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by John O'Hara

Download Ten North Frederick fb2, epub

ISBN: 0091651603
Author: John O'Hara
Language: English
Publisher: Hutchinson; New Ed edition (July 10, 1986)
Pages: 400
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 442
Size Fb2: 1621 kb
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JOHN O’HARA (1905–1970) was one of the most prominent American writers of the twentieth century. Championed by Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Dorothy Parker, he wrote seventeen novels, including Appointment in Samarra, his first, BUtterfield 8, which was made into a film starring Elizabeth Taylor, and Ten North Frederick, which won the National Book Award, and he had more stories published in the New Yorker than anyone in the history of the magazine.

Ten North Frederick book. Wow what a spectacular novel, another one for my six-star bookshelf. O’Hara is Ten North Frederick by John O’Hara. Whatever he thought, whatever he felt has always been expressed to or through someone else, and the reader can judge for himself the truth of what the man told or did not tell.

And Ten North Frederick in particular seems deserving of a fresh readership. In the wake of the 2008 crash and the social volatility it engendered. the great American fairytale of class mobility is poised to become, once again, the next frontier in American literature. In that respect, as in many others, John O’Hara, whose work and whose persona could not appear more old-fashioned on their surfaces, turns out to have been miles ahead of us. -Jonathan Dee, from the Introduction. I have several friends who have been urging me to read John O’Hara for years.

Ten North Frederick is a 1958 film based on O'Hara's 1955 novel of the same title. In the early 1950s, O'Hara wrote a weekly book column, "Sweet and Sour" for the Trenton Times-Advertiser and a biweekly column, "Appointment with O'Hara", for Collier's magazine. O'Hara called Cooper's performance "sensitive, understanding and true. MacShane calls them "garrulous and outspoken" and says neither "added much of importance to O'Hara's work".

Ten North Frederick (2014). Authors: John O’hara.

You can read book Ten North Frederick by John O’hara in our library for absolutely free. Ten North Frederick (2014).

About Ten North Frederick. If ever an author was ripe for a critical rebranding, it’s John O’Hara. And Ten North Frederick in particular seems deserving of a fresh readership. The National Book Award–winning novel by the writer whom Fran Lebowitz called the real F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Ten North Frederick is a 1955 novel by John O'Hara. It won the 1956 National Book Award.

Ten North Frederick is a 1958 American drama film in CinemaScope written and directed by Philip Dunne and starring Gary Cooper. The screenplay is based on the 1955 novel of the same name by John O'Hara.

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This is my second favorite John O'Hara story, Appointment in Samarra being the first. And I have read much of his work.
Opening with the funeral of Joe Chapin, we then are taken back in time to the young grandparents of Joe. From there we move chronologically through time tracing the family of Joe back up to his death. Along the way we learn what kind of man Joe was and what circumstances lead to his somewhat premature death. We learn much more however including that being born with a silver spoon in one's mouth is not what it is cracked up to be, and in many ways a curse. As the modern author to the introduction of 10 NF said 'He was born on 3rd base and thought he had hit a triple'. Following this baseball metaphor the author of the book, O'Hara, gave Joe Chapin an Epiphany of Epiphanies by throwing him three strikes at the plate in rapid succession and quickly retiring the batter Joe. Mighty Casey indeed strike out.
10 NF and Appointment have much in common. O'Hara must have liked to pull the wings off flies when a boy or burn ants with a magnifying glass for in both stories one can see this sadistic childhood trait used with precision on the upper class of Gibbsville, Pa. There is no class revolt in the stories but a vivid description of class and what it means to be at the top and how easily things can change.
Enjoy !
TEN NORTH FREDERICK was an enormous bestseller at mid-century and also won John O'Hara the National Book Award (one of the few great prizes in life he wanted that he actually got). It's not as fine a novel as his first two from the 30s, APPOINTMENT IN SAMARRA and BUTTERFIELD 8, but it's still so much more engrossing than so many other novels written today that it more than deserves to be back in print. As with almost all of his novels, its milieu is the upper middle class, and its concern is with its sexual and social hypocrisies. O'Hara lacks a great dramatic story arc that the suicides of Julian English and Gloria Wandrous provided him in his two great early novels, but this account is no less lacking in remarkable sociological detail and in a gimlet-eyed view of the relations between the sexes. The story is more-or-less that of the life of a prince of Gibbsville, Pennyslvania, the thinkly-disguised Pottsville of his youth that O'Hara returned to again and again in his fiction: Joe Chapin grows up privileged in one of the city's great old Victorian mansions, the only child of parents who detest each other, and manages to augment his wealth and his standing in the city as he grows older. Although he is the most enormously admired man in town (as we and the town find out at his funeral, which starts the novel), his life is often one of great disappointments because of his belief he deserves even better than he has. Seeing how the corrupt local political machine that both makes and unmakes Joe operates is one of the pleasures of the novel; so is seeing what a fine father Joe is to his rebellious adored daughter Ann (father-daughter bonds are rarely the subject of 20th-century American fiction in quite this way). The novel seems quite scamped at the end; clearly there was more room to tell the story of Joe's family (we learn very little, for example, about the personality of his son Joby as an adult) but O'Hara doesn't flesh out what he had promised along the way. I could not stop reading it, however, and have been recommending it to almost everyone.
They asked me to review this book, which I first read when it came out about 60 years ago. I wonder if they know what "Penguin Classics" means. O'Hara has been one of my favorite writers all my life. O'Hara was extraordinarily prolific--more short stories in "The New Yorker" than any other writer. O'Hara disappeared for several decades--there are many reasons why--perhaps he was in some ways ahead of his time. In any case, he is making a comeback, and am am pleased that I own autographed first editions of two of his books. So my review of TNF is simple, "He's back, and it's about time."
Oh, what a delicious book! This classic novel, written in 1955 but taking place over a 60-year span that is primarily in the early 1900s, focuses on the three generations of the Chapin family who reside in the fictional town of Gibbsville, Pennsylvania. The book has very little plot, but the characters are so deeply developed that you feel as if you know them--from their likes and dislikes, personality quirks and even sexual proclivities. You'll want to keep reading not to find out what happens, but to find out what the characters do next. Joe has ambitions to be president of the United States, his hoity-toity wife Edith has two sex secrets she's keeping from her husband (and finally confesses one of them late in life), daughter Ann is hustled off to boarding school after a threesome sex incident in a delivery truck, which is only the first of her sexcapades that embarrass her family, and son Joby is a rebellious mess--at least in the eyes of his parents. Oh yes, and perfect gentleman and upstanding citizen Joe has a mistress--and the one-night affair is both heartwarming and shocking. As I said, delicious! It's a great, fun read.
Great book by a fine writer that has not received the historical acclaim of many of his lesser contemporaties. Ten North Frederick is O'Hara at his best. I think it's even better than his more widely known debut, Appointment in Samara. With his keen ear for dialog and rich, layered story lines O'Hara's writing is similar to that of F. Scott Fitzgerald, only better. This family saga will be particularly of interest to those with an interest in the backroom politics of the day.
A powerful novel that lays bare generational secrets. An incisive study of class tension in America and overall, a wonderful story that you won't want to put down. First read it 50 years ago--it's better now!

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