen King is what that makes this Carrie novel a huge success. If you are into the horror genre of stories, then this one will surely inspire you a lot with the characterization of the writer. He is excellent in understanding the mentality of the readers and what actually could make this horror story stand out from the other ones in the genre. The story talks about Carrie White, who was really not a simple teenage girl-next-door. She was shy and an introvert and was always an easy target of bullies at school.

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I hadn't read this book in more than twenty-five years, but I've seen the movie countless times since, so I had to pick up the novel and read it again after all these years. I had forgotten that King's Carrie was NOT Sissy Spacek, and his Margaret White was by no means a Piper Laurie. He took me in for another ride as I read the pages, I was able to put different faces and bodies and the White women. I was able to visualize a different Tommy Ross, Sue Snell, and Chris Hargenson (sp?) (e.g. Chris has dark hair in the book vs. Nancy Allen's blonde locks in the film, etc.).

There's a back-and-forth with the books and studies about telekinesis and the prom-night horror. This was written in the days before the internet and cable TV pundits, who would have beaten the dead horse of an incident like this for all its worth and then some--if it were to happen in 2016. Oh, and cyberbullying! Can you imagine how the kids at school would have made Carrie's life hell on Facebook?

A must-read and the ultimate revenge tale for anyone who's ever been picked last in gym class, given a wedgie, been the butt of a cruel and horrifying group joke, or just tormented period (ugh, no pun intended). It is quite heartbreaking every time when Carrie's world gets better for a couple of hours and then she has the rug yanked from under her once again. You want there to be a way out for her -- just like you want the coyote to kill and eat the damned roadrunner at least once -- but you know it's never going to happen.
Stephen King's first novel it appeared in 1974. King was a struggling teacher when his wife Tabitha pulled this gem out of the rubbish bin and sent it in to publishers. The book became a famous Brian De Palma film. Since 1974 this novel is one of King's best known and classic works.
The plot concerns Carrie White. Her mother is a crazy religious kook who torments Carrie and hates women and sex. Carrie begins to menstruate in a high school girls locker rom where she is taunted by her cruel classmates. Revenge is dealt in spades when Carrie brings down the house during her Senior Prom killing her tormenters and prom attenders. The story does have resonance with the revenge meted out by the blinded and enraged Samson a judge of Israel who is imprisoned by the enemies of Israel.
The King novel is never forgotten once read. A harbinger of all the great King novels which were to come from the prolific pen of an American genius.
The book that got Stephen King started, Carrie is a fantastic and compelling story. We can all identify in some degree about fitting in (or not fitting in to society, as this book concentrates on) and i think King does a great job of not only exploring these aspects of human nature, but also exploring the fantastic. I had heard a story once that King in frustration early on in his life had thrown this book away and his wife had fished it out of the trash and sent it in. I don't know if that is true or not, but I'm sure glad that it made it to publication! As with all Stephen King books, this has something for everyone - suspense, thriller, fiction, science fiction, and most definitely horror, King is truly indeed the King of horror.
The first novel by the master of the macabre himself. We've all heard the story of how Carrie almost never saw the light of day until his wife pulled it out of the trash and told her husband that it was good and that he should finish it. Low and behold, a star is born. Carrie is told through a somewhat different kind of format that has been used with varying degrees of success by other authors. King actually lets us know what happens in the end long before the last few pages through "interviews" and testimonials published from the Carrie White hearing papers. Many times this format of storytelling can be chunky and plodding, slowing the story down. This isn't the case in Carrie.

Carrrie White is the awkward odd ball character that all of us knew back in high school. Although Carrie takes place long before I was in high school, some things never change. No mattter what generation, there is always a hidden rule that many high schoolers follow and that is "Eat or Be Eaten". You either follow what the group you hang out with does or they'll turn on you. This is what happens one day while Carrie White is taking a shower in gym class. Due to her crazy mother's strict religious raising of Carrie, she is caught unaware when her first period starts while in the middle of the shower. Not knowing what is happening to her, she begins to freak out. Thats when the other girls, led by the classic bitch of all bitches, Chris Hargensen, begin teasing and taunting her in a most vicious way. To say this comes back to bite the girls is an understatement. Another girl that was involved, Sue Snell, feels guilty about the way she blindly followed her group in their prank and decides that the way she can make ammends and feel better about herself is to get her wildly popular boyfriend to take Carrie to the prom. When Chris gets suspended over the little incident, she begins plotting her revenge on Carrie. The problem is Carrie isn't like that awkward lump of flesh we all knew in high school. Carrie has an ace up her sleeve that has been held dormant for many years and now that she's entered womanhood, it won't stay dormant any longer.

Carrie has many great things going for it and you can't ask for a much better freshman effort. King's description of the over the top prank in the shower scene will evoke memories of being bullied in high school by virtually all the readers. Religion gone wrong in her mother will also leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth. With so many school shootings in the past handful of years, the ending scene makes you cringe. Even though Carrie doesn't have an AK-47, it still leaves you feeling hollow watching innocent high schoolers bite the dust for being at the wrong place and the wrong time.

King rides many emotions that drag you kicking and screaming back to your high school days and makes you ask yourself "what if?" and thats where Carrie shines. You'll also see a pattern King uses in his later writings where he compares reading someone's mind to taking books off the shelves of a large library and reading them.

4 out of 5 stars

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